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funnel image, sales funnel template

photo by: Yoel Ben-Avraham

All entrepreneurs especially Coaches have to create a sales funnel template to be successful. Coaching is a service business that relies on individuals and businesses contracts for stability. Three, six or annually, these contracts help Coaches work with clients and have time to cultivate new customers. Until a Coach has a large following, a sales funnel template is required to cultivate clients.

A primary struggle Coaches experience is that they promote their program to prospects before cultivating relationships.
Coaches forget the cultivation process required to gain clients consistently is the sales funnel template.

The sales funnel template is how Coaches and all services professionals secure clients. Click To Tweet

To conquer this marketing strategy, the Coaches have to determine their goal. If a Coach wants 5,000 people to purchase their 6-month program, they have to:

  • Prove why it’s worth the cost.
  • keep the prospects engaged for them to open emails and respond to open-ended questions.
  • make an emotional connection so they attend live events for more information about the product.

The next step is choosing the right marketing platforms for engagement and to be seen.

Tools to Create a Profitable Sales Funnel Template

Coaches will have the best results when they choose marketing platforms that will help them effectively address the above three bullet points.

Videos are still the top marketing tool to get quickly noticed. It helps to build the know, like, and trust factors time efficiently.

For the shy Coach videos are still the answer. Tutorial videos have the next second highest views. A Coach can create a video series showing the audience how to realize an objective or experience relief from a small but recurring issue.

Empowering the audience to realize a goal through your videos proves the Coaches value and understanding of the clients’ dreams or frustrations.

Free reports, blog posts and other content marketing materials are also useful, but most of the time Coaches are ready to work with clients now. Videos help get to NOW faster. Snapchat, Periscope, and YouTube give a variety of options to make qualified connections.

Good ‘ole word-of-mouth is also still an excellent marketing method.

If you have a contractual program and want to get the word out fast, consider uploading your product on ClickBank or one of the other platforms. You can review my post on How to Attract Super Affiliates here.

Inviting your current or former clients to promote the product using an affiliate link is another great option. It will keep them engaged, and the best endorsements come from satisfied clients.

Send a link to the affiliates so they can learn about the product. They can decide if they want to share the videos or create personal videos that promote the program. Below is an overview of what your sales funnel template needs to include.

Creating Sales Funnel Template

The sales funnels template takes the customer through a series of marketing materials that answer the above bullet points by stating problems with their solutions. Each solution should raise prospects interest encouraging them to receive the next marketing piece.

Create three or four pieces of content (or videos) that will demonstrate real value. Educated consumers require a demonstration of the professed knowledge.

Each piece should demonstrate value enough to keep the individual engaged to complete the final step.


megaphone image, sales funnel template

photo by: OpenClipart-Vectors

Although this takes time and tweaks to get right, once your sales funnel template has a final version, this process can be duplicated for each program and product created.

The sales funnel template’s process takes about five to six week to roll out so create your sales funnel template while you are verifying the product’s viability. Once all the pieces are created upload them in a marketing campaign to automate the messages. Next mention the sales funnel template at the end of every post (of course, by another name,) to drive traffic daily attracting those 5,000 people.

Electra FordNeed help? Electra Ford is an online marketing strategist. She helps businesses experience increased engagement on social media and helps you get more prospects on the phone. She specializes in online marketing plans that connect entrepreneurs, companies and organizations with their audience to get traffic and make qualified connections. To learn more about implementation click this link to subscribe to Electra’s email list

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super hero image, super affiliatesLearning how to attract super affiliates is one business practice that comes after you start maintaining a steady flow of clients. Super affiliates keep the moment moving in the marketing area of your business while your business activity increases. For new businesses, most of your work is marketing. I have heard some experts advise that 70 to 80% of your business in the beginning is marketing. Once you start working with clients, you have to find other ways to keep your marketing consistent.


As a Coach, your time is divided into three areas (if not more)

  • Working with clients
  • Creating programs
  • Marketing/Networking

In the beginning, you have one or two programs and you are mostly marketing them to new prospects.

However, how do you keep the marketing presence high once you start getting more clients?

Attracting super affiliates is one option

Be aware that this is a time investment project, but the rewards can be worth it.

Consider these strategies when your business is ready to add this method.

