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Online marketing makes it possible to decrease the guest work out of product launches by using a marketing test. Not so long ago, entrepreneurs would create a product believing it would serve their customers.

Entrepreneurs can now verify.

After developers catch an idea of what they can provide, the next step is a marketing test to check the usefulness of their mental picture. With Social media, you can engage in real-time with your audience collecting data to make products that give relief or make customers happy.

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mobile phone image facebook ads, mobile marketing campaignMobile marketing is going through a complete overhaul as consumers continue to demand better user experiences, more accessibility to services, and a way to connect with brands. Facebook is a constant in the world of mobile marketing, with 87% of Facebook users spending at least 21 minutes a day on the app – and that number keeps growing.

This leaves the playing field ripe with opportunity. Brands must evaluate the data to fully understand what their customers want, where they shop, and how their marketing can be most effective to fulfill these needs. Utilizing Facebook to enhance mobile marketing is key in reaching tech-savvy shoppers. One of the ways to do this is through Facebook’s immersive ads that will show up on a user’s timeline.

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mobile marketing campaignsMobile marketing campaigns help business/life coaches and entrepreneurs make an emotional connection. Mobile devices are made for staying connected, which make them perfect for building relationships. After a presence is established with a website and social media profiles, coaches use other tools to engage. Mobile devices provide an opportunity for Coaches to share useful content.

Mobile Marketing Campaigns are affordable. These tools are an easy way to reach your audience. The cellular market is saturated. Smartphone sales increased by 89% in 2015 and that growth is continuing this year.

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conversion text, business bloggingTime is currency online. The same person that will spend five dollars on a single cup of coffee won’t spend more than 15 seconds on your website.

Unless you know how to pull them in and keep them there.

According to Ginny Soskey at Hubspot, one of the industry leaders in online marketing, 55% of your website visitors will spend less than 15 seconds getting to know you.

The same is true of your blog posts and email, by the way. I know exactly how to convert readers into leads and sales for virtual assistants and business coaches, and I’m going to share some of my best blog and website conversion tips with you.

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super hero image, super affiliatesLearning how to attract super affiliates is one business practice that comes after you start maintaining a steady flow of clients. Super affiliates keep the moment moving in the marketing area of your business while your business activity increases. For new businesses, most of your work is marketing. I have heard some experts advise that 70 to 80% of your business in the beginning is marketing. Once you start working with clients, you have to find other ways to keep your marketing consistent.

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target image, how to get targeted trafficTo be effective using online marketing, it is important to know how to get targeted traffic for your book sales. Authors use online marketing to promote their books. However, they need website visitors that are interested in their topics.

For this reason, it is important to know how to market specifically to your core audience.

One strategy on how to draw targeted traffic is by paying attention to current events and trends that relate to your content. When you find hot topics that you can use to promote your book, it’s time to capitalize on this moment.

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product launch plan template Image by Cecile Graat

Frequently, Coaches will start building their list and once they have subscribers they will launch a product or service.

Their product launch plan template usually looks like this…

  • Create a sales page
  • Promote the sales page
  • Include a free gift(s) that they receive after registering
  • Maybe host a teleseminar or webinar to promote the product/service launch

The above plan can be ineffective because the sequence is different compared to product launch best practices. Although, the product launch plan template needs to be customized to fit a particular industry’s audience, the series is the same.

For your next product/service launch, avoid these product launch plan template mistakes.

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Marketing online tasks are a time investment responsibility to make an impact and see a return.

Videos require a draft or script of the information you intend to share to the actual production of the video.

Content marketing, which is now in two forms – text and visual requires writing excellent content that shares valuable information in a way that is:

  • Formatted for the reader to quickly scan or they will leave your page.
  • Tagged with your keywords and phrases so the search engines index your content correctly to be found by organic traffic
  • Written so visitors will sign up to your email list because your list is how you will make the most of your money online.

If you use visual content creating images will take time to create even with the free software programs like Canva. This is time-consuming because if images engage best on the platform you are using you need at least 2 or more per day. See right now all social media platforms except LinkedIn require more than 2 posts per day to be effective.

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Blog image, business blog ideas Image by Jay Lopez

Business blog ideas are valuable for most businesses because blogging can feel like a daunting task. This is especially true when you are new to online marketing. It is easy to feel like

“what am I going to say?” each time you sit to the blank page.

Or feel like

“I’ve said that already.”

However, until you add guest bloggers to the posting schedule, here are 5 easy business blog ideas to use.

Business Blogging Tips

The blog’s purpose is to drive traffic to your products and services. With this clarity, your business blog ideas should always relate to the category keywords. Each post should be tagged with one of your keywords and should be written in a way to leads the audience to join your list at the end of each post. You want your brand to be synonymous with the category keywords you have listed on your blog.

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article image, article marketing strategy Image by: Mario Alberto Magallanes Trejo

Coaches (and all entrepreneurs) build their reputations and income using several sources. From volunteering time to monetizing content, Coaches core activities are to get them in front of potential clients and generate income. An article marketing strategy can be used to accomplish both objectives.

Article Marketing Sites that Pay

One way to monetize your content is by writing articles for sites that pay. Right now, the content that attracts highly targeted traffic is:

  • Videos
  • Visual content (particularly on social media)
  • Original content

All websites that want to increase or maintain qualified traffic finding their sites have to post unique content continuously. Their article marketing strategy is to hire others to write unique content for their sites.

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