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pre-orders image,In November I suggested getting pre-orders before your live product launches. Here is why pre-orders make launches a success. I also explain what to do when you do not confirm pre-orders. Launching a product like all online marketing strategies continues to evolve. Therefore, it is important to keep up with the changes to be successful.
Gone are the days of working on a product for months, hoping and wishing it will be successful.

Developers now use the power of social media and live streaming to test their product ideas. Click To Tweet
Did you catch that? Product Ideas.

Product launches cost a lot of money and time to create. For this reason, developers now start with the conversation. In their forums, social network groups and email lists, they talk about the benefits of their product ideas.

The product development phase starts after the product passes the previous viability tests. Click To Tweet

Receiving favorable responses from their market encourages marketers to develop a free sample to showcase a significant benefit of the product.

Although there is excitement around a live launch, marketers know the magic happens in the pre-order process. The pre-orders are the last phases of testing for product launches.

In the pre-orders which are also called the pre-launch, developers are looking for sales. Sales are the real proof that the product serves an audience’s needs. In this process, developers are to:

  • provide incentives for the consumers to encourage them to purchase
  • offer a time-frame to help the audience make a decision
  • explain the sales goal to the audience in order to release the product.


What happens if you do not receive pre-orders?

If a developer does not receive pre-orders they do not need to release the product. Instead, they need to do more testing.
Send an email to subscribers and ask what reason they did not purchase. If you credit card image, pre-ordershave specific questions, you may want to create a short survey. Use this information to improve the product or sales process.

After making the updates, send a second email with a link asking the audience to try the free sample. Use the results of this test to determine if the product is ready for a live launch.

Pre-orders that fall short

When this happens developers have to go back to their projections and determine if the product is worth producing. In the idea phase, marketers determine their financial goal. From this number, they project their sales goal.

Product launches Pre-Orders

The purpose of pre-orders is to prove the product serves its intended market. If the pre-orders fall short or do not yield any sales, it is time to ask more questions.

Knowing the projected sales goals are important for marketers to know when it is worth the time and energy to launch a product.The pre-orders product launches is the real-time validation to make this decision.
Electra FordNeed help? Electra Ford is an online marketing strategist. She helps businesses experience increased engagement on social media and helps you get more prospects on the phone. She specializes in online marketing plans that connect entrepreneurs, companies and organizations with their audience to get traffic and make qualified connections. To learn more about implementation click this link to subscribe to Electra’s email list

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Instagram image, how to use Instagram for BusinessStaying relevant is imperative so knowing how to use Instagram for business coaches is valuable. Currently, the platform has approximately 400 million users, which inspire most businesses to create a profile. Instagram’s unique position is that everyone has to communicate mostly through images.

I used the word mostly because you can also create short videos using Instagram’s story feature. On Instagram, your images have to:

  • give your elevator speech
  • provide samples for followers to see the value of business coaching
  • tell your company story in a way that connects.

      Unlike Facebook and Twitter where you sometimes attract organic traffic by sharing popular content, Instagram is about how to convey your message in images.

      As a business coach, your content has to touch the emotional struggle that most of your client’s experience to attract your community. For business coaches, specializing in action, create images that are examples of how to complete an action.

      If you are a solution based business coach, your images have to provide solution strategies. Click To Tweet

      For the best results, research your body of work. Repurpose text that creates the most engagement on other social profiles. Learn how to pinpoint themes out of your work. Like musicians, career professionals have a theme.

      What is your recurring theme?

      Use this theme to demonstrate the value you bring helping clients achieve their goals. Use the story feature on the home screen to upload some behind the scenes business videos. Videos on all platforms get the most reach.

      Instagram’s algorithm is another reason your story has to be impactful. The Facebook-owned social network is designed to only show your posts to followers that have previously engaged with that type of content.

      This is how to use Instagram for business.

      Instagram logo,
      Knowing that Instagram will only show content to followers that have endorsed the subject matter, search the site for your keywords. Connect with people and businesses that show interests in your topic. Touching the right emotion on this platform is how to make posts go viral.

      Like Snapchat and Periscope, Instagram stories are very short – 10 seconds.

      Yes, that short!

