An Online Marketing Plan is Important

Like all plans, an Internet marketing plan is beneficial when it is a written document. For the past two months, life situations and work has absorbed my marketing time. However, having an outlined marketing plan helped me get back on track so I could continue to market my business effectively. This week’s post is on the importance of having a well-thought out, written marketing plan for your online business.

With any online business it is important to know the right Internet marketing tools. Here is a list of some effective Internet marketing tools:

  • Internet marketing: Press Releases, Link Building, Blogging, Website
  • Social networking: Facebook, Fastpitch, LinkedIn, Plaxo, Twitter
  • Online Groups: Meetup, Ning Communities, Forums
  • Article Marketing: Articles Directories, Squidoo Lens, Hub Pages
  • Mobile Marketing:  Sending broadcasts through your mobile devices
  • Virtual Events: Teleseminars, Webinars, Internet Radio or TV, Video Marketing

You can create a diverse online marketing plan using a combination from the above list that is right for your personality. Once you select your marketing tools you can create an easy marketing plan. Literally write out each day which marketing activity you are going to do and how much time you are going to give it. This is very important especially when using social media as a marketing tool. Most people connect with family and friends as well as colleagues and prospects so be mindful of how much time you are on the social networks. There are programs that will help you post to multiple networks and you can learn about them here . Your online marketing outline can be as simple as the example below: 



Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
  Social Media  30 minutes Blogging
1 hour
Social media 30 minutes Teleseminar Article Marketing  

When creating your marketing plan remember to include prep time for each marketing activity. What are you going to post on the social networks that will be useful to your community? Consider the time it is going to take to create the article, the teleseminar program and blog posts. Factoring in your preparation will give you an accurate idea of how much time you will dedicate to marketing. Once you have outlined your marketing plan, you can always refer to it. Let it become just like any other work task.

If you need help selecting the right marketing tools for your personality consider hiring a professional consultant/coach that specializes in marketing.

So this week:

  1. Write down or tweak your online marketing plan.
  2. Follow it daily; checking off each task you complete.
  3. Commit to following your plan at least six months.
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