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Aspiring authors receive advice to be an author simply write, but what about ways to promote your book? After all the purpose of writing a book is creating something for someone (hopefully for a lot of people) to read. With this in mind, promoting a book can become an overwhelming task.





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Creating unique promotional campaigns is the way authors succeed to make significant sales. Review these examples to spice up your marketing strategy and get your book into the reader’s hands.

Ways to Promote Your Book

Technology empowers you to promote your book effectively in ways that are compatible with your personality. It can also help you put a spin on a standard marketing practice to increase awareness about your book.

For example, introverts can increase awareness about their books by becoming a walking advertisement.

Create a QR code for your book trailer and have it printed on a shirt. Include an intriguing question, so people will scan the code from your shirt and view the book trailer without you saying a word. Your shirt can be a great way to engage in conversations at fairs and other events where you can set up a table or booth to promote your book.

Another way to get noticed differently is to have your book signing at a unique venue. Instead of the coffee shop or bookstore, schedule your event at a place that relates to your topic. For books on technology or video games, talk to the managers of a Best Buy or a Gaming store.

Create an eye-catching display of your book and promotional items. Interested people will stop at your table, and you can discuss their potential purchases and how they relate to your book’s message.

Also, consider calling Help a Reporter Out (HARO) to get a story on your book-signing event. Click To Tweet

Making your book identifiable with customer’s needs and interests is what will increase your sales. You can also use this strategy when it comes to giving a presentation. Learn about the town or area where you are giving a talk. If you can relate local events to your book’s message that will help you increase the audience’s attention.

If possible, poll your audience, asking questions and use the information affirmatively in your talk. This strategy will help you make a significant impression on your audience, so they remember you.

These are three variations on standard book marketing ways to promote your book. As you consider these actions, let your imagination free to discover alternative events to help you sell more books.

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target image, how to get targeted trafficTo be effective using online marketing, it is important to know how to get targeted traffic for your book sales. Authors use online marketing to promote their books. However, they need website visitors that are interested in their topics.

For this reason, it is important to know how to market specifically to your core audience.

One strategy on how to draw targeted traffic is by paying attention to current events and trends that relate to your content. When you find hot topics that you can use to promote your book, it’s time to capitalize on this moment.

This strategy can lead to a viral moment experience on the Internet.

Posting the event on all your online profiles to join the conversation is how to get targeted traffic organically. Write a blog post and include a video of the news event or trend if available. Remember, videos are the highest ranked content and it magnetizes specific visitors to your blog and social media profiles.

Invite your social media contacts to write a comment or share your post. This is how to engage and share your relevant expertise with targeted traffic. On all social media, when someone comments on your post, your content will be seen by their connections.

You can get this targeted traffic for free when using content that is getting a viral buzz.

Although this targeted traffic is free everything has an energy cost. Meaning, it is an investment of time to capitalize on an event.

You will need to:

  • Sign up for Help a Reporter (HARO)
  • Set up Google alerts for keywords and phrases you want to know if/when it happens
  • Comment on sites that have posted an article on the event
  • write a blog post how to solve the problem and include the video of the event if available
  • promote it on all your social network profiles
  • Host a Periscope or a Blab discussion with someone about this event
  • Contact local news channels on how you can solve this issue talk about your book
  • Engage on conversations on social media by
    • Searching for hashtags on Twitter that would be used for this event
    • Search on Facebook and comment on pages that talk about the event

Make every effort to expand awareness about you while this topic is hot. The more you talk about this event, the more you can offer your solutions and lead targeted traffic to your book.

It is important to know how to get to noticed using today’s online platforms for marketing. The best method to do that is by joining a conversation that already has your targeted traffic attention.


Electra FordElectra Ford is an online marketing strategist that helps businesses get noticed on the Internet. She specializes in online marketing plans that connect entrepreneurs, companies and organizations with their audience to get traffic to their websites and make qualified connections. To learn more about implementation subscribe to my email list above.

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book sales

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Giveaways are one of the best ways to gain more visibility and book sales. It has been reported that giving free stuff or books, does increase book sales. For this reason, websites have designed systems to help authors host Giveaways. Both Goodreads and Amazon have giveaway programs set up for authors to add to their book launches.