Super affiliates generally trust the major affiliate networking companies. Therefore, research the companies listed below to determine which one is best for you. Some of the top affiliate programs are:

  • Click Bank
  • Commission Junction
  • Rakuten Linkshare
  • ShareASale

Having your products listed on one of the major affiliate companies will get you in front of more super affiliates than a private option.

Super Affiliate Individual Terms

The next step in acquiring and keeping super affiliates is to create custom agreements with them for commission rates. For an affiliate that is generating high sales for you, this is a standard practice to keep them engaged.

Invite your former clients to your affiliate program

Word of mouth will always be one of the foundations in marketing for all products and services. For this reason, your satisfied clients will make an excellent resource to recruit and possibly build super affiliates. Click To Tweet

Invite your former and current clients to join your affiliate programs then keep all your affiliates engaged with regular emails and incentives.

In addition, to sending affiliates sample content for articles, social media posts, encourage clients to add their personal testimonials. Sharing their experiences in posts and videos regarding how your coaching helped them is powerful effective marketing.

Remind them to continually to include your programs in their online posts when appropriate. Although it will take additional time, you can offer incentives for a discount to participate in your high-end programs. If they reach a certain amount of sales for your new product launches or to reach monthly sales goals, they can win a spot in one of your VIP services.

These three beginning steps can help you create a healthy affiliate program to keep your marketing momentum going once you start working with clients consistently.


Electra FordElectra Ford is an online marketing strategist. She helps businesses experience increased engagement on social media and helps you get more prospects on the phone. She specializes in online marketing plans that connect entrepreneurs, companies and organizations with their audience to get traffic and make qualified connections. To learn more about implementation click this link to subscribe to Electra’s email list

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A friend asked if I thought she could build her website several months ago. Well, Bluehost finished their video series on how to install WordPress to create an attractive blog making it easier for the do-it-yourself people.

These tutorials to install WordPress are easy to follow and understand. The host of the series sets appropriate expectations explaining which parts of this process will be trial an error for a novice user. He also shares when and why you should consider purchasing a premium WordPress theme.



All over the Internet you can find articles that state it is very easy to create a WordPress site. They just install WordPress and build your site. However, most of the time when someone starts this process, they realize the detailed knowledge required for this process to be simple.

People usually end up searching YouTube, blogs, and forums for answers to the many questions that surface when creating a WordPress site. Now you can watch the series on YouTube and decide if you want to invest the time making this a do-it-yourself project. You might come to the conclusion though watching this series that it will be more time efficient to hire a company to do this work for you.

The video series includes:

  • Suggested on plugins
  • Customization demonstrations
  • Marketing ideas to get traffic

Depending on your computer skills and technical knowledge, you may decide to hire an independent contractor. If you do make this choice, it would still be good to watched these short install WordPress on Bluehost videos, so you have an idea of the work required.

If you decide to do-it-yourself, Bluehost will be a great place to start. You can register your domain name and host your site all in one place. After setting up your account, Bluehost has website builders that enable you to install WordPress with a few clicks or use another application such as Weebly.

Whether you choose WordPress or another tool to build your site, you will have 24 hours support as a Bluehost customer, which is always helpful. I have used Bluehost since I started my online business in 2005, and I have been happy with the customer service and the technical support I’ve received.

I recommend Bluehost and you can start an account at their new discounted price by clicking my affiliate image below.

bluehost affiliate

Electra Ford imageElectra Ford is an online marketing strategist that helps businesses get noticed on the Internet. She specializes in online marketing plans that connect entrepreneurs, companies and organizations with their audience to get traffic to their websites and make qualified connections. To learn more about implementation subscribe to my email list above.

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businessmen shaking hands image, affiliate referral programAffiliate referral programs help companies find its audience and share the benefits of the products and services offered. For effective advertising, entrepreneurs and companies create multiple profiles to be seen on various platforms. This is needed because the standard marketing belief is that the average consumer needs to see your company six to eight times to make a lasting impression.

Accepting this thought can feel very overwhelming.

So how do you promote your products and services using various platforms without using all of your time? Online, the answer is to create an affiliate referral program and let others do this for you.

Setting up an affiliate referral program partnering with super affiliates can magnify your sales. The return on investment of this marketing strategy is tremendous. However, to receive that reward you do have to invest your time creating an excellent opportunity.

