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Instagram image, how to use Instagram for BusinessStaying relevant is imperative so knowing how to use Instagram for business coaches is valuable. Currently, the platform has approximately 400 million users, which inspire most businesses to create a profile. Instagram’s unique position is that everyone has to communicate mostly through images.

I used the word mostly because you can also create short videos using Instagram’s story feature. On Instagram, your images have to:

  • give your elevator speech
  • provide samples for followers to see the value of business coaching
  • tell your company story in a way that connects.

      Unlike Facebook and Twitter where you sometimes attract organic traffic by sharing popular content, Instagram is about how to convey your message in images.

      As a business coach, your content has to touch the emotional struggle that most of your client’s experience to attract your community. For business coaches, specializing in action, create images that are examples of how to complete an action.

      If you are a solution based business coach, your images have to provide solution strategies. Click To Tweet

      For the best results, research your body of work. Repurpose text that creates the most engagement on other social profiles. Learn how to pinpoint themes out of your work. Like musicians, career professionals have a theme.

      What is your recurring theme?

      Use this theme to demonstrate the value you bring helping clients achieve their goals. Use the story feature on the home screen to upload some behind the scenes business videos. Videos on all platforms get the most reach.

      Instagram’s algorithm is another reason your story has to be impactful. The Facebook-owned social network is designed to only show your posts to followers that have previously engaged with that type of content.

      This is how to use Instagram for business.

      Instagram logo,
      Knowing that Instagram will only show content to followers that have endorsed the subject matter, search the site for your keywords. Connect with people and businesses that show interests in your topic. Touching the right emotion on this platform is how to make posts go viral.

      Like Snapchat and Periscope, Instagram stories are very short – 10 seconds.

      Yes, that short!

      With this short video length, create succinct recordings that make a connection for you. Even if you are shy, Instagram is where your business can shine.

      You can also use other proven marketing strategies which include:

      • like posts of people to make a connection
      • comment on followers and related subjects
      • engage with thought leaders
      • use trending hashtags (that include your keywords if possible)
      • host contests
      • upload ‘how to’ videos
      Instagram is a great platform for bringing life to elevator speeches Click To Tweet

      Upload content that will speak to your community demonstrating your value. These strategies are how to best use Instagram for reaching your online marketing goals. Make connections, nurture these relationships and guide them to your website and email list.


      Electra FordNeed help? Electra Ford is an online marketing strategist. She helps businesses experience increased engagement on social media and helps you get more prospects on the phone. She specializes in online marketing plans that connect entrepreneurs, companies and organizations with their audience to get traffic and make qualified connections. To learn more about implementation click this link to subscribe to Electra’s email list

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mobile phone image facebook ads, mobile marketing campaignMobile marketing is going through a complete overhaul as consumers continue to demand better user experiences, more accessibility to services, and a way to connect with brands. Facebook is a constant in the world of mobile marketing, with 87% of Facebook users spending at least 21 minutes a day on the app – and that number keeps growing.

This leaves the playing field ripe with opportunity. Brands must evaluate the data to fully understand what their customers want, where they shop, and how their marketing can be most effective to fulfill these needs. Utilizing Facebook to enhance mobile marketing is key in reaching tech-savvy shoppers. One of the ways to do this is through Facebook’s immersive ads that will show up on a user’s timeline.

How does the immersive ad structure work?

These new immersive ads, called Canvas, will allow advertisers to provide high-quality ads through the combination of still images, video and copy. The best thing about these mobile ads? The price is not higher than the standard advertising already offered.

Research has shown that 70% of mobile searchers act within an hour, and people look at their phones 150 times a day. This means that the exposure of these mobile ads is not only great, but the likelihood of shares or clicks to find out more is huge.

According to Facebook, the immersive ads have tested well, with 53% of people viewing more than half of the ad, with an average view time of 31 seconds. For companies wanting to connect with users, this is a great way to capitalize on the existing user base to help grow their brands.

