Author Marketing: How to Make a Book Trailer

camcorder image, author marketing, book trailerOnline platforms make it easier for authors to be more visible and reach their audience. Website, blog posts, articles, social media and Amazon Best Seller campaigns are just some of the tools that one can use for successful author marketing.

Another standard part of today’s author marketing plan is creating a book trailer.

Software Programs to make book trailers

In a few short years, even creating a book trailer has become more accessible. Using programs such as MovieMaker and iMaker you can start your process today. If you are looking for robust programs, you can try before you buy some software such as Sony Movie Studio.

Content Creation

A book trailer is your 30 second promotion to make a lasting impression so interested visitors will leave the trailer and purchase a downloadable or hardcopy of your book. Your book trailer needs to be excellent. Meaning it does not have to be made by a professional but it does need to done well enough to avoid turning the audience off.

Your content should include:

  • Highlight particular interestingdetails about thebook
  • A uniquemoment about your story that will have your audienceinterested in reading your book
  • 30 seconds to 1:00 minute is thestandardtimelength
  • Entice an emotion in your reader. Make it funny, heartwarming or dramatic.

Music Selection

One way to help encourage a dramatic delivery in your book trailer is with your music choice. Using copyrighted music can create a problem if you have not received permission. However, there is music available that you can use that offer a creative commons license, which means you can use it – royalty free. The Savvy Book websites compiled a list royalty free music websites.

Apps to make book trailers for your author marketing

In addition to the software programs mentioned above, there are other programs available to produce your book trailer and some programs have apps that you can use to help make beautifully created book trailers.

Professional programs that you can use are:

  • Animoto; this program offers an app for download
  • Stupeflix; is a site that you can use to make a free video

This process can take time and some learning. If you do not have time to invest in the process, you can find professional services to stress-free process. You can use the services of virtual professionals to produce your book trailer for you.

Once you have the finished product, it is time to upload your book trailer on all your online real-estate.

  • Make a pageforthebookandaddthetrailer
  • Post it on all your social media profiles and any community forums you participate in regularly.
  • Add it to your YouTube Channel or Vimeo channels.
  • Add it to your Amazon Author Profile
  • If you do speaking engagements ask if you can show it at the event.

If you have time or the resources to create more than one book trailer, it will be useful in your author marketing campaign.

Use these steps to create or get help making your professional enticing book trailer for your work. It is an excellent tool to increase your visibility, connect with readers and support you having a successful marketing campaign for your book.

Are you working on your book marketing campaign? How is it going? Leave me a comment and let me know.

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