How to set up an affiliate referral program? As with everything online you have several options.

You can become a vendor and have a company do the work for you. If you choose this route start by joining one company in the beginning; below are three of the top companies:

  • ClickBank
  • CJ Affiliate
  • Rakuten Marketing

You can also set up an affiliate referral program in your CRM programs or purchase an in-House software. Some companies that have this option are:

  • 1ShoppingCart
  • InfusionSoft
  • Synergyx

Once you choose the company that best fits your needs, the next step is to consider other costs.

Like most marketing activities, affiliate marketing is a time investment project to do well. Therefore, it is important to know how much time you have to work on the tasks included with creating a successful affiliate referral program. If you have only 1 hour for your marketing activities per week, then it is time to hire help. Other costs associated with this marketing strategy for you may be:

  • an affiliate coordinator
  • a graphic designer for image banners if you want to offer these tools to your affiliates
  • Payments to affiliates
  • Bonuses for your super affiliates

You want to pay your affiliates the most you can afford. In addition to the payouts, it is also recommended to give bonuses for your top affiliates to motivate your referral partners.

Sounds like a lot?

Think of it this way. If you offer the right benefits, you can attract some of the best affiliates to your program. I am talking about the people that know how to use the tools you provide and search engine spiders to send referral traffic back to your site that will convert into your consumers. That is a sale you did not have to be present for but did reap its benefits. Some companies have reported a return on investment of 1300% from creating an affiliate referral program for their business.

In order to help your affiliates succeed, provide them with the materials, they will need.

Now here are the time-consuming sections of this strategy.

Writing blog posts, articles, social media posts and providing images that referral partners can use to promote your company. You or the affiliate coordinator is also the motivator for your affiliates. Regularly communications are encouraged with bonuses and new benefits to your programs and services that will help them get traffic to your site. Remember just as you want your contacts on social media to remain engaged on your profiles, you also want an active relationship with your affiliates.

Setting up logistics of the program is next. Choosing the day you will pay affiliates after a sale is completed and providing payments options will take time to organize.

Recruitment efforts will be the following task in establishing your affiliate referral program. If you use one of the companies such as ClickBank, they will advertize your company for affiliates to select your program. If you choose another option, you can start promoting your program to your email list.

As they say, the money is in the list. If you have clients that are happy with your products and services, show them how they can spread the word about your company in a way you both benefit. Satisfied customers are the best promoters because their communication is genuine.

You can also add your affiliate program to a directory. There is a directory for almost everything online. Some of the popular affiliate directories are:

  • Association programs
  • Affiliate Announce
  • Affiliate Tips

As always add your announcement to your website and social media profiles to let others know your program is available. Recruiting is another time investment task because you are aiming for ‘super affiliates’ people that are working daily to get traffic back to your site and for customers to click that link. Remember, making your program enticing to them means creating an attractive program with perks.

An affiliate referral program can boost your sales tremendously, but it does require good effort on your part to create a rewarding opportunity that is truly mutually beneficial.

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GoMobi: Mobile Marketing Service

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Mobile Phone Image for mobile marketing service

Mobile marketing service, GoMobi enables website owners to have a polished presence on mobile browsers. To create mobile sites, use plugins for blogsites, software programs or customized scripts. Mobile devices make it possible for users to search answers, destinations and entertainment.  It is important for website owners to prepare for visitors finding their company on their smartphones or tablets. This post is an overview of one of Bluehost’s site builder applications that support creating professional user friendly sites for mobile marketing.

This mobile marketing service is available to Bluehost account owners. Users can create a mobile website for each of their domains at $2.99 per domain. Website owners can add pertinent information and appealing invitations to engage visitors.

The features of this mobile marketing service allow users to have professional designed pages for mobile browsers making their products and services accessible on the go. This software has popular features:

  • Call us: This mobile marketing service enables users to add their phone numbers so visitors can click to call.
  • Find us: Users can add their business location making it easy for web surfers to get directions.
  • Products and Services: Companies can add their products and services along with their e-commerce accounts so purchasers can buy at their convenience.
  • Create QR codes making it easy for visitors to add their company’s contacts information.
  • Add custom backgrounds and logos to pages using the same color schemes as their main sites.
  • Users can also add video playlists so visitors can quickly learn about the company.
  • Add social media profiles to the site like Facebook, Twitter and Google plus.
  • Add coupons with this mobile marketing service to encourage new visitors to try products and services.