Facebook’s mobile advertising is huge, accounting for 74% of total Facebook revenue in 2015. In addition to the new immersive ads, brands can connect with their audience in a number of ways:

  • Through the users newsfeed
  • Through the Facebook Audience Network

With the advancement of how ads can be displayed on Facebook, advertisers must think beyond the norm, capturing the best of their products and services through catchy slogans, sharp video and crystal clear images. Videos must be engaging, with a humorous or emotional draw. The meat of what needs to be said has to be right at the beginning, as attention spans are limited. Bright colors and to-the-point messaging is key.

It is important to make sure any advertisement attached to a sale or coupon must be prepared to go through the entire buying process with the Facebook user. That means once they click on the ad, they should be directed to find out more, with a coupon or barcode attached to use immediately if they choose to. By using a combination of native and immersive advertising, every brand persona can be reached, with relevant strategies and messaging.

Taking the smartphone and Facebook usage of your target audience into consideration is key when developing these ads. You must consider the consumer base, age, and preferences to make an impact. You want to reach the actionable consumer segment who relies on mobile marketing to gather information, find out about brands, engage and transact. Reaching these customers at their vantage point, which is Facebook, helps save time and money, creating a more efficient way to seek, acquire and maintain a viable consumer base.

Utilizing an experienced marketing VA will be beneficial, helping develop Facebook ad strategies that are relevant. With the right strategy, you can effectively target the right audience to grow your potential customer base.

What’s Next?

What Facebook ad strategies have you seen work? Make sure to share them with us in the comments below. I would love to read them.


Sophorn Chhay ImageSophorn is the marketing guy at Trumpia, the most complete SMS software with mass text messaging, smart targeting and automation. Follow Sophorn on Twitter.

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mobile marketing campaignsMobile marketing campaigns help business/life coaches and entrepreneurs make an emotional connection. Mobile devices are made for staying connected, which make them perfect for building relationships. After a presence is established with a website and social media profiles, coaches use other tools to engage. Mobile devices provide an opportunity for Coaches to share useful content.


Mobile marketing campaigns are great for nurturing relationships. Click To Tweet

Mobile Marketing Campaigns are affordable. These tools are an easy way to reach your audience. The cellular market is saturated. Smartphone sales increased by 89% in 2015 and that growth is continuing this year.

In addition to Smartphone growth, most cellular plans include texting. This makes it affordable for people to receive messages. Wi-Fi is another way these marketing campaigns are a reasonable way to build relationships.

Smartphone apps are the way Coaches are making personal connections. From, Snapchat, to Periscope pre-teens, young adults and professionals use apps to connect with peers and like-minded individuals.

Life Coaches can follow artists like DJ Khaled and business’ mobile marketing campaigns by sharing exclusive announcements. This activity cultivates relationships, by inspiring contacts to feel part of the inner circle.

Behind the scenes, snaps are another way Coaches can deepen relationships with their connections. Just as artists record themselves creating artwork on Periscope, business Coaches can record video while preparing for group coaching sessions or product launches.

Coaches can also give potential clients an opportunity to experience the benefits of their coaching technique.

Text messaging can keep your subscribers motivated and inspired. Click To Tweet
Emotional associations can result from mobile marketing campaigns. There are group messaging programs that enable Coaches to make an impression with subscribers.

Humor and motivation are the top content on social media. Click To Tweet

Depending on the business brand, coaches can use SMS messages to bring joy or remind subscribers of their dreams. Some messaging programs are free which can help demonstrate a coach’s style.

Pure fun can lift someone at the right moment. Professional coaches can provide a ‘right’ moment that begins a relationship with a subscriber. Touching subscribers positively or with compassion with SMS messages can get them closer to scheduling a consultation.

Mobile marketing campaigns are affordable using gadgets that are designed for connection. These devices with apps and Wi-Fi create a trifecta toolkit. Coaches can use the programs to create successful marketing strategies for their businesses. When used properly, mobile marketing helps Coaches increase their opportunities to meet new clients sitting in their offices.


Electra FordElectra Ford is an online marketing strategist. She helps businesses experience increased engagement on social media and helps you get more prospects on the phone. She specializes in online marketing plans that connect entrepreneurs, companies and organizations with their audience to get traffic and make qualified connections. To learn more about implementation click this link to subscribe to Electra’s email list

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mobile phone image, mobile marketing appContinuing last week’s conversation, today I am talking about Twitter and Pinterest mobile marketing apps. To review, mobile marketing apps support business owners remaining engaged on the go.

