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Coaches (and all entrepreneurs) build their reputations and income using several sources. From volunteering time to monetizing content, Coaches core activities are to get them in front of potential clients and generate income. An article marketing strategy can be used to accomplish both objectives.

Article Marketing Sites that Pay

One way to monetize your content is by writing articles for sites that pay. Right now, the content that attracts highly targeted traffic is:

  • Videos
  • Visual content (particularly on social media)
  • Original content

All websites that want to increase or maintain qualified traffic finding their sites have to post unique content continuously. Their article marketing strategy is to hire others to write unique content for their sites.

This can sound like another assignment that is added to an already LONG task list for Coaches starting a business. However, for coaches and entrepreneurs seeking to increase their income, writing articles for sites is an opportunity.(Retweet This)

This article marketing strategy gives coaches the chance to get their content read, strengthen their reputations with their colleagues and receive immediate payment for their efforts.

Contributors can receive $100 and more for each article accepted. There are lists of article sites that pay depending on your field. This article marketing strategy is a great opportunity to get paid for writing and drive traffic back to their site.

LinkedIn Pulse Publishing

Another strategy to reach a broader audience is to publish on LinkedIn. There are approximately 400 million users on this platform. Publishing posts on LinkedIn’s Pulse give coaches potential access to millions of people.

A coach’s content can gain traffic faster on this network. The professional’s number of readers and exposure increase particularly when followers like, comment, and share posts.

I know again you’re thinking,“more writing.” No.

LinkedIn’s Pulse allows you to repurpose blog content on the site. Sharing your content is a vital online marketing practice to, get in front of qualified traffic. LinkedIn is helping professionals apply this content marketing strategy successfully.

After coaches create their content, they need to share it on as many platforms as possible. LinkedIn’s Pulse enables coaches to perform this article marketing strategy of sharing content with a large audience. The added benefit of this platform is that coaches know already, these readers are interested because they are followers.

Guest Blogger Strategy

The next article marketing strategy Coaches can use to get recognition is posting on related blogs. Social Media Examiner, Rewire, Huffington Post and Basic Blog Tips all have professionals post original content every day. These contributors help the sites continue their reputation for original content that is useful. In return, the guest blogger gains recognition and sometime link-building back to their site.

Marketing requires coaches to have staying power. It will take them time to upload articles on popular platforms using these methods that yield the best results. Coaches need to present their content to large audiences to find prospects that want and need their services.

Posting on related popular blogs gets coaches in front of qualified traffic. Coaches that express their personality and knowledge in their articles can convert site visitors into subscribers.

Although the article marketing strategy continues to evolve, coaches can use these activities to build brand awareness and income.

Electra Ford is an online marketing strategist that helps businesses get noticed on the Internet. She specializes in online marketing plans that connect entrepreneurs, companies and organizations with their audience to get traffic to their websites and make qualified connections. To learn more about implementation subscribe to my email list above.

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writing article image, how to generate website trafficArticle marketing is still a beneficial tool to generate website traffic. Since it has decreased from its peaked position for search engine rankings, it is important to know how to use this Internet marketing strategy effectively.
Changing with the times, article directory reviewers scrutinize submissions more now. Today, your one article will be approved for a maximum of 3 to 4 directories. Most sites are looking to share quality unique content and article spinning is no longer an option.

Compelling Heading to Generate Website Traffic

Now that the focus of the articles is to generate website traffic, you can concentrate on providing value and engaging. Writing a compelling heading that will stimulate an emotional reaction is an important part to be successful in article marketing. Article directories are not helpful for SEO like before, so it is important to get people’s attention through the title to generate website traffic.

Article Content to Increase Site Traffic

As mentioned above, it is not recommended that you write for SEO for your articles but you can write to connect. In this high tech low-touch society, people make many connections through their words online. I have found myself using Seth Godin’s quote quite often because it says it all regarding writing content.

Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.
Seth Godin

Your article is to:

  • enlighten
  • Inform
  • relieve with humor
  • understand with compassion.

Writing this way draws a person into reading the entire article. The longer they read your article, the more likely they will click a link to generate more website traffic to your site.
Once you have their attention, you can then guide them. The article is to generate website traffic, and when that happens, it is your web copy’s responsibility to convert that visitor into an action – subscribe, purchase a product or service. Your web copy is to get them to DO something.