      With this short video length, create succinct recordings that make a connection for you. Even if you are shy, Instagram is where your business can shine.

      You can also use other proven marketing strategies which include:

      • like posts of people to make a connection
      • comment on followers and related subjects
      • engage with thought leaders
      • use trending hashtags (that include your keywords if possible)
      • host contests
      • upload ‘how to’ videos
      Instagram is a great platform for bringing life to elevator speeches Click To Tweet

      Upload content that will speak to your community demonstrating your value. These strategies are how to best use Instagram for reaching your online marketing goals. Make connections, nurture these relationships and guide them to your website and email list.


      Electra FordNeed help? Electra Ford is an online marketing strategist. She helps businesses experience increased engagement on social media and helps you get more prospects on the phone. She specializes in online marketing plans that connect entrepreneurs, companies and organizations with their audience to get traffic and make qualified connections. To learn more about implementation click this link to subscribe to Electra’s email list

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funnel image, sales funnel template

photo by: Yoel Ben-Avraham

All entrepreneurs especially Coaches have to create a sales funnel template to be successful. Coaching is a service business that relies on individuals and businesses contracts for stability. Three, six or annually, these contracts help Coaches work with clients and have time to cultivate new customers. Until a Coach has a large following, a sales funnel template is required to cultivate clients.

A primary struggle Coaches experience is that they promote their program to prospects before cultivating relationships.
Coaches forget the cultivation process required to gain clients consistently is the sales funnel template.

The sales funnel template is how Coaches and all services professionals secure clients. Click To Tweet

To conquer this marketing strategy, the Coaches have to determine their goal. If a Coach wants 5,000 people to purchase their 6-month program, they have to:

  • Prove why it’s worth the cost.
  • keep the prospects engaged for them to open emails and respond to open-ended questions.
  • make an emotional connection so they attend live events for more information about the product.

The next step is choosing the right marketing platforms for engagement and to be seen.

Tools to Create a Profitable Sales Funnel Template

Coaches will have the best results when they choose marketing platforms that will help them effectively address the above three bullet points.

Videos are still the top marketing tool to get quickly noticed. It helps to build the know, like, and trust factors time efficiently.

For the shy Coach videos are still the answer. Tutorial videos have the next second highest views. A Coach can create a video series showing the audience how to realize an objective or experience relief from a small but recurring issue.

Empowering the audience to realize a goal through your videos proves the Coaches value and understanding of the clients’ dreams or frustrations.

Free reports, blog posts and other content marketing materials are also useful, but most of the time Coaches are ready to work with clients now. Videos help get to NOW faster. Snapchat, Periscope, and YouTube give a variety of options to make qualified connections.

Good ‘ole word-of-mouth is also still an excellent marketing method.

If you have a contractual program and want to get the word out fast, consider uploading your product on ClickBank or one of the other platforms. You can review my post on How to Attract Super Affiliates here.

Inviting your current or former clients to promote the product using an affiliate link is another great option. It will keep them engaged, and the best endorsements come from satisfied clients.

Send a link to the affiliates so they can learn about the product. They can decide if they want to share the videos or create personal videos that promote the program. Below is an overview of what your sales funnel template needs to include.

Creating Sales Funnel Template

The sales funnels template takes the customer through a series of marketing materials that answer the above bullet points by stating problems with their solutions. Each solution should raise prospects interest encouraging them to receive the next marketing piece.

Create three or four pieces of content (or videos) that will demonstrate real value. Educated consumers require a demonstration of the professed knowledge.

Each piece should demonstrate value enough to keep the individual engaged to complete the final step.


megaphone image, sales funnel template

photo by: OpenClipart-Vectors

Although this takes time and tweaks to get right, once your sales funnel template has a final version, this process can be duplicated for each program and product created.

The sales funnel template’s process takes about five to six week to roll out so create your sales funnel template while you are verifying the product’s viability. Once all the pieces are created upload them in a marketing campaign to automate the messages. Next mention the sales funnel template at the end of every post (of course, by another name,) to drive traffic daily attracting those 5,000 people.