Determine Secondary Goal

Before creating a giveaway; decide the goal you want to achieve. Although the primary objective is more exposure to get more book sales, a secondary goal is beneficial. The minor objective can be to:

  • Get more email subscribers
  • Increase traffic to your site
  • Attract more connections on social media

Your goal will direct how and where you set up your offer. For example, if you want to increase email signups, then you will not use Amazon’s program because they do not currently provide that option. Remember you are building awareness and nurturing relationships with your audience as an author, so the secondary goal is important. Recurring book sales come from relationships you build with your readers.

Select a Quality Gift

The awareness your free item brings can positively impact your book sales, so it is essential to choose a quality gift. The item has to be something your audience values or free will not make a difference. One of the popular giveaways is to give free copies of your book in the pre-launch. You can do this with a Goodreads’ account; publishers and author’s giveaway copies of books to attract new readers.

Marketing Your Gift

“When the rubber hits the road.”

Your marketing efforts will need to flow consistently like a marketing machine. Marketing on all online platforms promoting your free offer is what will increase your book sales.

Promoting your giveaway on all your Internet real-estate means posting on:

  • Website (Write a blog post)
  • Facebook (pin the post)
  • Twitter (reschedule this post)
  • LinkedIn (Repurpose your Blog post on LinkedIn’s Pulse)
  • Pinterest (Upload your blog post to build referral traffic)
  • Virtual Event (i.e.; Periscope, Google Hangout, Meerkat or teleseminar)

If you want to give various prizes or a prize that is not listed on the Amazon gift list, it might be best to set up a giveaway contest on your site. Entrants can sign up to win the gifts, and you collect their email addresses on your list. Be creative and engage on social media platforms. All of these activities will generate more attention and on launch day, more book sales.

The important takeaways from this post are that you:

  • Decide your secondary goal to help you determine where to market your giveaway.
  • Make sure the giveaway is something your audience wants
  • Create a marketing plan to promote your book and giveaway daily

Now more than ever the practice of giving here to receive there is happening. While you are writing or creating your marketing plan, consider adding a giveaway in your pre-launch to magnify your marketing efforts. Although writing your manuscript may have been a deeply personal journey to finish, the marketing will require stamina to see the results in your book sales.


ElectraF-Image1AElectra Ford is an online marketing strategist that helps businesses get noticed on the Internet. She specializes in online marketing plans that connect entrepreneurs, companies and organizations with their audience to get traffic to their websites and make qualified connections. To learn more about implementation subscribe to my email list above.

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How to Get Book Reviews

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A book marketing campaign requires fortitude with all the strategies that need to be implemented. The book review process is one of those strategies because authors need to start this process before the book is finished. Below are three steps to get book reviews from different influential groups that can increase the opportunity for book sales.

Book Reviews from Readers

One of the first parts of the marketing plan to activate is collecting book reviews. While you are in the book-writing process, this is the time to start developing a relationship with readers. This is important for new authors and to re-engage your current audience if you already published a book.

Nurturing a relationship with readers now is important to build interest and anticipation so readers will purchase your work and write a book review for you. Your blog, social media and community forums are important places to spend your marketing time while you are completing your book.

You can start your giveaways by posting free chapters and asking questions to get start a conversation. When you release your book online to sites like Amazon and Barnes ‘n’ Noble you can post an announcement and request readers to write a review. If they are familiar with your profile, they are more likely to respond.

Book reviews from Book Bloggers

In addition to getting the audience to consider buying your book, the next channel is to request book reviews from book bloggers.

Book bloggers are an excellent resource for a book review because they already have a following. If they agree to review your book their post will give you exposure to another audience that likes your genre.

The process of getting a book blogger especially one that is well-known to the category of your book will also take time because it is best to build a rapport. Create a list of book bloggers that review your type of books and research them. Find out their names, contact information and follow them on social media read their blogs to see their most recent book reviews and engage when appropriate.

Once you have the contact information send an email request addressing them personally to review your book. Send a compelling request with all the information they will need about your book including publication date, ISBN, and your website URL. If they respond with a no, do not feel bad because there is a higher demand for book blogger reviews than supply.

