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email image, average open rate for email blastsAll industries that use Internet marketing express, “the money is in your list.” In order for this to be true your subscribers have to open your email blasts. Although there are no “one fits all” email templates for the average newsletter, there are some best practices you can implement.

First, keep in mind that the purpose of most email blasts is to:

  • Give valuable information
  • Build a trusting and engaging relationship
  • Inspire the subscriber to take the next action

To reach these objectives, subscribers have to open their newsletters. Today, we focus on how to increase the average open rate for email blasts. We will start with the standard practices then filter to more specific structures of the emails.

The best practices to improve your open rate are that:

  • email blasts with a maximum of 20 lines when you are sharing information are opened more
  • 3 images or less are plenty
  • use 1 column email design templates for better visibility (according to Constant Contacts’ data)


Now let’s get more specific on how to increase open rates of email marketing


  • Work at creating compelling headings that will entice people to open it. On average, you want them to say “Really?! Let me click and read this.”
  • Write to the point (remember you are aiming for 20 lines of text most of the time).
  • Give value they can use


Personalize to improve your average open rate for email blasts


  • Your building relationships so write as if you are having a conversation with a friend
  • According to industry standards, the open rate increases when you have a maximum of 3 articles
  • Guide them to another action

Use these steps as your beginning template on how to structure your newsletters to increase your average open rate for email blasts.

How to get readers to take action?

When inviting your subscribers to try new products or services, use software tools for determining which format inspires your audience to open your email blasts. I explained in an earlier post the best converting pages include videos. When you are ready for your subscribers to make a purchase try different designs to see which one(s) appeal to your audience. Using your email program’s split a/b tool will help your track performance.

Once you make that first sale from your list, you will clearly see the value of your subscribers. These strategies will help you increase your email blasts average open rate. Remember, there is money in your list but only when you know how to increase the open rate of your email marketing.


Electra Ford imageElectra Ford is an online marketing strategist that helps business get noticed on the Internet. She specializes in online marketing plans that connect entrepreneurs, companies and organizations with their audience to get traffic to their websites and make qualified connections. To learn more about implementation subscribe to my email list above.

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email image, building an email listMost small business owners have learned about using social media marketing to increase awareness about their businesses. Some business owners have also heard the money is in your list so they have an email list. Since this information is becoming standard when it comes to an online marketing plan the next questions is:

Are you building an email list using a social media strategy?

If you are not doing this, it is time to start doing it now. Facebook and most email software programs have been providing the opportunity to convert Facebook ‘likes’ into subscribers. However, with time comes progress, and now Twitter Ads also gives your followers an opportunity to join your list with just one click.

Social Media Strategy on How to Build an Email List

The first part of implementing this plan is technical. You will start by adding your email provider’s webform associated with your list to your social media profile. Some email provider’s that have integration with Facebook are:

  • AWeber
  • Constant Contact
  • Infusionsoft
  • MailChimp
  • Vertical Response

You will follow the software program’s instructions on how to create the webform then follow their instructions on how to add it to your Facebook page tab. You may also need to use an app on Facebook to paste the code into an app’s text field. One popular app that you can use is WooBox Custom Tab. This app enables you to paste the webform codes so visitors can sign up right there from your page. If you have the option, name your Facebook Tab so the visitors will know they are signing up to be on your list.

Social Media Strategy Content

After the technical parts are implemented, the next step is creating eye catching and engaging content. Content creation is the time-consuming portion. Some ways to engage your audience is to:

  • Post infographics that people can share
  • If your company has promotions or raffles post them on your Facebook page so visitors can participate
  • Post information people can use independently then ask if your audience has a different method they use to encourage a conversation.
  • Purchase social media ads on Facebook and Twitter to get more visibility and referral traffic to your website
  • Pay attention to the days you post to see what days you get the most responses from your audience
  • Respond to visitors
  • Invite visitors to your list once a week.
  • The more information you give clients to share quickly, the more their contacts will see your content.

Each month, review the referral traffic from your social media to see your content’s progress.

The most important thing to remember using social media for building an email list is that this is a time-consuming process. I remember a client told me they wanted to post their social media content. The next week she said she had been on social media for nine hours in one weekend.

There is a learning curve to figure out what your audience responds to and what days and times are the best to post your content. Once you know this information, your social media contacts will grow and so will your email list.