Electra FordNeed help? Electra Ford is an online marketing strategist. She helps businesses experience increased engagement on social media and helps you get more prospects on the phone. She specializes in online marketing plans that connect entrepreneurs, companies and organizations with their audience to get traffic and make qualified connections. To learn more about implementation click this link to subscribe to Electra’s email list

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image of books, ways to promote your book

photo by: Fox

Aspiring authors receive advice to be an author simply write, but what about ways to promote your book? After all the purpose of writing a book is creating something for someone (hopefully for a lot of people) to read. With this in mind, promoting a book can become an overwhelming task.





Authors face the task of breaking through marketing noise to highlight their books. Click To Tweet

Creating unique promotional campaigns is the way authors succeed to make significant sales. Review these examples to spice up your marketing strategy and get your book into the reader’s hands.

Ways to Promote Your Book

Technology empowers you to promote your book effectively in ways that are compatible with your personality. It can also help you put a spin on a standard marketing practice to increase awareness about your book.

For example, introverts can increase awareness about their books by becoming a walking advertisement.

Create a QR code for your book trailer and have it printed on a shirt. Include an intriguing question, so people will scan the code from your shirt and view the book trailer without you saying a word. Your shirt can be a great way to engage in conversations at fairs and other events where you can set up a table or booth to promote your book.

Another way to get noticed differently is to have your book signing at a unique venue. Instead of the coffee shop or bookstore, schedule your event at a place that relates to your topic. For books on technology or video games, talk to the managers of a Best Buy or a Gaming store.

Create an eye-catching display of your book and promotional items. Interested people will stop at your table, and you can discuss their potential purchases and how they relate to your book’s message.

Also, consider calling Help a Reporter Out (HARO) to get a story on your book-signing event. Click To Tweet

Making your book identifiable with customer’s needs and interests is what will increase your sales. You can also use this strategy when it comes to giving a presentation. Learn about the town or area where you are giving a talk. If you can relate local events to your book’s message that will help you increase the audience’s attention.

If possible, poll your audience, asking questions and use the information affirmatively in your talk. This strategy will help you make a significant impression on your audience, so they remember you.

These are three variations on standard book marketing ways to promote your book. As you consider these actions, let your imagination free to discover alternative events to help you sell more books.

Electra FordNeed help? Electra Ford is an online marketing strategist. She helps businesses experience increased engagement on social media and helps you get more prospects on the phone. She specializes in online marketing plans that connect entrepreneurs, companies and organizations with their audience to get traffic and make qualified connections. To learn more about implementation click this link to subscribe to Electra’s email list

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Product Launch Marketing Review

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Use these steps to have a successful product launch.

marketing test

Photo by: Flag

Online marketing makes it possible to decrease the guest work out of product launches by using a marketing test. Not so long ago, entrepreneurs would create a product believing it would serve their customers.

Entrepreneurs can now verify.

After developers catch an idea of what they can provide, the next step is a marketing test to check the usefulness of their mental picture. With Social media, you can engage in real-time with your audience collecting data to make products that give relief or make customers happy.

Notice, I wrote, ‘relief’ and ‘happy’.

See, entrepreneurs in any industry have to go beyond having a good idea. A good idea may raise eyebrows but does not necessarily motivate action. Speaking directly to people’s desire for happiness inspires them to purchase. So using the right words is a skill to master and can be accomplished with a marketing test.

Product launches don’t have to be a guessing game anymore because of marketing tests. Click To Tweet

All industries now use marketing tests to research their products sustainability. The feedback helps developers tweak their unique selling position, so potential customers feel understood. This research testing is facilitated with:

  • Questions on social media
  • Surveys/Polls
  • Email Marketing Feedback
  • Research in community forums

Positive feedback at this point indicates the idea is ready for development. Customizing the product to resonate with customers’ emotions, strengthens the likelihood of its success.

It is advisable to continue the conversation in the product development phase. Once a draft is developed, it is time to begin the next marketing test. Gather a focus group to try the product and collect their feedback. Use this feedback to improve the product or customer service experience.

You might be thinking, I am finished with testing.

Not yet.

The last phase is the follow-up survey where you can get customer’s reaction.