Industry Leader Book Reviews

Another way to draw attention for your book’s release is to get a well-known person to write a book review or forward for you. Just as the book bloggers you would request a review. In addition to the information listed in the above section, consider writing a sample using points of the book to help them write their review or forward.

Follow-up because people are busy and if their schedule has changed, calling them will help confirm if you need to ask someone else or if their response will be late.

These are the beginning steps to help you get book reviews that will increase the attention about your book while providing social proof.


Electra Ford imageElectra Ford is an online marketing strategist that helps businesses get noticed on the Internet. She specializes in online marketing plans that connect entrepreneurs, companies and organizations with their audience to get traffic to their websites and make qualified connections. To learn more about implementation subscribe to my email list above.

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With virtual book tours, book trailers and video channels having the potential to go viral, book image, book signing eveningsometimes local events are overlooked. However, local events provide networking opportunities and a chance to sell your book directly to your readers.

Focus on these three areas to organize a successful book signing event.

Creating a plan around your book signing event

Some online marketing strategies can be applied to local events. One Internet marketing best practice is to be present where your customers go.

An example is if you wrote a children’s book, consider having your book signing event at a toy store.

Bringing this event to a business provides free publicity and working together you can create a great joint marketing campaign.

Along with online marketing activities, think about promotional items such as the standard bookmarks to take to your local event. Consider having a contest for someone to win a copy of your book or offer a 2 in one promotion if you have another book.

During the book signing event

The purpose of a contest is to attract people to your event. As people come into the store, your drawing may attract a spontaneous audience with your contest. Another action that can help people come over to your event is to giving a talk. This might calm the author’s nerves by focusing on what they have to say to the audience. Also, it is a way to draw people naturally to your event.

Bring a friend to help you with the event. There are many parts to an author’s book signing, and one of them is the book sales. As you are giving your talk mingling with the audience, your friend can help you with the business areas of the book signing event. You want to be available as much as possible for your audience because it is beneficial to talk to as many people as possible.

During this time your friend can:

  • Processing book sales (Do you have a square card reader or another form of on the go payment processing?)
  • Collecting everyone’s name and email address
  • Help with the set up and the logistics in the beginning

Also, have your favorite beverage or water, so your voice does not get dry.

Take lots of pictures for social media and your website. If you are building a speaking CV, photos and a recording your talk are great ways to help promote yourself as a speaker.

Post Event Follow-Up

Send thank you, emails or notes to everyone who attended your event. Ask participants for permission to add them to your email list.

Start a new list with the date of your event to maintain a record of the attendance at each event.

Thank the venue for allowing you to have your event at their location

Connect to as many people as possible on social media from your book signing event

Book signing events can be fun and stressful. In addition to seeking help from family and friends, it may be beneficial to do a book signing with another author. Two or more authors can create a panel and provide a discussion event that will inspire the participants to engage and purchase a book.

Electra Ford imageElectra Ford is an online marketing strategist that helps business get noticed on the Internet. She specializes in online marketing plans that connect entrepreneurs, companies and organizations with their audience to get traffic to their websites and make qualified connections. To learn more about implementation subscribe to my email list above.

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books on a shefl image, how to market a bookI have been discussing how to market a book to the library this week, so I decided to talk about it in my blog.

In one of my previous book marketing posts, I explained the differences between print on demand printers and print on demand publishers and how the author’s choice between these options can affect the book’s perceived quality.

Well selling your book to libraries is a prime example of what I explained in that post. Just as any merchant intends to purchase the products to serve their customers, libraries have to buy books that will serve the largest amount of their customer base, so shelf space is prime real estate. For this reason, libraries are sometimes skeptical of self-published books.

Selling books to libraries means paying attention to all the details including:

  • the paper your book is printed on
  • your quality content
  • does it serve your library’s audience,

Books need to endure being loaned and on the shelves for years, so it is best to inquire about the library’s particular requirements. Each library is different, so it is best to add this question when you contact the libraries on your list. Bookstores and libraries sometimes specialize in particular kinds of books so when considering selling your book to the library or a bookstore research to ensure they carry your genre.