This interface also includes analytics to track performance. Internet marketers track their website’s performance to ensure optimal utility. Site owners can click on the analytics tab monitoring the amount of traffic pages receive on their mobile sites. After the features and analytics are in place, it is time to paste the code into the main site.

Adding the above features to the mobile sites is easy with this mobile marketing service including Adsense. Yes, this mobile marketing service allows users to incorporate their ads to their mobile site. The mobile version of your company’s site can be a user friendly version of your main site providing all of these options.

GoMobi follows Google’s search engine optimization guide for best practices. It creates a sitemap, site structure for navigation and keywords help rank and index the site. Using this mobile marketing service will expand your reach on the Internet while enhancing surfer’s experience.

Bluehost offers two other site builder programs with this mobile marketing service. GoMobi is Bluehost latest partnership empowering customers to optimize their online presence. Visit Bluehost for an overview of how their services can assist businesses to have a professional polished image.  Learn more about this website hosting company and its features by clicking on the word Bluehost in the article. It is a great time to consider Bluehost for website hosting needs as they are offering a New Year’s Day Sale for $3.95/mo, which is over a 50% savings.


Market Samurai Keyword Generator

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This video demonstrates Market Samurai’s keyword research module.

Video Transcript

I have written blog posts explaining why I think Market Samurai is an excellent tool for Internet marketers. Today I am demonstrating its keyword research module. For this example, I am using top WordPress Plugin as my keyword phrase. After launching Market Samurai, I start a new project, type in my keyword phrase that I am going to research and click the tab key to add my keyword to the title text field. Next, I click browse to save it on my hard drive then select create. On the next page of the module I select keyword research.

To the right of the Google Keyword Tool you will see my email address. This means Market Samurai will pull up to 800 keywords and phrases to analyze. I select the minimum phrase length, for this keyword phrase is three and click generate keywords.

619 keyword phrases are generated. Market Samurai enables me to search for keyword phrases that contain specific keywords as well. I type the keyword in the positive keyword text field, click update and the program would filter out any phrases that didn’t include my positive keywords. If I wanted to remove a keyword from this list I would type the word in the negative keywords text field, click update and the program would remove phrases that contained that keyword. I can also add keywords by typing the word in the add keywords text field and click the add keywords button.

For this example, I am going to continue by clicking keyword analysis. On the next page I use the ‘match type field and set it to exact for Market Samurai to give me only the keywords that are typed in the search engines exactly the way they appear in this list. Next I click analyze keywords button for further examination. I now have 9 keyword phrases that are getting traffic in the search engines that I can review.

I am reviewing first the phrase best WordPress. Its results show:

  • SEOT: The column is Search engine optimization traffic and 91 is the number of people that type this keyword phrase into the search engines daily
  • SEOC: This column is the search engine optimization competition and it means there are only 38,300 websites optimized with this keyword phrase. Market Samurai suggests any number 100,000 or less in this column is good. It means your website has a good chance of ranking in the search engines using that keyword phrase.
  • SEOV: This column is the search engine optimization value and it means that advertisers are paying to have their ads indexed under this keyword phrase. Keyword phrases with commercial investments are more valuable.

Reviewing this information there are two keyword phrases that I can use to create a long-tail keyword phrase or use it for a keyword rich title of a blog post. My choices are best WordPress plugin and WordPress SEO plugin.

I want you to notice that the keyword phrase I started with Top WordPress Plugin is not a keyword phrase that is currently receiving much traffic. Its SEOT is 26 when I set the match type to exact and it doesn’t have any commercial value. I see a lot of this with my client’s keyword phrase choices for their website pages and posts. Optimizing my websites Meta tags or blog post tags with my initial choice would not have been as beneficial as using best WordPress Plugins and WordPress SEO plugin.

This is an example of why this keyword module is useful to help your online real-estate have the best opportunity to connect you with your audience, it is important to get your pages and posts indexed in the search engines accurately with keywords that are receiving traffic and Market Samurai can help you achieve this goal.