Resource Box

The resource box is what you use to guide the reader. Use this area to:

  • Send people to a post under the same category on your site
  • Include your social media profile if you do not have a website or blog
  • Write a short bio. Remember the goal is to direct them back to your site
  • Articles are one way to build your credibility online so make sure you are writing information or advice you KNOW to be true

Writing your articles this way will help generate website traffic and strengthen your online reputation. This is especially useful for new sites. In the beginning, you are building your expert status, and you want to get noticed. Uploading your content consistently to as many platforms that your audience spends their time is the way to get recognized.
Once your name is synonymous, with a keyword that generates website traffic, such as Fabienne Fredrickson is known for ‘client attraction’ or Jeff Walker for ‘product launch’, you can then scale your marketing back maintaining your position on high traffic platforms.

Electra Ford imageElectra Ford is an online marketing strategist that helps businesses get noticed on the Internet. She specializes in online marketing plans that connect entrepreneurs, companies and organizations with their audience to get traffic to their websites and make qualified connections. To learn more about implementation subscribe to my email list above.

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content marketing bulhornChange happening is something we can all feel secure about, and this is also true for online marketing approaches. An example of this is the new term – content marketing strategy. This phrase has been around a couple of years and is being used to identify online marketing activities from blog posting, eNewsletters and video marketing.

In addition to terminology changes, there are also changes in the activities such as the article marketing tactic. I will show you the subtle differences in the way article marketing was used compared to its uses now.

Although article marketing has had its share of changes, there are two constants.

  • Article marketing is a passive strategy that grows with time and consistency.
  • High-quality content is required


Past Use of Article Marketing Present Use of Article Marketing
  • Article marketing was used for backlinks mostly (Although you can get a backlink/inbound link from the article directories, it is not the primary use now.
  • Article marketing is mostly used now to drive traffic to your website and establish yourself as an expert
  • Use the bio section to direct viewers to your website.
  • Include a link that will take them to a similar blog posts to keep their interest. The longer they stay on your site, the better it is for your web page ranking.
  • Articles used to be approved faster/easier
  • Articles are now reviewed for quality and originality
  • Articles were highly spammed with keywords
  • Keywords are valuable, but articles will be approved based on relevance and value they provide to their audience
  • Article spinning was used as an action to re-word your blog posts that you submitted to the article directories
  • Identified article spinning may hurt your website instead of strengthening your position online now.
  • Article software programs used to upload to 20 or more article directories
  • It is better if you submit your original work to the directories and limit your submissions between 5 to 10 directories.
  • Submitted articles about anything, sometimes non-related to the category listed.
  • Submit articles only to article directories that list your categories or industry to connect with targeted traffic.
  • *Bonus: Articles always had a word minimum and maximum, but it is also valuable to be aware that your blog post should also have a minimum of 400 words
  • The recommendation for articles is that they are between 400 and 1500 words for some directories.


Article marketing is a strategy of content marketing because it connects you with your audience assisting you in building your brand. The more platforms you have a profile and upload your content, the faster you are considered an expert in your field. People begin to use your website and online profiles as a resource.

I know this to be true for me because I use several blogs as a reference including Social Media Examiner and Basic Blog Tips.

If you choose to implement article marketing in your content marketing strategy to build your brand and increase traffic to your website, understand this is a passive activity.

  • It is best to submit your quality articles to no more than 5 or 10 sites.
  • After 60 days begin to track their performance.
  • They will help build your professional online presence in the search engines by bringing up your profiles when someone searches your name or company.
  • You can also monitor your referral sites so you know which directories are bringing you traffic.

If they are not providing these results after 90 to 120 days, consider changing the article directories you are using.

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article marketing strategy, images of a typerwriterArticle marketing is one component of effective online marketing. It is great for new websites to use for strengthening their search engine ranking while building credibility. Quality content distributed on the article directories will promote you as an expert and expand your reach on the Internet. This strategy has several benefits that I will highlight to maximize your online presence.

Quality backlinks in the article marketing strategy

An article marketing strategy raises your search engine ranking with link-building. Link-building is an online recommendation. The more backlinks your website has, the stronger your site’s Internet presence. This means other sites are duplicating your content or referencing your website on their pages. Each time a webpage links to a page or your website it strengthens your website meaning it moves your website up to a higher page in the search engines. The faster your website moves up; the more visitors can find you on the Internet.

Strengthen your SEO with the article marketing strategy

Article marketing strategy strengthens your website position when you successfully use search engine optimization (SEO). The keywords that you use to describe your products and services on your website need to also be in your articles. Using these category keywords will get your content indexed under these keywords in the search engines. The more content you have indexed under these keywords or keyword phrases in the search engines, the more traffic will find your website or profiles when they type in those keywords. Content gets you to the number one page on the search engines. Quality content is king when it is created strategically.

