Business Start-Up Planning

Do you want to open your own business but don’t know where to start? If so, I have three suggestions to help you get started so at the end of 2010 you will be well on your way to being a successful business owner.

A good place to start is with your local Small Business Administration office. These offices can connect you with local resources that are free or are offered at a nominal fee. If you are in Arkansas call the Arkansas Small Business Development and Training Center (ASBDTC). The ASBDTC is a great place to get help with completing your business plan, getting your websites live, and giving advice regarding the financial responsibilities and financial options of being an entrepreneur.

My second suggestion is to become involved in the industry’s community where you want to develop your business. Look for free online forums to join and participate in the conversations. Online forums share just about everything about an industry including the fears, frustrations, beginning success stories, and the veterans that are expanding their businesses in varying levels. Start participating in these conversations and ask questions; people will answer and offer their advice. It may take more than one post for people to start to recognize you so don’t be shy. The next step is to join a professional organization in your field. Look for an organization that will help you grow as a business owner. Look for certain benefits like a mentoring program. These programs can help you learn from a veteran and avoid some beginning mistakes. Attend live conferences where you will meet like-minded people.

The first suggestions are what to do to get you moving toward entrepreneurship. These next suggestions are what to stop doing in order to move forward. If you decide that business ownership is definitely for you then it’s time to change some of the regular routines that contribute to holding you back. If you work full-time and have a family, begin to reserve as much of your energy as possible. Instead of watching TV, use that time to work on your business plan. When you are at work instead of going to lunch with co-workers use your time to work on your new venture.

As you make these changes it is also imperative that you learn to relax. You have to rest to rejuvenate; you have to rejuvenate to be productive. Michael Neill, SuperCoach, advises to approach a goal like you would a future spouse with flirting, dating and then marriage. So, first, flirt in online forums and free conversations. If you like it, move to dating by participating in professional organizations. Third, after nurturing the relationship have your Grand Opening. Dreams become realities when we work on them regularly with inspired energy. By taking it one step at a time your dreams could be your realities by this time next year.

Best wishes!

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