If you are building an online business I recommend this product to help your create content that will be indexed accurately to reach your audience. To get started click on this link

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Market Samurai ImageThe analysis completed by Market Samurai empowers users to produce valuable content and websites that are indexed in the first page of the search engines. It’s best known for its keyword analysis, but its features make it worth the price. This program can be used to: (Technorati Code: 4R5Q5C2CPBNN)

  • Identify high ranking websites by keywords
  • View content that’s indexed high in the search engines according to their keywords
  • Determine websites probability to get indexed on the first page of the search engines using certain

Market Samurai organizes data in a way that helps Internet business owners develop excellent content, which is a primary factor to reach a high page ranking. This article reviews some of the components to demonstrate its advantages.

Keyword Research

Market Samurai qualifies traffic to websites using keywords. This Internet marketing tool evaluates keywords based on:

  • Search Engine Optimization Traffic (SEOT): number of people typing in those keywords in the search engines
  • Search Engine Optimization Competition (SEOC): number of websites indexed in the search engines under keywords
  • Search Engine Optimization Value (SEOV): amount advertisers are paying for adwords indexed by the keywords

This keyword analysis tool leverages your websites ability to receive quality traffic. Using the right keywords, results to visitors finding your site joining your mailing list or purchasing your products. Google keyword tool categorize according to the competition levels of high, medium and low, but Market Samurai verifies that their data has commercial value enabling users to make better choices for their keyword Meta tags.

SEO Competition

Market Samurai offers an accessible approach for reaching a high page ranking on the search engines. Suggesting you start with keywords that have low competition, the program rates competing websites’ strength. This color-coded data is a quick reference. The redder the chart, the harder it will be to attain a high ranking using that keyword. The greener the chart the easier it will be to reach a higher ranking (better chance to get on the first page of Google). Use this module when deciding your website’s chances of ranking high.

Find Content

This traffic estimator also assists Internet marketers with time management. The software lists content and videos that are currently ranking high by keywords. Users can see the fresh content indexed by those keywords. The program researches the following sites.

  • Article City
  • Constant Content
  • Ezine Articles
  • Flickr Images
  • Go Articles
  • Google Blog Search
  • Google News
  • Scribed Documents
  • Wikipedia
  • Yahoo Answers
  • Yahoo News
  • YouTube Videos

Publish Content

Internet marketers can monitor blog posts traffic using the publishing feature. Users can publish posts to their blogs through this traffic estimator and receive a report on the post’s traffic ranking.


Squidoo and Hubpages encourage linking to related lens and page for SEO backlinks and Market Samurai support this online marketing strategy. In the promotion module, purchasers select from the list for link building for their Squidoo lens and Hub Pages.

These are only some features available through Market Samurai. This Internet marketing tool is highly recommended to create quality content and search engine optimized websites. The software’s assets for SEO backlinks and method to increase websites page rankings support its price of $149.00. To purchase your copy of this software click on the Market Samurai’s image.

Technorati Code: 4R5Q5C2CPBNN

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bluehost Logo ImageBluehost is ranked as one of the best web hosting companies in 2012. Tim Lee of the Arkansas Small Business & Technology Development Center suggested I use this hosting provider because they offered an endless amount of services and it was well worth the money. Seven years later I am still a customer of the company primarily for service and the various ways they are available to their customers. This post shares some information about their services benefits to my business.

Bluehost’s live chat feature is the way all my issues have been solved. They are accessible anytime through live chat or on the phone. Complimentary phone support is rare from tech companies now so this is a premium offering. Ticket submission is also offered using the email support option. Additionally, Bluehost has a forum and video tutorials to address most FAQs.

Customer satisfaction is especially important now when people can post their experiences on the Internet and watch it go viral through social media networks. The same is true for praise. When colleagues boast about a company’s products and services it motivates others to join the conversation. Lately, I’ve noticed virtual assistants (VA) recommending Bluehost mainly for its quality service.

Virtual Assistant Forum Image

This recognition led me to research its position among other web hosting services. PR checker, PRWeb and web hosting’s top ten review lists include Bluehost as one of the best hosting companies for multiple years.  In each review their customer service is noted as its unique selling proposition (USP).

Along with sharing Bluehost’s record for quality service, I am also highlighting one of the services they make available to their clients. Cashie is a commerce web program that assists business owners’ with processing transactions on their websites. Its interface is design friendly and it can link to a PayPal account. There is a 2.5% cost for each sale processed. Cashie is one of the existing simple scripts offered using the Fantastico installer. The commerce WordPress plugin is also on hand.

