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Article marketing, like all marketing tools, requires specific knowledge to be effective. Last time I shared how to get started with article marketing; in this post we will get more specific to help you use the online marketing tool efficiently to see greater results. To start, I suggest that your articles relate to your online business. I know with so many online resources and gadgets becoming available it is easy to get caught up in the latest offering, but in order for article marketing to be successful, your articles must engage your target audience and lead them back to your website.

Title Creation: It is best to create a catchy and keyword-rich title. Some ways to help you create these types of titles are:

  • Use the Google Keyword Tool. Type in a three or four keyword phrase (long-tail phrases) and check which words and phrases are producing the most traffic. You will be most successful selecting the phrases that have medium and low competition. High competition means that these phrases are used a lot and it’s going to be harder to get your article ranked high in the search engines.
  • EzineArticles Title Suggestion Tool.  If you submit articles on Ezine Articles and need some ideas, they created a title suggestion tool to help you write articles. To use this free tool login to your account, click on Author Tools, and scroll down the options to Title Suggestion Tool.

Writing Process:

  • Develop the habit of writing an article within a specific word count of 450-500. This is the standard amount. If you write more you will most likely have to edit your article to fit the directory submission requirements.
  • Write your article for your audience, and then go back to add your keyword phrases where appropriate so it makes sense to the reader and for the search engine indexes. Also, read the requirements of the directories carefully to remain compliant regarding use of keywords and titles.
  • Write the end of your article in a way that implies to the reader they can learn more about this topic on your website. Include an encouragement to visit your site for more details on the subject of your article or specialty in the Resource Box provided by the article directory.


  • After you determine the amount of time you have for your article marketing, create one or more articles weekly. I suggest you start with one per week and increase as time permits.
  • If your original article is longer than the required word count post it on your website or blog then revise it and submit the revision to the article directories. The article directories like to confirm that you are the author of the articles you submit and having the original on your site is an easy way to confirm ownership. It is also great to guide the readers of your articles to get more information by visiting your site.
  • EzineArticles created a WordPress plugin that allows you to submit your posts directly to them. It’s an easy way to submit your articles and validate authenticity.

Track Success:

  • After 30-60 days, review your web analytic stats to see which article directories are referring traffic back to your website. Applying these suggestions on a regular basis will increase your article marketing success.

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