Surveys are another form of a marketing test in the post-launch review. Click To Tweet

These evaluations help you resolve issues and repair system glitches. Make the purchase easy to find and complete. Remember, you are nurturing a relationship to gain a repeat customer. You are also collecting social proof you will need in the form of testimonials for sales pages.

Pre-development testing, product development evaluations, and post-launch reviews all support a successful launch. Despite how much money you invest in a product, the goal is to achieve a profitable return. There is enough reliable information available to create product launches that are successful. Use the marketing test strategies to help you get as close as possible to your projected launch goals.


Electra FordNeed help? Electra Ford is an online marketing strategist. She helps businesses experience increased engagement on social media and helps you get more prospects on the phone. She specializes in online marketing plans that connect entrepreneurs, companies and organizations with their audience to get traffic and make qualified connections. To learn more about implementation click this link to subscribe to Electra’s email list

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mobile phone image facebook ads, mobile marketing campaignMobile marketing is going through a complete overhaul as consumers continue to demand better user experiences, more accessibility to services, and a way to connect with brands. Facebook is a constant in the world of mobile marketing, with 87% of Facebook users spending at least 21 minutes a day on the app – and that number keeps growing.

This leaves the playing field ripe with opportunity. Brands must evaluate the data to fully understand what their customers want, where they shop, and how their marketing can be most effective to fulfill these needs. Utilizing Facebook to enhance mobile marketing is key in reaching tech-savvy shoppers. One of the ways to do this is through Facebook’s immersive ads that will show up on a user’s timeline.

How does the immersive ad structure work?

These new immersive ads, called Canvas, will allow advertisers to provide high-quality ads through the combination of still images, video and copy. The best thing about these mobile ads? The price is not higher than the standard advertising already offered.

Research has shown that 70% of mobile searchers act within an hour, and people look at their phones 150 times a day. This means that the exposure of these mobile ads is not only great, but the likelihood of shares or clicks to find out more is huge.

According to Facebook, the immersive ads have tested well, with 53% of people viewing more than half of the ad, with an average view time of 31 seconds. For companies wanting to connect with users, this is a great way to capitalize on the existing user base to help grow their brands.

Facebook’s mobile advertising is huge, accounting for 74% of total Facebook revenue in 2015. In addition to the new immersive ads, brands can connect with their audience in a number of ways:

  • Through the users newsfeed
  • Through the Facebook Audience Network

With the advancement of how ads can be displayed on Facebook, advertisers must think beyond the norm, capturing the best of their products and services through catchy slogans, sharp video and crystal clear images. Videos must be engaging, with a humorous or emotional draw. The meat of what needs to be said has to be right at the beginning, as attention spans are limited. Bright colors and to-the-point messaging is key.

It is important to make sure any advertisement attached to a sale or coupon must be prepared to go through the entire buying process with the Facebook user. That means once they click on the ad, they should be directed to find out more, with a coupon or barcode attached to use immediately if they choose to. By using a combination of native and immersive advertising, every brand persona can be reached, with relevant strategies and messaging.

Taking the smartphone and Facebook usage of your target audience into consideration is key when developing these ads. You must consider the consumer base, age, and preferences to make an impact. You want to reach the actionable consumer segment who relies on mobile marketing to gather information, find out about brands, engage and transact. Reaching these customers at their vantage point, which is Facebook, helps save time and money, creating a more efficient way to seek, acquire and maintain a viable consumer base.

Utilizing an experienced marketing VA will be beneficial, helping develop Facebook ad strategies that are relevant. With the right strategy, you can effectively target the right audience to grow your potential customer base.

What’s Next?

What Facebook ad strategies have you seen work? Make sure to share them with us in the comments below. I would love to read them.


Sophorn Chhay ImageSophorn is the marketing guy at Trumpia, the most complete SMS software with mass text messaging, smart targeting and automation. Follow Sophorn on Twitter.

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mobile marketing campaignsMobile marketing campaigns help business/life coaches and entrepreneurs make an emotional connection. Mobile devices are made for staying connected, which make them perfect for building relationships. After a presence is established with a website and social media profiles, coaches use other tools to engage. Mobile devices provide an opportunity for Coaches to share useful content.