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Why Use Email Marketing?

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After providing a service to a new client or meeting someone that is interested in your services, how do you continue to engage them? How do you inform them of new services that are available? If you said direct mailing my next question is how effective are your direct mailing campaigns? How do you track their return on investment? If you do not have systems in place to answer these questions then read this post.

Email Marketing Software

Email marketing provides the opportunity to remain in the front of your client’s and prospects minds. I recommend choosing an email program that includes:

  • metrics to monitor when subscribers open an email or click a link to make a purchase
  • social network integration to add your newsletters and announcements to your social network profiles
  • and mobile marketing integration so your subscribers can read messages on their mobile devices.

Some companies to consider are icontact, mailchimp, Constant Contact and Aweber.

What to send newsletter subscribers?

Send emails that educate or provide valuable industry information that serves your subscribers. For instance:

  • Insurance agents can send updates that will affect their local clients
  • Restaurants can share recipes and send announcements of special menu items that are available for a limited time.
  • Professionals can send how-to instructions to complete a task like implementing a ten minute a day exercise routine that boosts energy while supporting weight loss goals.

What to look for in your reports?

As mentioned earlier, email marketing also enables you to track how many subscribers are opening your broadcasts. This software reports the amount of emails opened, clicks on a link and tracks the conversions of your call to action requests. Knowing how many emails are opened gives you insight in what information is useful to your clients and prospects. The more you know about their interests the better service you can provide. Use this data to segment subscribers and cater to their specific needs.

Social media and mobile marketing integration expands your ability to keep in touch. Software capable to deliver your emails to mobile devices and on the social networks is a current online marketing trend. More than 82% of people now read their emails on their Smartphone’s so it is valuable to use multimedia platforms to market effectively and efficiently. Newsletter subscribers will be unable to read their emails conveniently if the software program does not incorporate this integration.

Email marketing gives businesses a streamlined approach to strengthening their brands, building customer loyalty while demonstrating their value to prospects. Now is the time to add an email marketing campaign to your online marketing strategy.

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In my last post I requested feedback from my subscribers and I appreciate their responses (see two below). This week I reviewed my email marketing statistics and between the responses and the analysis information I felt inspired to share tips on how to engage and use this analytical information to convert subscribers into clients.

Each month I recommend you review your email marketing statistics. Most email marketing companies provide this information but in case they don’t you can add a tracking URL to your email marketing by visiting the Google URL builder tool website then follow the instructions. Once you have a way to track the open rates of your emails it’s time to evaluate this data. How many of your emails are opened by all of your subscribers, shared by your subscribers, or not opened at all? It is possible that some emails touch the right emotion or need at the right time and the email will go viral, meaning it will be shared and forwarded to others.  Pay attention to your open rates; they let you know what information is useful and beneficial to your readers.

From this information you can interact with your subscribers by inviting them to select which emails they want to receive. For example, if you have two areas of service that you share knowledge about then you can offer your subscribers the opportunity to receive all your emails or emails from one area. This action nurtures your relationships and increases your opportunities to convert your subscribers into clients. It shows that you are interested in what they need; you respect their time and only want to contact them when you have something of value to say to them. Your subscribers are your human connection to your market – they show you the best ways for you to market your services.                                     


Thursday, August 19th, I will post the second video of my new video series. If you missed the first video click on the title to view it. Five (5) Steps to Maximize Your Online Presence Video 1.

Read what others have said…..

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Constant Contact, an email marketing company is now helping their customers manage their social media interactions. Watch the video for details on how this merger will simplify customers email marketing and social media marketing activities.

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There are numerous Internet marketing tools available. Having a business online means it is important for you to use the right tools for your business and use them consistently. Below is a guest post from Kaycie Marler on how she uses three Internet Marketing tools that work for her business.

In starting my business I was unsure about on-line marketing tools and how they would help me reach more people. A friend introduced me to a newsletter marketing service and I found that I really enjoyed using my creative skills to create newsletters for my customers. I started with about 60 email contacts and over a year it has grown to around 150.

The e-newsletter service I use allows me to manage my contacts, create my own newsletters using their templates which make it very easy, and track how many ‘reads’ I am getting. Feedback from readers has spurred me along in continuing the newsletter on a monthly basis as they find the information inspirational and informative.