Book Donations

Although your aim is to get the library to purchase your book another way to get in the door is to donate a copy. Giving a copy of your book could lead to a library system purchasing additional copies for other branches. Indie authors are sometimes perceived in one specific way so when you have a finished product in your hand you have differentiated your work from the perception. Another advantage of having a hard copy of your book is that you can participate in your local library’s events. Some local libraries promote and encourage their local authors by hosting contests and workshops to assist authors in living their dreams.


If you are in the book development process or just finished writing your book consider reviews for your book’s back cover. I recommend a book review company that has an upstanding reputation.

Reviews help sell books.

The person that purchases books for the library doesn’t have time to read all books that come to their desk so if you have a back cover review, especially from a high profile industry leader, it helps to get your book noticed.

As you outline your marketing plan to sell your book, consider researching your local libraries requirements for book submission. Libraries collectively purchase over $1 billion dollars of books, digital products, and periodicals annually. It is worth the effort to see how this may be the perfect exposure for your book reach a larger audience.

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camcorder image, author marketing, book trailerOnline platforms make it easier for authors to be more visible and reach their audience. Website, blog posts, articles, social media and Amazon Best Seller campaigns are just some of the tools that one can use for successful author marketing.

Another standard part of today’s author marketing plan is creating a book trailer.

Software Programs to make book trailers

In a few short years, even creating a book trailer has become more accessible. Using programs such as MovieMaker and iMaker you can start your process today. If you are looking for robust programs, you can try before you buy some software such as Sony Movie Studio.

Content Creation

A book trailer is your 30 second promotion to make a lasting impression so interested visitors will leave the trailer and purchase a downloadable or hardcopy of your book. Your book trailer needs to be excellent. Meaning it does not have to be made by a professional but it does need to done well enough to avoid turning the audience off.

Your content should include:

  • Highlight particular interestingdetails about thebook
  • A uniquemoment about your story that will have your audienceinterested in reading your book
  • 30 seconds to 1:00 minute is thestandardtimelength
  • Entice an emotion in your reader. Make it funny, heartwarming or dramatic.

Music Selection

One way to help encourage a dramatic delivery in your book trailer is with your music choice. Using copyrighted music can create a problem if you have not received permission. However, there is music available that you can use that offer a creative commons license, which means you can use it – royalty free. The Savvy Book websites compiled a list royalty free music websites.

Apps to make book trailers for your author marketing

In addition to the software programs mentioned above, there are other programs available to produce your book trailer and some programs have apps that you can use to help make beautifully created book trailers.

Professional programs that you can use are:

  • Animoto; this program offers an app for download
  • Stupeflix; is a site that you can use to make a free video

This process can take time and some learning. If you do not have time to invest in the process, you can find professional services to stress-free process. You can use the services of virtual professionals to produce your book trailer for you.

Once you have the finished product, it is time to upload your book trailer on all your online real-estate.

  • Make a pageforthebookandaddthetrailer
  • Post it on all your social media profiles and any community forums you participate in regularly.
  • Add it to your YouTube Channel or Vimeo channels.
  • Add it to your Amazon Author Profile
  • If you do speaking engagements ask if you can show it at the event.

If you have time or the resources to create more than one book trailer, it will be useful in your author marketing campaign.

Use these steps to create or get help making your professional enticing book trailer for your work. It is an excellent tool to increase your visibility, connect with readers and support you having a successful marketing campaign for your book.

Are you working on your book marketing campaign? How is it going? Leave me a comment and let me know.

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book image, print on demand printersOnline marketing, print-on-demand printers, and print-on-demand publishers give authors viable options to sell their books successfully. With these available services, the question for authors now is…

What is the best/right option to publish my book?

There are three main areas of the book development process can help you answer the above question.

