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A friend asked if I thought she could build her website several months ago. Well, Bluehost finished their video series on how to install WordPress to create an attractive blog making it easier for the do-it-yourself people.

These tutorials to install WordPress are easy to follow and understand. The host of the series sets appropriate expectations explaining which parts of this process will be trial an error for a novice user. He also shares when and why you should consider purchasing a premium WordPress theme.



All over the Internet you can find articles that state it is very easy to create a WordPress site. They just install WordPress and build your site. However, most of the time when someone starts this process, they realize the detailed knowledge required for this process to be simple.

People usually end up searching YouTube, blogs, and forums for answers to the many questions that surface when creating a WordPress site. Now you can watch the series on YouTube and decide if you want to invest the time making this a do-it-yourself project. You might come to the conclusion though watching this series that it will be more time efficient to hire a company to do this work for you.

The video series includes:

  • Suggested on plugins
  • Customization demonstrations
  • Marketing ideas to get traffic

Depending on your computer skills and technical knowledge, you may decide to hire an independent contractor. If you do make this choice, it would still be good to watched these short install WordPress on Bluehost videos, so you have an idea of the work required.

If you decide to do-it-yourself, Bluehost will be a great place to start. You can register your domain name and host your site all in one place. After setting up your account, Bluehost has website builders that enable you to install WordPress with a few clicks or use another application such as Weebly.

Whether you choose WordPress or another tool to build your site, you will have 24 hours support as a Bluehost customer, which is always helpful. I have used Bluehost since I started my online business in 2005, and I have been happy with the customer service and the technical support I’ve received.

I recommend Bluehost and you can start an account at their new discounted price by clicking my affiliate image below.

bluehost affiliate

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