Over this year the newsletter format has changed and continues to change as new ideas and inspirations arise. But, one consistent thing that became apparent was to keep it relatively short and have photos or graphics to grab people’s attention. With people receiving so many emails it is my intention to offer them something that they feel adds to their lives. And, I noticed when I receive a marketing email if it is a long newsletter with mostly verbiage and little, if any, graphics I tend to not read it. Using my own photography in my newsletter is important to me so I greatly appreciate that I am able to do this with the marketing service that I use. Since I have very little time to create the newsletter having the system be easy to use is a top priority for me.

Another marketing tool I have used is the website. I enjoy this tool as it allows me to reach out to others in the community and around the world. By offering a free monthly service through Meetup it allows me to connect with interested members and direct them to other services offered through my website; currently there are 83 members in my meetup group.

One of the earliest business tools I took advantage of was establishing a website. Not being a programmer and not having the time to learn how to write the code for the site I was interested in a web host that would provide web building templates so that I could easily create the site myself. Being the main “face” of my business my website continues to morph as I learn new web building skills and as I grow in my business. The web host offers many small business tools that allow me to manage, grow and promote my business.

All these tools have allowed me to define my business, express myself and reach out to others to connect and be of service to them.

Kaycie Marler, Minister of Spiritual Peacemaking, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Art Therapist, Reiki Master and New Consciousness Energy Practitioner with 12 years experience in the mental health field as a therapist working with children, teens, and adults in medical and psychiatric settings. An experienced facilitator guiding individuals and groups in their spiritual and life journeys. She is founder of Harmony Mandala and passionate about being of service to thers in their growth and healing.


Internet Marketer Colleen Crook

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Today’s post is by Life and Leadership Coach Colleen M. Crook

After conquering my fear of the computer exploding or burning out, I found that I enjoyed being on the Internet and using the computer. I was eager to learn what I could access and how I could connect and build a relationship with more people in my life and leadership coaching business. In addition to meeting new people locally, I now was able to connect with people from all over the world. How amazing was that! I love doing presentations and sharing my message. Through marketing on the Internet I’m able to post complimentary tele seminars and have people from all over the world sign up to hear great content, participate and learn about my services from individual or group coaching to my Life Purpose Hand Analysis. The number one key in using the Internet to build a business is to establish an authentic, heart centered connection and relationship with people. Ways that I’m using to connect with people and share my message is through a monthly e-zine, a monthly e- inspiration gift, my blog, meeting peeps on Facebook and on my fan page, Twitter, LinkedIn and joining select Internet groups. I’m in the process of adding video to my e-networking and marketing tools.

How has Internet marketing impacted Conscious Living Connection?

Through connecting with people on a regular basis, they get to know me by my posts; comments etc and learn that they can trust me. I’ve connected with a number of people who have signed up for individual coaching with me, all day VIP retreat intensives, group coaching and the Life Purpose Hand Analysis. One of the biggest gifts from marketing on the Internet is that you can access the wisdom of others. There’s a generosity in sharing an expertise that is truly astounding.

Some of the technology involved with Internet marketing totally overwhelms me and even though I have a need to have a working knowledge and understanding of how something works, I need support. So I partner with a virtual assistant who is able to handle the technological aspects of Internet marketing that is not my genius and who continues to increase and update her knowledge base.

Internet marketing is here to stay. It’s important to decide what tools resonate with you and start with one tool first and become comfortable with that then add a second tool. If you try to do all the things available at once you’ll become overwhelmed and chuck everything. Take your time and investigate what you like and what feels right for you.

Happy Connecting!

Colleen M. Crook,M.A.,CLC

Internet marketing can be used to engage your connections, followers and subscribers, while building relationships and converting them to networking partners or clients. It can also introduce new people to your business through having a high page ranking on the search engines, and link with other websites to reach people that are interested in your professional skills. Below are some suggestions on how to use these marketing tools to develop a marketing system that is efficient and produces your desired results.