Cashie Logo ImageCashie is compatible with any website platform. You can create an account to get started at Cashie Commerce. Cashie includes check out pages and the tax rate feature to apply the right percentage to purchases according to customer’s residency. Real time shipping rates using Cashie for United States Postal service, UPS and FedEx are also built-in. After you have an account watch the videos to integrate the tool onto your website. If you are a Bluehost customer and need additional support feel welcome to email, live chat or phone them at 888-401-4678. To learn more about Bluehost click on the company’s image.

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Hay House I Can Do It! Tampa

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I Can Do It! San Diego, CA

 Renew Mind, Body, and Soul at the I Can Do It!
Conference in Tampa November 11-14, 2010 

Hay House invites you to join your favorite authors at the I Can Do It! conference. This is the conference that will change your life! If it’s enlightenment, awareness, and inspiration you want for your mind, body, and spirit, you’ve come to the right place! Click here for complete details

Here’s just a sampling of what you’ll discover at I Can Do It!

  • Living at your highest levels of happiness and success
  • Why we’re not limited by the accepted laws of physics and biology
  • Ways to balance health, fitness, and nutrition
  • Regression into past lives to deal with current issues
  • Updates on sexuality, hormone therapy, and living longer with vitality
  • Communicating with your loved ones on the Other Side
  • What to expect when we close the Great World Age in 2012 – and how that knowledge can help you today  
  • Help from your angels with physical and emotional healing

The I Can Do It! conference supports you on your journey of personal growth and enlightenment, whether you stay for the entire weekend or just a single workshop. You’ll delight in the interactive sessions with the authors, as well as the personal book-signing sessions. Let your soul get the nourishment it needs at the I Can Do It! conference and live your spirit!
Featured Hay House Authors: Louise L. Hay, Marianne Williamson, Marcelle Pick, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, Sonia Choquette, Dan Caro, Denise Linn, Gregg Braden, Robert Ohotto, Colette Baron-Reid, Alisa Vitti, Dr. Christiane Northrup, Caroline Myss, Thomas Moore, Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D., Gary R. Renard, Cheryl Richardson, Robert Thurman, Loretta LaRoche, Lisa Williams, Deborah King, John Holland, Robert Holden, Ph.D., Brian L. Weiss, M.D., Eldon Taylor, Marci Shimoff, Mona Lisa Schulz, M.D., Ph.D., Jean Haner, and Sharon Salzberg

Register Now - I Can Do It! Tampa, FL 

Full Conference Pass – Preferred and general seating options.
Includes Friday evening keynote, all day Saturday, all day Sunday,
and discounts to preconference events.  

Thursday Evening Pass – Features world-famous mediums, intuitives, and bestselling authors Lisa Williams, John Holland, and Colette Baron-Reid together! The Thursday keynote is discounted 25% with the purchase of a full conference pass. 

Friday Preconference Pass – Features your choice of all-day workshops: Caroline Myss, Marci Shimoff, John Holland and Lisa Williams, Brian Weiss, M.D., or Eldon Taylor. The Friday workshops are discounted 25% with the purchase of a full conference pass. 

Friday Keynote Pass – Features Dr. Wayne W. Dyer and Dan Caro! 

Saturday All-Day Pass – Features welcome by Louise Hay and keynotes by Marianne Williamson, Brian Weiss, M.D., and Christiane Northrup, M.D. AND your choice of workshops. 

Sunday All-Day Pass – Features keynotes by Bruce Lipton, Ph.D. and Gregg Braden AND your choice of workshops.  


CLICK HERE for complete details and to register online.
The I Can Do It! conference events are held at
the Tampa Convention Center November 11-14, 2010.
Don’t miss this highly recommended and unforgettable experience!


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Michael Neill SuperCoach

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One of my favorite Internet radio shows is Michael Neill’s SuperCoach on Hay House Radio. I like Michael’s suggestions because he simplifies problems so they don’t feel like problems anymore. Below is a video of Michael explaining the reasons people are blocked from attaining their goals and how to eliminate these blocks. I hope you enjoy the video.

If you are seeking ways to remove blocks to reach your goals click on Genius Catalyst for some ideas. I also recommend Hay House Radio for inspiration and advice that may help you dissolve perceptible problems.

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