How to Get New Clients with Teleseminars

cell phone image, how to get clients, teleseminarsLike sales pages, formatting teleseminars can be confusing when using them to get new clients. Virtual events are usually the third marketing action after you have a website and add content to the Internet to participate in conversations and demonstrate your knowledge. When you sometimes start no one attends your live event which becomes a recording that you can repurpose which I discuss in an older post. However, when you have built enough rapport with your online communities that people attend your teleseminar the next big question arises….

How to get new clients from this event?

The answer is in the way you design your teleseminar or virtual event.

Although it is well-known that you have to give value in your teleseminar to get clients from the event, what is uncertain for some is how to add the value. There are three marketing methods, and they are below.

  • The Sales Call: In this call you give people one or two valuable actions they can do on their own then tell them you can help them do more with your skills and knowledge. The possibility of this method is that participants can feel that it was mostly a sales call and that they have wasted their time.
  • The Overwhelm: You can give attendees so much information they feel content The intent of this method is that they feel that they need your services because it is so much to do to reach their desired results. The potential backlash of this method is that people feel so overwhelmed they leave in mental paralysis and don’t do anything.
  • The ‘Yes’ method: You give people a balance of information where the action steps you give make them feel empowered and demonstrates your ability to help them reach their goal or solve their problem. Then you lead them through a series of questions that they answer ‘yes’ and this ‘yes’ feeling continues until it is time to purchase your product/service.

If you choose the last option, the next question is… how to get clients with the yes technique?

This answer is in structure of your teleseminar:

  • Title: Should be eye catching and relate to removing the symptoms their suffering from or solving the problem to get their desired results
  • Content: The position of your content (action steps). Add two useful action steps that one can do independently to feel empowered. Also, inform them that the most important action step will be at the end of the call. Use examples of the results you received when you added this activity to your business or share client experiences. Example: “After they had implemented ‘x’ they received an additional $2,500 in revenues monthly”. If you can use your client’s name or website it becomes social proof, and it is how to get more clients.
  • Product/Services: Tell the listeners what they will get working with you.
  • Yes Method: Set up questions that the ideal clients will answer yes, so they keep that feeling when you get to the offer.
  • Main action: Give listeners and actionable step that will open their eyes, and they can see the benefit in their business. This is to build more trust and for them to feel that working with you is an investment that can help them get the feeling or results they are seeking. These actionable steps are not all of the pie but they are useful to the novice, and this information is how to get clients.

Although you tell them at the beginning of the call that you will offer your product and services, you can layout your teleseminar in a way that the ideal prospects look forward to the offer to become one of your new clients.

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