Print-On-Demand Printer or Print-On-Demand Publisher, (POD)

In addition to the traditional process of submitting your work to a well-known publisher, you can also choose print-on-demand services. Print-on-demand printing services such as Lightning Source, Inc. and Create Space will print the book for you. If you choose a print-on-demand printer, it is best to have a team working with you. A team composed of:

  • e-book/book cover designer
  • proofreader
  • someone to help you with implementing your marketing strategy

Lightning Source, Inc. and Create Space are the most popular POD options among veteran self-publishing authors because they have the above people on their team to help them prepare their books for printing. These POD companies are the preferred choices because of their pricing, and the author retains control of their intellectual property.

Lightning Source is the choice for self-publishing authors that are hopeful to be picked up by a well-known publishing company. This print-on-demand printing company has a reputation of other publishing companies and is known for publishing quality content. A team will be beneficial working when choosing Lightning Source Inc. because they will not offer assistance in the areas listed above.

However, the advantages of Lightning Source are:

  • No minimum print quantity
  • Discounts for bulk orders
  • Author retains control of their intellectual property

Create Space POD is a service provided by Amazon.

This POD source is excellent when you want to

  • print e-books for marketing materials
  • Print other documents that you offer at a nominal fee
  • Mainly offer your books in electronic form

This is not the general option to select if your aim is to transition into a traditional publishing company. Amazon lists all their authors together, and some publishing companies believe Amazon does not require authors to produce quality content. For this reason, some publishing companies reject an author whose material was printed on Create Space first.

Book Cover/Graphics/Illustrations

Authors now can generate a successful income printing only eBook versions of their material. Remember Amanda Hocking? She became a millionaire selling e-books through Amazon. Although this is a viable option, if your book has illustrations, photos, and various graphics, the electronic version may not be the right choice for you. Alternatively, you may consider removing all of the images from the electronic copy.

Formatting your book for e-readers does not often support images and graphics such as lines. If your book’s content needs to be conveyed through the images Create Space, may not be the right print-on-demand option.

There is also the consideration of your book cover. Create Space does have book cover templates but sometimes the covers needs formatting. For this aspect of the publishing process, it might be better to select a professional book/e-book cover designer.

Another reminder here: The book covers helps sell the book, so you want your artwork to draw the audience into the book. Getting a custom design for your book cover is worth the investment.


After your manuscript is written, it is necessary to get an editor to review your book. This person will proof your work and make sure everything is correct. As the author, you know what you intended to write which makes it easy to overlook misspelled words and other sentence structure issues. The editor is a core person to work with you in preparing your book for printing.

You will also need help with marketing services. All authors are responsible for their marketing. However, if you are not familiar with online marketing strategies, it is time efficient to invest in a person who can create a marketing strategy then implement the plan for you.

Another questions that comes up reading all of these team job descriptions is what do I do when I need help with all these main areas?

Print-on-demand publishers may be the right option if you do not have a team. When considering the print-on-demand publishers review the terms to make sure:

  • You will retain control of your work
  • What is/if there is a printing quantity
  • Price they charge for printing
  • Will you receive discounts for bulk orders

As a self-publishing author, it is important to review your print-on-demand options carefully according to your goals and objectives. As you become clear about the purpose of your books, you can use this information to make an informed decision. Having a desire to become an author is not as difficult as it was once. In this high tech age, authors have self-publishing best practices that you can follow to realize your goals so you can hold your printed words in your hand.

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Building an Email List for Authors

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12-4-2014 Building an Email List for AuthorsKnowing the process of building an email list for authors is important because they are responsible for their marketing. Most authors dedicate their energy and time writing the right words to convey their idea or information to their audience. However, now it is beneficial to be mindful of your target audience while writing and make an effort to connect in the development stage. Once your book is completed, you will want to market right away but if you are going to use online marketing, you will need to plan time to build relationships before marketing your book. For that reason, it is best to engage and invite visitors to subscribe to your list before your manuscript is published.

Although the idea of building an email list can feel overwhelming to authors, there are several marketing actions you can implement to grow your list. You can schedule these and automate these tasks to feel empowered instead of emotionally drained by the work before you begin. The combination of these passive and active marketing activities will connect you with your audience. Below are some best practices used to encourage website visitors and social media connections to join your list.

Email List Building Tips:

  1. Post a free giveaway that is related to your book or services that you offer. When visitors consider joining your list, they read or viewed a post that appealed to them. The job of your free offer is to give them more of the same. Give the target audience what you had in mind when you were writing -something that is beneficial for them.