For example, if you are an empowerment or business strategy coach, you can share articles, blog posts and quotes from the convenience of your phone to your social media profiles using these mobile marketing apps.


Pinterest Mobile Marketing App

This app is available at iTunes and Google Play. The iOS app enables you to download another app from a Pinterest page to your phone while remaining on Pinterest.

You can also perform searches on your Pinterest mobile app to pin on your profile on both Android and iOS.

Twitter Mobile Marketing Apps

Twitter has been around longer, so there are several mobile marketing apps to enhance your posting, sharing and engaging experience while away from your desk.


This is a great app because it enables you to group according to topics. You can also search your account for posts and those you are following for tweets and their favorites.

I like any program, or app that shows you inactive accounts that you are following. The purpose of using social media is to connect and interact but if you are following inactive or fake accounts, your message is not reaching anyone.

You can choose themes and set up to post to Facebook and Twitter with this mobile app. There is a free and pro version if you want the app banner ad-free.


Hootsuite has a mobile marketing app to help you post to your social media profiles while you are away from an office. This is perfect when you are attending events and want to share the brilliance a workshop or share your picture you just took with a thought leader in your industry.

Hootsuite works with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Foursquare and this free app enables you to view how many times your post was clicked. With mostly, rave reviews, this mobile marketing app also allows you to adjust your photos that you upload to Ow.Ly.


This paid app has an attractive look, and you can adjust your timeline’s appearance when viewing retweets, mentions, and your direct messages. This is a paid app that costs $3.99 currently.


Plume enables you to use your for shortening links. You can search your local trending topics, which is an excellent way to connect with local businesses and community. This is also a free app with the option to upgrade to remove banner ads.

More and more coaches are embracing using text messages as part of their coaching services to inspire, motivate and support their clients in between 1:1 sessions.

Besides using text messages, consider implementing these mobile apps in your marketing plan to stay in front of your audience.

Electra Ford imageElectra Ford is an online marketing strategist that helps businesses get noticed on the Internet. She specializes in online marketing plans that connect entrepreneurs, companies and organizations with their audience to get traffic to their websites and make qualified connections. To learn more about implementation subscribe to my email list above.

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smartphone with social media icons image, mobile marketing appThis weekend I downloaded the Facebook Messenger app reluctantly because of past problems with the app including download issues. However, I was pleasantly surprised how the app has improved.

This inspired me to look at the other Facebook mobile marketing apps created to make it easier for business owners to market on the move. In this post I list some mobile apps that business owners can use to:

  • Share important events with their audience
  • Manage content even when they are away from the office
  • Manage ads to get the most out of their marketing efforts


Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest have mobile marketing apps that will help you remain engaged even when you are out of your office.


Facebook Mobile Marketing Apps

  • Facebook Pages App: This app enables you to manage up to 50 Pages from your smartphone or tablet. You can post, view activity and track your metrics reviewing the insights of your pages.
  • Facebook Messenger App: There have been major improvements to this app since I last tried to download it. First the download was easy and fast this time. This mobile marketing app now enables you to:
    • Text Friends
    • Share photos and videos this mobile app will ask permission to use your camera. This is an important feature to use as Facebook video will get more views and show more often in your contact’s newsfeed
    • Make calls
    • Access your messages and chats
    • Have multiple conversations at one time
  • Facebook Groups App: Is now the easy way to check all your groups updates and participate in group conversations anywhere
  • Manage Facebook Ads App: This marketing app empowers you to do just about everything you need for your Facebook ad campaigns. Some of the features are to:
    • Create an ad
    • Track the ads performance
    • Make changes to the budget or schedule of an ad
    • Edit ads on the move


LinkedIn Mobile Marketing Apps

LinkedIn has also created multiple apps enabling their users to get the most out of their experience on this platform.