Mobile marketing campaigns are great for nurturing relationships. Click To Tweet

Mobile Marketing Campaigns are affordable. These tools are an easy way to reach your audience. The cellular market is saturated. Smartphone sales increased by 89% in 2015 and that growth is continuing this year.

In addition to Smartphone growth, most cellular plans include texting. This makes it affordable for people to receive messages. Wi-Fi is another way these marketing campaigns are a reasonable way to build relationships.

Smartphone apps are the way Coaches are making personal connections. From, Snapchat, to Periscope pre-teens, young adults and professionals use apps to connect with peers and like-minded individuals.

Life Coaches can follow artists like DJ Khaled and business’ mobile marketing campaigns by sharing exclusive announcements. This activity cultivates relationships, by inspiring contacts to feel part of the inner circle.

Behind the scenes, snaps are another way Coaches can deepen relationships with their connections. Just as artists record themselves creating artwork on Periscope, business Coaches can record video while preparing for group coaching sessions or product launches.

Coaches can also give potential clients an opportunity to experience the benefits of their coaching technique.

Text messaging can keep your subscribers motivated and inspired. Click To Tweet
Emotional associations can result from mobile marketing campaigns. There are group messaging programs that enable Coaches to make an impression with subscribers.

Humor and motivation are the top content on social media. Click To Tweet

Depending on the business brand, coaches can use SMS messages to bring joy or remind subscribers of their dreams. Some messaging programs are free which can help demonstrate a coach’s style.

Pure fun can lift someone at the right moment. Professional coaches can provide a ‘right’ moment that begins a relationship with a subscriber. Touching subscribers positively or with compassion with SMS messages can get them closer to scheduling a consultation.

Mobile marketing campaigns are affordable using gadgets that are designed for connection. These devices with apps and Wi-Fi create a trifecta toolkit. Coaches can use the programs to create successful marketing strategies for their businesses. When used properly, mobile marketing helps Coaches increase their opportunities to meet new clients sitting in their offices.


Electra FordElectra Ford is an online marketing strategist. She helps businesses experience increased engagement on social media and helps you get more prospects on the phone. She specializes in online marketing plans that connect entrepreneurs, companies and organizations with their audience to get traffic and make qualified connections. To learn more about implementation click this link to subscribe to Electra’s email list

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conversion text, business bloggingTime is currency online. The same person that will spend five dollars on a single cup of coffee won’t spend more than 15 seconds on your website.

Unless you know how to pull them in and keep them there.

According to Ginny Soskey at Hubspot, one of the industry leaders in online marketing, 55% of your website visitors will spend less than 15 seconds getting to know you.

The same is true of your blog posts and email, by the way. I know exactly how to convert readers into leads and sales for virtual assistants and business coaches, and I’m going to share some of my best blog and website conversion tips with you.

Ready to get started?

Before you begin, just remember that building a site that converts is a process anyone can learn. It takes a bit of testing and tweaking to make sure it speaks directly to your client, but that’s where the fun begins. And the rules for writing a website are the same for writing a blog post that converts, too.

As you evaluate your own virtual assistant or coaching site with this checklist, keep the 15 Second Rule in mind and the entire process makes total sense.

The Number One Problem of Sites That DON’T Convert

Typically, business owners and potential customers aren’t seeing the site from the same perspective.

When I do a site audit for a client, the first thing I do is read the content from their potential customer’s point of view. There is only ONE goal on your homepage, and you may be surprised, but it isn’t to convince them to hire you.

A homepage should answer one question: Can this person solve my problem? Click To Tweet

Your potential client needs help or they wouldn’t be there. We call that a pain-point. The key to a site that converts is to build a home page that paints a picture of their problem — solved.

Your goal is to answer that question in a way that creates a personal connection. You want them to talk to you about their specific problem. If you can’t make that connection…time’s up!

If your site highlights you, rather than your customer’s pain-points, you’re probably going to have a conversion problem.

Ask yourself a few basic questions.

  • Is the site friendly and inviting?
  • Does the copy focus more on you, or the client?
  • Did you inspire confidence that YOU can solve their problem?

