Becoming an accredited coach is an accomplishment and in these training programs you also learn the marketing mediums to use to have a business presence.

However, to use marketing platforms for building community and meeting prospects, requires learning and changing with Internet marketing to reach your business goals. And the Internet marketing landscape is consistently evolving.

Another learning curve for coaches going full-time in their practice is moving from a job structure to constructing a work and personal life that meets their needs. A job gives you structure because you have to fit your life in around your 40 (or more) work hour week.

As an entrepreneur, you have to create a work and personal life format that is fulfilling and disciplined enough to be productive.

In short, growing a coaching practice takes stamina and tenacity.

My business to business experience and training helps me to implement and tutor Coaches on which marketing activities will help them reach their goals effectively and time efficiently.

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Julie BeyerJust want to let the world know that Electra Ford is AMAZING! She has patiently guided me through this new world of social media and online communities. Waves from Michigan!!!!
Julie Beyer, MA, RD, CWPC
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