Some of the mobile apps are:

  • LinkedIn App: This mobile app helps you post your content, read connections information and view your insights to know how your messages are reaching your audience on the platform.
  • LinkedIn Job Search: This app’s features include setting up a search based on keywords including the location. You can then use this information to get notification about your job searches. It will also help you apply for a position using your LinkedIn profile privately.
  • LinkedIn Pulse: Last month I talked about the benefits of using LinkedIn pulse for publishing to increase your exposure on the platform. When you use the Pulse mobile app, you can view:
    • the news on topics that interest you
    • what your contacts are reading
    • stay current when your connections make news.
    • You can follow people, businesses or a particular subject.
  • LinkedIn Slide Share Presentations App: Looking for some information? Install the LinkedIn Slide Share Presentation app to learn while you are on the move.

These are only some of the Facebook and LinkedIn mobile marketing apps. You can review more apps by performing a general search online or on your smartphone. Next week, I will post the mobile marketing apps for Twitter and Pinterest.

In the meantime, check out these apps to see how they can help you use these social media platforms better to reach your goals.



Electra Ford imageElectra Ford is an online marketing strategist that helps businesses get noticed on the Internet. She specializes in online marketing plans that connect entrepreneurs, companies and organizations with their audience to get traffic to their websites and make qualified connections. To learn more about implementation subscribe to my email list above.

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Mobile Marketing Ideas for 2015

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Hand holding mobile smart phoneAs we stand in line, wait for public transportation or sit in waiting rooms, what are we doing? We are using our smartphones to search the Internet, have conversations via text, face talk apps or pay for purchases.

For this reason, mobile marketing ideas for 2015 are important because it is changing our behavior and purchasing habits.

Recognizing these trends, website developers are creating responsive designs that include pages that will convert well on a small screen. Like the developers, it is useful to consider how mobile marketing best practices can expand your reach and strengthen your relationships with your customers.

More and more people are purchasing smartphones, and we are becoming dependent on them for our daily activities. We now:

  • Regularly use our mobile GPS apps to travel locally or out of town
  • Keep up with our email through our phones
  • Check our social media marketing profiles as a past time throughout the day and night

Companies are noticing our behavioral changes and adjusting their services to accommodate us. Some of their mobile marketing solutions for customers are:

  • The Starbucks app gives customers the option to use their mobile devices to pay for their purchases. Customers also receive free items that are tracked and recorded through this app
  • Uber enables you to reserve transportation spontaneously to fit your mood or activity
  • Search engines and social media networks such as Facebook make their ads accessible to mobile users as research proves that people perform more searches on their phones rather than desktop computers.
  • You can activate your phone for PayPal mobile or use Apple Pay.

These brands mobile marketing strategies are strengthening their personal relationships with customers. Customers feel good when staff can acknowledge their past purchases or make their shopping experience more convenient.

You might be asking how I can use these mobile marketing ideas in my business. Some entrepreneurs like:

  • Business and life coaches are using mobile marketing to inspire and support their clients
  • Authors are publishing their books and other writings on Kindle, the Nook and creating audio books
  • Teleseminar and Internet radio hosts upload their recordings creating a podcast library that people can listen to on their smartphones.

Online marketing strategies give us more options to stay informed and use our tech tools for daily use. These platforms have made a significant impact. Mobile marketing solutions are consistently birthing to make tasks easy to complete.

As you plan and revise your marketing plan for next year, I do suggest you begin to incorporate mobile marketing ideas in your system that can be automated and potentially grow into a passive income stream.

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GoMobi: Mobile Marketing Service

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Mobile Phone Image for mobile marketing service

Mobile marketing service, GoMobi enables website owners to have a polished presence on mobile browsers. To create mobile sites, use plugins for blogsites, software programs or customized scripts. Mobile devices make it possible for users to search answers, destinations and entertainment.  It is important for website owners to prepare for visitors finding their company on their smartphones or tablets. This post is an overview of one of Bluehost’s site builder applications that support creating professional user friendly sites for mobile marketing.

This mobile marketing service is available to Bluehost account owners. Users can create a mobile website for each of their domains at $2.99 per domain. Website owners can add pertinent information and appealing invitations to engage visitors.