It’s important to appear professional and efficient, but don’t lose the personal connection. You’re in a service profession and people feel connected to someone who is easy to talk with. They’re asking you to help them build their business. That requires earning their trust, so make your site approachable, friendly, and easy to navigate.

Hit Me With Your Best Shot!

We have a term in copywriting that you should get to know. When you open a website and you see the first screen — without scrolling — this is called “above the fold.” It’s a favorite newspaper/journalism term that means the most important stories are placed front page, “above the fold.”

The same principle applies to websites, blog headlines, and email. The most important information should be above the fold. Why? Remember that 15 seconds? That’s how long you have to make a professional first impression, and convey the most important information.

You’re probably catching on. The first few seconds of contact are doing the heavy lifting when it comes to marketing. Hit ‘em with your best shot, right up front!

You’ve probably heard of the marketing funnel. Moz wrote a terrific article explaining the process, but basically, your website and blog are top of the funnel. People are shopping for someone to solve their problem. They may not be ready to call or ask for contact. They’re learning. They’re researching.

The content on your site, if it’s written with the potential client’s interests and problems in mind, will draw them further down the funnel. It narrows. It brings them closer to you and builds a connection while at the same time, increasing their confidence that you know what you’re doing.

The content that you put above the fold on your homepage is essential for beginning the sales funnel. Yes, in 15 seconds.

To convert, you MUST answer 5 questions above the fold:

  • Who are you?
  • What can you do for me?
  • Do you offer a way to keep me in the loop? (A.k.a. free give-away, newsletter etc.)
  • Can I contact you with ONE click?
  • Do you make site navigation extremely easy?

Explain who you are and what type of solution you offer. Notice I didn’t say what business you offer. Your business is the solution, but they don’t know that yet. Offer a solution. Tell them about the problems you solve. And tell them that you do that as a Coach or Virtual Assistant.

Your business is the solution. Offer solutions not marketing. Click To Tweet

Offer a way to stay in touch and place that prominently. Newsletters are still a great option with excellent conversion, but they are also labor intensive. If you can’t commit to a consistent schedule of content in addition to your blog, consider a short success story or guide to using a virtual assistant, for example.

And above all, if you should get that once-a-year client that wants to talk right away, make it extremely easy to contact you. Put your business phone number at the top, right-hand side of your page along with a clickable link to your contact form. The key is no more than one click or statistics show you’ll lose significant conversion.

Keep the navigation links clear and easy to understand. There are some SEO issues we won’t get into here, but it’s important to keep them easy to identify — no cute page title links. Stoney G deGeyter from Search Engine Journal explains in detail if you want more.

Learn to Write a Killer Headline

The second thread you’re probably beginning to understand is that website visitors are an elusive bunch. Let’s get real. Some have the patience of a toddler. You have to coax them a bit to keep them interested.

Enter the magic of a well written headline.

Headlines are an art, but it’s one you can master. Remember, time is currency online, so if you want them to spend time getting to know your business, you have to give them a reason. A well written headline does exactly that.

Here are a few tips for great headlines.

  • Give them something of value
  • Make a promise
  • Draw a picture
  • Connect an emotion or desire
  • Add keywords for SEO

I love it when I can help someone else succeed. I think you can relate. When you write a headline, offer great value that can be of immediate use to someone, and then over-deliver in the content.

Offer great value than can be of immediate use and over deliver! Click To Tweet

Keywords for search engine optimization is a behemoth of a subject, but they play an essential role in the art of a headline so make sure to use them. Just remember to choose keywords that are relevant to the reader and use them at the beginning of the headline where possible.

It’s super easy to make a promise, and in my professional opinion, you should really work this one to make it worthy. It’s too easy to write, “Lose 20 Pounds by Next Weekend!” Sure it gets attention, but you’re bordering on click-bait, which is a way of playing on a promise that is almost too good to be true. Almost. People click to be sure. But if you can’t follow through with a truly amazing promise, you risk your reputation.

Hubspot has a great tagline, which is essentially a headline for their business. Where Marketers Go to Grow. It creates an immediate picture in your mind. “If I go here, my marketing skills are going to grow. I’ll have more value to offer others as well as my own business.” They paint a picture, offer value, a promise, and make you feel empowered and confident.