Acquire expert status in your industry

Building an expert status happens on the Internet when others reference your articles. When you post your content to article directories, they allow reprints of your content. The more your content is duplicated or linked to, the higher your website pages will rank on the search engine pages. As you promote your live articles on your social network profiles, you are developing your brand.

The article marketing strategy builds on itself like all online marketing approaches. Once your quality content recognition grows, it is best to include a link to a particular page of your website in your bio area. Visitors that reprint, your articles on their site, will want to know more. This link to a specific page with more information on your article’s topic will direct this traffic back to your website. The general practice is to attach a link to a specific page where you can give your visitors more information on a specific topic or send them to call to action page on your website. Always remember to direct your visitors to more of what they are reading or interested in learning on your website. This step increases your website traffic.

Another reason it is important to include a link always back to your website is to attract new customers. Whether your objective in an article is to get interested individuals to come to your site about a topic or for you to tell them about the benefits of your services, the way to accomplish these objectives is to provide a link to article marketing, person with a pen and padredirect visitors back to your website. Once you get them to your website, it is your pages content job to keep them there and lead them to subscribe to your newsletter or fill out your contact page.

Article marketing is a free tool

One of the main reasons article marketing is still alive and will remain so in the foreseeable future is because it is a free marketing tool that does provide results. When you are a new business owner, you want to see every dollar bring a return. For new entrepreneurs that have time but not a large marketing budget, you can write quality content that others will use as a reference. Your time investment will come back as amplified FREE publicity. Also, it is a way to get your valuable knowledge out to those seeking this information while simultaneously expanding your reach online.

Your marketing activities need to cover several media online to achieve your aspirations and article marketing is a beneficial tool. As a new entrepreneur with a new website, it is important to building your content on your website and online. Article marketing helps you establish your brand through the useful content. Adding links from your website in your article bio areas will encourage more website traffic when your content helps others reach their desired objective. In addition to launching your expert status, the links from the article directories back to your website will increase your website’s rank in the search engines. Consistent posting of your content in concert with using other marketing activities will have your new website ranking in the search engines within ten months or less. Your article marketing strategy will help you start your online business effectively.

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Some article marketing sites and online businesses that use article marketing are adjusting to Google’s latest algorithm changes.  Particularly Ezine Articles and Article Base are making several changes in the way they approve articles. Google’s intention regarding their changes is to support web searches to locate quality sites they want and diminish the amount of useless sites they were finding through what is commonly known as “content farms.”  In this week’s post I’m suggesting several changes and ideas for you to continue using article marketing successfully as a backlink to your site.

The last time I talked about article marketing I informed you that Ezine Articles implemented a WordPress plugin. Well, scratch that; Ezine Articles is discontinuing their plugin. They are also cracking down on the use of repetitive keywords and keyword phrases used in the articles they approve. EzineArticles and Article Base are also increasing their minimum word count to 400 and 350 respectively. Please note for your business blog it is good to use keywords in your posts genuinely but when writing for Ezine Articles now less is better to get your article approved on the site. Here you can read their other changes on Ezine Article’s Blog and at Article Base.

Although some article marketing directories are changing their guidelines to address decreases or potential decreases in traffic, other article marketing directories I use are not implementing changes as a response to Google’s latest action. For example, Idea Marketers operated by Marnie Pehrson says they are seeing an increase since Google adjusted its algorithm. Marnie’s position is quality content is still king. As long as you have quality content on your site the algorithm will not affect your traffic negatively. She also explains that she thinks it helps that Idea Marketers encourages writers “to embed YouTube videos and audios into their articles!”

Remember that you have several options regarding article marketing and the changes can be a benefit to you. Earlier when I mentioned it is good to use keywords throughout your blog posts I strengthened the word genuinely because it is important. Don’t just add keywords to every paragraph thinking that’s good SEO; keywords have to be used authentically. Write your article first for the audience – what your audience can honestly benefit from then go back and add keywords when their placement purposefully serves the content. I recently watched Maya Angelou on TV and she said “words are things.”  So remember that “words are things” and use them meaningfully. Another way to keep your site with useful content is to use your RSS feed as a newsfeed on your site. Re-posting blogs and articles from other authors (excluding guest posts) is another way to decrease your site’s value on Google.

Your other article marketing resources are Hub Pages, Squidoo Lens and Associated Content from Yahoo. Original content on Hub Pages and Squidoo Lens sites receive higher rankings and you can attract a following on these sites. People can share your articles on the social networks, comment, and rate your content’s usefulness.