The features of this mobile marketing service allow users to have professional designed pages for mobile browsers making their products and services accessible on the go. This software has popular features:

  • Call us: This mobile marketing service enables users to add their phone numbers so visitors can click to call.
  • Find us: Users can add their business location making it easy for web surfers to get directions.
  • Products and Services: Companies can add their products and services along with their e-commerce accounts so purchasers can buy at their convenience.
  • Create QR codes making it easy for visitors to add their company’s contacts information.
  • Add custom backgrounds and logos to pages using the same color schemes as their main sites.
  • Users can also add video playlists so visitors can quickly learn about the company.
  • Add social media profiles to the site like Facebook, Twitter and Google plus.
  • Add coupons with this mobile marketing service to encourage new visitors to try products and services.

This interface also includes analytics to track performance. Internet marketers track their website’s performance to ensure optimal utility. Site owners can click on the analytics tab monitoring the amount of traffic pages receive on their mobile sites. After the features and analytics are in place, it is time to paste the code into the main site.

Adding the above features to the mobile sites is easy with this mobile marketing service including Adsense. Yes, this mobile marketing service allows users to incorporate their ads to their mobile site. The mobile version of your company’s site can be a user friendly version of your main site providing all of these options.

GoMobi follows Google’s search engine optimization guide for best practices. It creates a sitemap, site structure for navigation and keywords help rank and index the site. Using this mobile marketing service will expand your reach on the Internet while enhancing surfer’s experience.

Bluehost offers two other site builder programs with this mobile marketing service. GoMobi is Bluehost latest partnership empowering customers to optimize their online presence. Visit Bluehost for an overview of how their services can assist businesses to have a professional polished image.  Learn more about this website hosting company and its features by clicking on the word Bluehost in the article. It is a great time to consider Bluehost for website hosting needs as they are offering a New Year’s Day Sale for $3.95/mo, which is over a 50% savings.


Google Plus Social Network

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Social networking started building its reputation for effective marketing when I began promoting my business. It seemed like social media sites where popping up everywhere. Instructors in my first social media marketing course advised us to avoid accepting every invitation and instead use the major networks effectively (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn). I recently expanded on this suggestion by adding Google’s social networking site to my online activities. This post describes three of its beneficial features and explains how to set up your personal and business pages.

Google+ appeals to an audience that wants information organized in a neat design. In addition to this clean visual experience, Google’s social network is growing faster than its predecessors. Google+ launched in June 2011 by invitation only, and now reports it has 170 million users. The other networking sites did not amass this increase within the same time period. There is also a collective belief that Google’s social network will experience the next amazing expansion in social media. Continue reading to see if you agree with this projection.


One of Google’s advantages is audience segmentation. You can create circles based on industries and personal interests then send messages specifically to that circle. This is very useful in online marketing. The next beneficial tool is share a circle with you. Type share a circle with you in the search text field and receive a list of shared circles. If one of these circles meets your criteria import it into your profile. Using this feature for your Google business page is a time efficient method to make quality connections. The Hangout is another great service. This technology enables you to login and video chat with others in your circle.

Personal and Business Page Set Up

Go to Google+ to create an account on your computer or mobile device. Use a personal photo for your profile. The size requirements are 250 X 250 pixels so select photos that will look good as a square. If you already have a Google account, the description will import into your profile’s about section. After completing the set up process, create a business page. Click on each class to preview the industries under that type to select the appropriate category. Add your company’s tagline, photos, and videos. Once you complete the business page set up process add content, create circles and search profiles to invite people to your circle.

Promotion and Automation

Add the promotional badge to your website when the business page is complete. Also consider using the  1 Recommendation Logorecommendation icon. Similar to Facebook’s like, this recommendation is displayed on your website and on Google+.

Social media dashboards like Hootsuite are deciding if they will add Google’s social networking site to their options list. For now, you have to go to Google to post your messages.

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Mobile Internet Marketing

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Last week we went to Pei Wei for dinner and while reading the menu I noticed their advertisement to “place your order through your mobile device.” I thought how cool that so many companies are participating in mobile marketing to accommodate their clientele. I did some research to see just how easy or hard it would be to do this.

