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Tweet Professionals and businesses establish a presence on the Internet to ultimately advertise a product or service. Before you reach this step, there are other building blocks you must do to support a successful product launch. Stating them quickly below they are: Establish a polished professional presence on the Internet with a website and social media profiles. Write useful content as if you were helping a friend with a minor issue using your professional skills (as you know your friends will often come to you for ‘free’ advice). You can also become a resource for industry news as a w Read more
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Tweet Change happening is something we can all feel secure about, and this is also true for online marketing approaches. An example of this is the new term – content marketing strategy. This phrase has been around a couple of years and is being used to identify online marketing activities from blog posting, eNewsletters and video marketing. In addition to terminology changes, there are also changes in the activities such as the article marketing tactic. I will show you the subtle differences in the way article marketing was used compared to its uses now. Although article marketing has ha Read more
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Tweet Online marketing, print-on-demand printers, and print-on-demand publishers give authors viable options to sell their books successfully. With these available services, the question for authors now is… What is the best/right option to publish my book? There are three main areas of the book development process can help you answer the above question. Print-On-Demand Printer or Print-On-Demand Publisher, (POD) In addition to the traditional process of submitting your work to a well-known publisher, you can also choose print-on-demand services. Print-on-demand printing services such as Ligh Read more
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Tweet As we stand in line, wait for public transportation or sit in waiting rooms, what are we doing? We are using our smartphones to search the Internet, have conversations via text, face talk apps or pay for purchases. For this reason, mobile marketing ideas for 2015 are important because it is changing our behavior and purchasing habits. Recognizing these trends, website developers are creating responsive designs that include pages that will convert well on a small screen. Like the developers, it is useful to consider how mobile marketing best practices can expand your reach and strengthen Read more
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Tweet Like sales pages, formatting teleseminars can be confusing when using them to get new clients. Virtual events are usually the third marketing action after you have a website and add content to the Internet to participate in conversations and demonstrate your knowledge. When you sometimes start no one attends your live event which becomes a recording that you can repurpose which I discuss in an older post. However, when you have built enough rapport with your online communities that people attend your teleseminar the next big question arises…. How to get new clients from this event? The Read more
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Tweet Getting your sales pages to convert can be a confusing task. However, you can start with a strategically composed page then track your progress. After the first two or three sales pages you will know which format your audience responds to increasing the conversion rate of your sales page. Here are 5 beginning steps to help you build a high converting sales page. Title or Headline The title or headline’s job is to incite interest. The words “How To…” in the title generates interest because the visitor receives an idea that he will learn ‘how to…’ to accomplish or complete a Read more
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Tweet Knowing the process of building an email list for authors is important because they are responsible for their marketing. Most authors dedicate their energy and time writing the right words to convey their idea or information to their audience. However, now it is beneficial to be mindful of your target audience while writing and make an effort to connect in the development stage. Once your book is completed, you will want to market right away but if you are going to use online marketing, you will need to plan time to build relationships before marketing your book. For that reason, it is b Read more
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Tweet Coaches, speakers and virtual assistants share a similar question – how to find prospect leads in their industry? Transitioning from employee to entrepreneur can feel impossible when you do not know the answer to this question. Internet marketing provides you a platform for an online presence, but it is equally important to know where to find prospects that are interested and ready to hire you now. This blog post lists three steps you can use to find potential clients that are requesting the services you provide. Trade Organizations/Requests for Proposals One of the main ways to fi Read more

Marcie Hill Interview

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Tweet This article was updated 11/20/2014 Last week I had the privilege of interviewing Marcie Hill, author, freelance writer and professional blogger. Marcie shared that she loves words and in our conversation she demonstrates how she is using her written word to contribute to the progress of women and technology and respecting diversity. My conversation with Marcie covered professional blogging, growing the confidence to be authentic in your work and practicing resilience to reach your goals. The words I use to describe Marcie are creative and resourceful. I had a great time talking with he Read more
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Tweet Article marketing is one component of effective online marketing. It is great for new websites to use for strengthening their search engine ranking while building credibility. Quality content distributed on the article directories will promote you as an expert and expand your reach on the Internet. This strategy has several benefits that I will highlight to maximize your online presence. Quality backlinks in the article marketing strategy An article marketing strategy raises your search engine ranking with link-building. Link-building is an online recommendation. The more backlinks your Read more
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