The last thing regarding article marketing and content that I want to share with you is to consider using a category of keywords for your programs and products. After you identify the main keywords for your site also consider related keywords that describe your products and programs. Use category keywords for your article marketing to share useful knowledge and indirectly promote your products and programs. In the resource box of the article marketing site include the link to that product and program with an invitation to learn more about the topic by visiting that page on your site. Go forth now and be successful in your article marketing activities.

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Article Marketing for Success

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Article marketing, like all marketing tools, requires specific knowledge to be effective. Last time I shared how to get started with article marketing; in this post we will get more specific to help you use the online marketing tool efficiently to see greater results. To start, I suggest that your articles relate to your online business. I know with so many online resources and gadgets becoming available it is easy to get caught up in the latest offering, but in order for article marketing to be successful, your articles must engage your target audience and lead them back to your website.

Title Creation: It is best to create a catchy and keyword-rich title. Some ways to help you create these types of titles are:

  • Use the Google Keyword Tool. Type in a three or four keyword phrase (long-tail phrases) and check which words and phrases are producing the most traffic. You will be most successful selecting the phrases that have medium and low competition. High competition means that these phrases are used a lot and it’s going to be harder to get your article ranked high in the search engines.
  • EzineArticles Title Suggestion Tool.  If you submit articles on Ezine Articles and need some ideas, they created a title suggestion tool to help you write articles. To use this free tool login to your account, click on Author Tools, and scroll down the options to Title Suggestion Tool.

Writing Process:

  • Develop the habit of writing an article within a specific word count of 450-500. This is the standard amount. If you write more you will most likely have to edit your article to fit the directory submission requirements.
  • Write your article for your audience, and then go back to add your keyword phrases where appropriate so it makes sense to the reader and for the search engine indexes. Also, read the requirements of the directories carefully to remain compliant regarding use of keywords and titles.
  • Write the end of your article in a way that implies to the reader they can learn more about this topic on your website. Include an encouragement to visit your site for more details on the subject of your article or specialty in the Resource Box provided by the article directory.


  • After you determine the amount of time you have for your article marketing, create one or more articles weekly. I suggest you start with one per week and increase as time permits.
  • If your original article is longer than the required word count post it on your website or blog then revise it and submit the revision to the article directories. The article directories like to confirm that you are the author of the articles you submit and having the original on your site is an easy way to confirm ownership. It is also great to guide the readers of your articles to get more information by visiting your site.
  • EzineArticles created a WordPress plugin that allows you to submit your posts directly to them. It’s an easy way to submit your articles and validate authenticity.

Track Success:

  • After 30-60 days, review your web analytic stats to see which article directories are referring traffic back to your website. Applying these suggestions on a regular basis will increase your article marketing success.
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Article marketing provides numerous benefits for an online business. The most popular benefits are link popularity, to build an expert reputation, and to increase website traffic. However, to be successful in your efforts it is best to have a strategy to use. Below is a strategy to help you start adding this activity to your marketing plan. 

Article Subjects: For some, article marketing can be taxing in the beginning. Use these simple steps to ease your burden. 

  • Schedule your articles: Use your service list to decide the article topics. Part of article marketing’s purpose is to build your reputation as an expert in your industry. For this reason it is important to write the article on the services you provide so people get a better understanding of your knowledge and expertise.  Pick three or four of your services per month and schedule articles to submit each week.
  • Share a ‘how to’ tip that your audience will find useful.

Create Keyword Rich Titles: Use a program like Google keywords or wordtracker to create a title that appropriately describes the content and that search engines will rank high. 

Validate authenticity: To support legitimate links back to your site, post the articles that you submit on your website. If you have a blog, post your articles on your blog so article directories and search engines can confirm it is your article. Another option is to add an article directory’s widget on your site to show ownership.  It is important to realize that your article may be copied on other sites without your knowledge but if you have it connected to your website it confirms your author ownership. 

SEO Considerations: Read the instructions for each article directory because some directories do not allow you to use SEO strategies such as including the title of the article in the content or adding links in the content. However, for articles that are on your blog or other pages you can use these techniques to optimize your pages. 

Increase traffic: Article directory sites are excellent sources for referral traffic. The more articles you have on the Internet the more traffic you can direct to your site. Visitors research various topics through article directories. When they read an article that answers their questions specifically or enlightens them they are likely to visit the author’s bio/resource box. If you have included your website in your resource box or your Facebook fan page more people will link back to your site or profile to find out more about your work. (For other information to include click on resource box.) 

Use these guidelines when you start or want to evaluate your current article marketing strategy. This is an easy way to make the most out of this user -friendly marketing tool. Here are some directories to get you started.