As long as your mobile device has web access you can view articles or emails, but some Internet marketing tools are aware of their mobile audience and are therefore making it easier for them to review your online resources.

Article Marketing: Ezine Articles have a mobile interface so their mobile audience can bookmark their site and easily read articles whenever, wherever. This Ezine iPhone interface is specifically designed for mobile viewers and it helps your audience download your articles faster and navigate through the pages easier.  To find out how to use this interface visit Ezine Articles’ Blog.

Email Marketing: AWeber also considered mobile readers and gave email marketers tips on how to design their emails for mobile subscribers. These design tips are easy to implement because they remember that your audience may view your materials in a different browser. So for the mobile user you would now optimize your images with an alternative text so if the image doesn’t transmit, your reader would still know what the image conveyed. To learn more about these tips visit Aweber’s Blog .


  • Blogger enables you to post to your blog when you feel inspired. Just like you would send a text you can create and post on your blog. You can also take a photo and upload to your blog along with your post. For directions Visit Blogger.    
  • WordPress offers a plugin interface for mobile subscribers and visitors to read your blog easily. Like the other interfaces I’ve listed, your mobile device is detected when you visit the site and your browser settings can be customized. To download and learn more about his plugin visit

Adding these Plugins and being aware of your on-the-go audience can help you include mobile Internet marketing into your online marketing plan effectively. With the way these devices are growing you will expand your potential to regularly connect with your ideal clients.

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Internet marketing can be used to engage your connections, followers and subscribers, while building relationships and converting them to networking partners or clients. It can also introduce new people to your business through having a high page ranking on the search engines, and link with other websites to reach people that are interested in your professional skills. Below are some suggestions on how to use these marketing tools to develop a marketing system that is efficient and produces your desired results.

  1. Email marketing is a great way to introduce your business, share your professional knowledge, and invite subscribers to interact with you by starting a contest, by offering them an opportunity to send in a photo or video that you will promote in your next newsletter.
  2. Social media marketing offers you a way to share your newsletter with a larger audience; your connections, friends and followers by sharing your knowledge while building your list. Using social media web programs, such as tweetmeme provides another opportunity to contribute to an ongoing conversation related to your subject.
  3. Article Marketing helps to build your reputation and attract more traffic to your website by writing an article and submitting it to various marketing directories. This link building activity is an effective way to build your SEO as well. Most importantly people will read your articles and visit your website to learn more about your services.
  4. Business blogging is another Internet marketing tool to contribute to your online communities by sharing professional knowledge, affiliate information, and benefits of your services. Inviting readers to interact by commenting on your post is another stream of building relationships through network ventures or prospect interaction. Syndicating your blog is another way of reaching more people. Since your blog information is updated regularly some business owners now use blogs as their online store front, which helps with search engine optimization.
  5. Affiliate marketing can become an additional income stream for you in two ways. One way is by joining an affiliate program that resonates with you and inviting your subscribers to check it out on your blog with a banner ad can mean a percentage of a sale if your subscribers purchase a product or service. Bloggers recommend that you post two to three times per week. One way to reach that blog post minimum easier is to write a post dedicated to your affiliates. Share the companies’ services, why they are the best to use and direct them to click on the banner ad on your website for further details. You can also create an affiliate program for your products and services. Sales closed through an affiliate’s lead can generate income for them and you.
  6. Mobile marketing is still fairly new but if you enjoy gadgets mobile marketing might be the way for you to contribute to your online communities while building your list and professional reputation. Send a tweet while you are attending an event. Share an announcement that you see at the bookstore, coffee shop or department store. Ask your community if they like a service or product that you are currently considering purchasing and why.
  7. Commitment, practice and consistency are essential to reap the benefits of Internet marketing. Commit a set amount of time to marketing each day. Until you have regular customers, marketing will be a large part of your work as a business owner, whether you prefer to market online or offline. Now is the time for you to start sending, blogging, posting, and submitting.

If you feel this is overwhelming then consult an Internet marketing assistant. Certified professionals, like me, are available and ready to help you implement a basic plan, consult you on the maintenance of your marketing system, or manage your online marketing activities, as you focus on other areas of your business.