    If your book is comedic, give them a great laugh in the 2 or 3 chapters of your giveaway. If your book provides relief or clarity, give them valuable information and action steps to duplicate these results in their lives for them to feel empowered.

  2. Only request name and email address from your subscribers in exchange for your free giveaway. The more information you request from subscribers in the beginning decreases the likelihood they will join your email list.

    The above are passive actions that you can automate for your visitor’s convenience on your website and Facebook page. This is useful because the day they read something that inspires them or gives them that ‘ah-ha’ you want them to proceed to subscribing to your list.

  3. Do not manually add contacts to your email list. This action can often backfire as people feel that you misused the information they shared with you. It is better to build rapport through personal emails and let them subscribe to your list when they are ready. It is recommended that you make an effort to connect with people 6 or 7 times before terminating.

Remember, email list building is important because:

Your email marketing is the only platform you can control the messages your audience receives. Facebook changes its algorithms regularly that mean that your message may or may not reach all of the people that have liked your business page. Twitter’s feed goes by so quickly that your message may easily have not been seen by your followers.

Giving your subscribers content that will live up to the reason they first came to your site increases the opportunity for them to convert from subscriber to a buyer of your products and/or services. Remember people do business with whom they feel they can know like and trust. Your emails are your opportunity to get your subscribers to know you can deliver what you promise by the value you give in your newsletters. Doing these first steps is for building an email list for your book to have a successful book launch.

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Using social media to engage your readers is an effective way to increase interest about your books. Since authors are responsible for their book’s marketing campaigns, online applications help authors connect with their readers to build relationships. The adage that people do business with those they feel they can know like and trust also applies in book marketing. It is valuable to build relationships with readers when possible to increase interest in your book and using social media helps to reach this objective.
In this video, I will share tips on how using social media, teleseminars, formatting your book for e-readers like Kindle and other tools will help to promote your book on the Internet.

If you are launching your first book, creating a Facebook page with the book’s title is an excellent way of using social media to get more exposure. Implementing this SEO strategy along with optimizing the page will help index your Facebook page in the search engines. Next, invite family and friends and create Facebook ads to promote your book. After all, the purpose for using social media is for lead generation. Once visitors ‘like’ your page start posting messages to direct this traffic to your personal subscription list. Your list is the best way to make sure your messages are being sent to all of your contacts. Use your LinkedIn and Twitter profiles, to post messages that demonstrate the value of your content and to introduce yourself to colleagues. Upload your book to an e-reader like the Kindle to make it easy for customers to receive their copy faster. Create a profile on Goodreads and begin to engage with other authors and readers on the site.

In addition to the above activities, the Internet has various media for promotion such as online press releases, Internet radio interviews and teleseminars. Use these tools to you can explain the benefits readers can access from your books.

After three months of subscribers joining your list, invite them to have a conversation with you. Instead of a physical tour you can have a virtual book tour to build relationships with your readers. In addition to using social media profiles, platforms such as Google Hangout, Jitsi and Skype provides authors with the option to form relationships with readers online. The Internet decreases the need for some physical travel by using these voice over Internet Protocol applications. These tools help authors have real time interactions with their readers. You can also share documents such as a chapter or a page if your book has a complimentary workbook to do an exercise with your audience.

Technology also provides authors with new tools. For example, the Kensington Virtuoso Signature Stylus is a way to virtually send reader’s signed copies of their book. This innovation can compliment virtual book tours while being cost effective and help authors engage with readers. Customers can decide if they want a standard signed or personally signed copy. From using social media, to implementing other marketing activities, these actions will foster interaction and build community with your audience.

Authors can get the most out of their online marketing campaigns when they are using social media and other tools to promote their books. When planning and executing a book marketing campaign, these applications and tools will help you reach and engage with your audience right from your home office.

I am Electra Ford, owner of the Virtual Office Center. I assist authors with using social media to market and sell their books online. I am also a certified Professional Virtual Authors Assistant. If you are ready to market your book or are in the development stage contact me to discuss ways our collaboration can help you reach your goals.

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