  1. Email marketing is a great way to introduce your business, share your professional knowledge, and invite subscribers to interact with you by starting a contest, by offering them an opportunity to send in a photo or video that you will promote in your next newsletter.
  2. Social media marketing offers you a way to share your newsletter with a larger audience; your connections, friends and followers by sharing your knowledge while building your list. Using social media web programs, such as tweetmeme provides another opportunity to contribute to an ongoing conversation related to your subject.
  3. Article Marketing helps to build your reputation and attract more traffic to your website by writing an article and submitting it to various marketing directories. This link building activity is an effective way to build your SEO as well. Most importantly people will read your articles and visit your website to learn more about your services.
  4. Business blogging is another Internet marketing tool to contribute to your online communities by sharing professional knowledge, affiliate information, and benefits of your services. Inviting readers to interact by commenting on your post is another stream of building relationships through network ventures or prospect interaction. Syndicating your blog is another way of reaching more people. Since your blog information is updated regularly some business owners now use blogs as their online store front, which helps with search engine optimization.
  5. Affiliate marketing can become an additional income stream for you in two ways. One way is by joining an affiliate program that resonates with you and inviting your subscribers to check it out on your blog with a banner ad can mean a percentage of a sale if your subscribers purchase a product or service. Bloggers recommend that you post two to three times per week. One way to reach that blog post minimum easier is to write a post dedicated to your affiliates. Share the companies’ services, why they are the best to use and direct them to click on the banner ad on your website for further details. You can also create an affiliate program for your products and services. Sales closed through an affiliate’s lead can generate income for them and you.
  6. Mobile marketing is still fairly new but if you enjoy gadgets mobile marketing might be the way for you to contribute to your online communities while building your list and professional reputation. Send a tweet while you are attending an event. Share an announcement that you see at the bookstore, coffee shop or department store. Ask your community if they like a service or product that you are currently considering purchasing and why.
  7. Commitment, practice and consistency are essential to reap the benefits of Internet marketing. Commit a set amount of time to marketing each day. Until you have regular customers, marketing will be a large part of your work as a business owner, whether you prefer to market online or offline. Now is the time for you to start sending, blogging, posting, and submitting.

If you feel this is overwhelming then consult an Internet marketing assistant. Certified professionals, like me, are available and ready to help you implement a basic plan, consult you on the maintenance of your marketing system, or manage your online marketing activities, as you focus on other areas of your business.

Ever received an email newsletter? Whether or not you have an Internet business, you’ve probably heard of, or received an email newsletter in your inbox. Most businesses now use email marketing to build company lists, build relationships with prospects, and keep current clients aware of the latest product, services, offers, and bonuses. However, in order to reach your business/organizational goals for email marketing, consistency and commitment is required.

Business owners often start email marketing campaigns, but they don’t always follow through because:

  1. they don’t know what to say;
  2. they need technical assistance to use the web program;
  3. they are busy and don’t dedicate time to their email marketing activities.

My suggestions this week are to help you get past the mental paralysis and revitalize your email marketing efforts to reach your business goals.

Many business owners will start with a great newsletter, but soon lose interest because they think they’ve run out of things to say or they lack inspiration. Inspiration for writing can be found all around us. Here are some ways to receive inspiration for your email marketing plan:

  • Write an article that explains the investment value clients receive from each of your services. Share a story and use a client’s testimonial with their picture. Link the picture to their website, if applicable.
  • Share valuable content like web programs that help you in your business, or something you learned at a workshop; explain the benefits (tangible or intangible) from this tool, or acquired knowledge.
  • Read blog posts from your favorite industry leaders; they’re a great source of inspiration.
  • Carry a small notepad to write down ideas that come to you. Some great ideas come when you are doing nothing but watching the world around you or while watching TV.
  • If you read something that you really like – contact the author and ask them to repost their article in your newsletter; it’s a great way to build your professional network.

Other reasons businesses do not maintain their email marketing efforts is because they lack the technical skills, or the patience to use web programs. If you lack the skills, but want to do it yourself, many email marketing companies have resources in the way of articles and video tutorials to help you: AWeber, iContact and Constant Contact are some of the most popular programs. Implement a standard time dedicated for your email marketing and honor this commitment. If you lack the technical skills and the patience to use web programs, a wonderful resource available to you is a virtual assistant (VA), Internet marketing assistant, or social media marketing assistant. They can help you create and implement an email marketing campaign for your weekly online marketing efforts.

If you are in the category of “too busy,” the same information applies to you. If you choose to build your business with Internet marketing activities like email marketing and business blogging, but don’t have the time to dedicate to these tasks, then it’s time to invest in a qualified assistant to help you maintain and reach your online marketing business goals.

Here are resources and statistical information to help you rejuvenate your email marketing efforts.

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