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Link building is an important part of your Internet marketing strategy to increase your visibility because it helps to increase your page rankings in the search engines. The more legitimate backlinks you have to your site the higher your page will rank in the search engines. Link building also helps you with your relationship marketing. The more people that link back to your website the higher your opportunity to convert a visitor into a new subscriber or client. The following are a few suggestions on how to start building your link popularity on the Internet.

Social Media: Your social networking profiles are the easiest way to start building links for your site. After your site is live let people know you are there with social networking. Create profiles on the major social networking sites first – LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Add your website to your profile section so people will see it when they view your profile. Facebook also gives you the additional option of creating a Facebook fan page for your business. In your profile/info area, add your site and keywords that people might use to find your site.

Directories: DMOZ is one of the popular online directories. Once your site is up, submit your URL to this site. Although it may take DMOZ several months to list you, this is an important directory list with. Next search for directories in your industry; there are pet directories, health professional directories, etc. Search these directories and submit your site to help get your business name known.

Forums: Adding your site address to your signature line when you post on forums gives readers an opportunity to learn more about you as well as gives you the opportunity to create backlinks. My advice is only post on forums where you actually have an interest in the discussions.

Blog Comments and Submissions: Blog link building is similar to posting on forums. Only post to blogs when you have a genuine interest in the topic. If not, when the blogger reads your post they will label it as trash/spam. Some bloggers have added the ‘DoFollowBlog’ plugin for loyal readers to receive a backlink. You can also submit your blog to directories such as Technorati and Blog Explosion.

Article Submissions: Article marketing is another important part of an Internet marketing plan. For each article directory that you sign up to use remember to add the following in your resource box:

  • Name, Company Name
  • Site Address
  • Free Offer/ Call to Action

The purposes for link building are to

  • increase your visibility
  • increase page ranking in the search engines
  • support your relationship marketing interactions

Use the above strategies and after 60 days go to Google or Yahoo to monitor your backlinks. This video gives you directions on how to view your backlinks.

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Internet marketing can be used to engage your connections, followers and subscribers, while building relationships and converting them to networking partners or clients. It can also introduce new people to your business through having a high page ranking on the search engines, and link with other websites to reach people that are interested in your professional skills. Below are some suggestions on how to use these marketing tools to develop a marketing system that is efficient and produces your desired results.

  1. Email marketing is a great way to introduce your business, share your professional knowledge, and invite subscribers to interact with you by starting a contest, by offering them an opportunity to send in a photo or video that you will promote in your next newsletter.
  2. Social media marketing offers you a way to share your newsletter with a larger audience; your connections, friends and followers by sharing your knowledge while building your list. Using social media web programs, such as tweetmeme provides another opportunity to contribute to an ongoing conversation related to your subject.
  3. Article Marketing helps to build your reputation and attract more traffic to your website by writing an article and submitting it to various marketing directories. This link building activity is an effective way to build your SEO as well. Most importantly people will read your articles and visit your website to learn more about your services.
  4. Business blogging is another Internet marketing tool to contribute to your online communities by sharing professional knowledge, affiliate information, and benefits of your services. Inviting readers to interact by commenting on your post is another stream of building relationships through network ventures or prospect interaction. Syndicating your blog is another way of reaching more people. Since your blog information is updated regularly some business owners now use blogs as their online store front, which helps with search engine optimization.
  5. Affiliate marketing can become an additional income stream for you in two ways. One way is by joining an affiliate program that resonates with you and inviting your subscribers to check it out on your blog with a banner ad can mean a percentage of a sale if your subscribers purchase a product or service. Bloggers recommend that you post two to three times per week. One way to reach that blog post minimum easier is to write a post dedicated to your affiliates. Share the companies’ services, why they are the best to use and direct them to click on the banner ad on your website for further details. You can also create an affiliate program for your products and services. Sales closed through an affiliate’s lead can generate income for them and you.
  6. Mobile marketing is still fairly new but if you enjoy gadgets mobile marketing might be the way for you to contribute to your online communities while building your list and professional reputation. Send a tweet while you are attending an event. Share an announcement that you see at the bookstore, coffee shop or department store. Ask your community if they like a service or product that you are currently considering purchasing and why.
  7. Commitment, practice and consistency are essential to reap the benefits of Internet marketing. Commit a set amount of time to marketing each day. Until you have regular customers, marketing will be a large part of your work as a business owner, whether you prefer to market online or offline. Now is the time for you to start sending, blogging, posting, and submitting.

If you feel this is overwhelming then consult an Internet marketing assistant. Certified professionals, like me, are available and ready to help you implement a basic plan, consult you on the maintenance of your marketing system, or manage your online marketing activities, as you focus on other areas of your business.