Email Marketing Success Requires Commitment

Ever received an email newsletter? Whether or not you have an Internet business, you’ve probably heard of, or received an email newsletter in your inbox. Most businesses now use email marketing to build company lists, build relationships with prospects, and keep current clients aware of the latest product, services, offers, and bonuses. However, in order to reach your business/organizational goals for email marketing, consistency and commitment is required.

Business owners often start email marketing campaigns, but they don’t always follow through because:

  1. they don’t know what to say;
  2. they need technical assistance to use the web program;
  3. they are busy and don’t dedicate time to their email marketing activities.

My suggestions this week are to help you get past the mental paralysis and revitalize your email marketing efforts to reach your business goals.

Many business owners will start with a great newsletter, but soon lose interest because they think they’ve run out of things to say or they lack inspiration. Inspiration for writing can be found all around us. Here are some ways to receive inspiration for your email marketing plan:

  • Write an article that explains the investment value clients receive from each of your services. Share a story and use a client’s testimonial with their picture. Link the picture to their website, if applicable.
  • Share valuable content like web programs that help you in your business, or something you learned at a workshop; explain the benefits (tangible or intangible) from this tool, or acquired knowledge.
  • Read blog posts from your favorite industry leaders; they’re a great source of inspiration.
  • Carry a small notepad to write down ideas that come to you. Some great ideas come when you are doing nothing but watching the world around you or while watching TV.
  • If you read something that you really like – contact the author and ask them to repost their article in your newsletter; it’s a great way to build your professional network.

Other reasons businesses do not maintain their email marketing efforts is because they lack the technical skills, or the patience to use web programs. If you lack the skills, but want to do it yourself, many email marketing companies have resources in the way of articles and video tutorials to help you: AWeber, iContact and Constant Contact are some of the most popular programs. Implement a standard time dedicated for your email marketing and honor this commitment. If you lack the technical skills and the patience to use web programs, a wonderful resource available to you is a virtual assistant (VA), Internet marketing assistant, or social media marketing assistant. They can help you create and implement an email marketing campaign for your weekly online marketing efforts.

If you are in the category of “too busy,” the same information applies to you. If you choose to build your business with Internet marketing activities like email marketing and business blogging, but don’t have the time to dedicate to these tasks, then it’s time to invest in a qualified assistant to help you maintain and reach your online marketing business goals.

Here are resources and statistical information to help you rejuvenate your email marketing efforts.

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