The ultimate goal of a good headline.

Know Your Customer

This sounds very basic, but actually, it’s the small things that count when you are creating a business website that converts.

Know exactly what makes them tick. Is their business exploding quickly? That’s exhilarating and terrifying at the same time. Maybe they’re looking for help because they’re nervous about not being able to deliver.

Or maybe they would love to hire a virtual assistant, but they aren’t sure exactly what tasks you perform. No one likes to look uninformed. Both sound like great blog posts that provide value, create a connection, and build your reputation. A win-win.

Find out as much as you can about your potential clients, especially if you’re in a specialty niche. Build a file that includes:

  • Likes
  • Dislikes
  • What social media they prefer
  • The tone of voice they use when talking to their own clients
  • What professional associations they may belong to
  • Which trade journals they read

Anything that helps you strengthen the connection and enables you to offer the highest quality service is a perfect addition.

The Most Overlooked Point of Conversion

At the end of the day you’ve built a customer-focused site, provided value, over-delivered and written pages and blog posts that already help with their business. You’ve earned their trust.

Have you missed the one essential step to converting visitors to clients?

Ask for their business!

We call that a “call to action,” and it’s possibly the most overlooked component. You can’t have a site that converts if it’s a one-sided relationship. Don’t be shy. Let them know you’re looking forward to working with them and you’re available to talk if they have questions.

“Build it and they will come,” is a myth. As we know, it takes more than building a website. But if you want a site that converts, follow the five basic rules of writing for an online business and then invite them in by providing customer-focused content. They will come.

So what about your site? Are you ready to dive in and convert more visitors to clients? I hope I’ve given you some ideas that will help. I’d love to hear your comments. And if you like the tips, don’t forget to share!

business blog

Ursula Vogt

Ursula Vogt is a professional B2B copywriter and sustainability marketing specialist. She specializes in helping small and medium-sized companies market like a rock star! You can read more at The SME Marketing Blog. You can also email

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super hero image, super affiliatesLearning how to attract super affiliates is one business practice that comes after you start maintaining a steady flow of clients. Super affiliates keep the moment moving in the marketing area of your business while your business activity increases. For new businesses, most of your work is marketing. I have heard some experts advise that 70 to 80% of your business in the beginning is marketing. Once you start working with clients, you have to find other ways to keep your marketing consistent.


As a Coach, your time is divided into three areas (if not more)

  • Working with clients
  • Creating programs
  • Marketing/Networking

In the beginning, you have one or two programs and you are mostly marketing them to new prospects.

However, how do you keep the marketing presence high once you start getting more clients?

Attracting super affiliates is one option

Be aware that this is a time investment project, but the rewards can be worth it.

Consider these strategies when your business is ready to add this method.

Super affiliates generally trust the major affiliate networking companies. Therefore, research the companies listed below to determine which one is best for you. Some of the top affiliate programs are:

  • Click Bank
  • Commission Junction
  • Rakuten Linkshare
  • ShareASale

Having your products listed on one of the major affiliate companies will get you in front of more super affiliates than a private option.

Super Affiliate Individual Terms

The next step in acquiring and keeping super affiliates is to create custom agreements with them for commission rates. For an affiliate that is generating high sales for you, this is a standard practice to keep them engaged.

Invite your former clients to your affiliate program

Word of mouth will always be one of the foundations in marketing for all products and services. For this reason, your satisfied clients will make an excellent resource to recruit and possibly build super affiliates. Click To Tweet

Invite your former and current clients to join your affiliate programs then keep all your affiliates engaged with regular emails and incentives.

In addition, to sending affiliates sample content for articles, social media posts, encourage clients to add their personal testimonials. Sharing their experiences in posts and videos regarding how your coaching helped them is powerful effective marketing.

Remind them to continually to include your programs in their online posts when appropriate. Although it will take additional time, you can offer incentives for a discount to participate in your high-end programs. If they reach a certain amount of sales for your new product launches or to reach monthly sales goals, they can win a spot in one of your VIP services.

These three beginning steps can help you create a healthy affiliate program to keep your marketing momentum going once you start working with clients consistently.


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