Expressing Gratitude Strengthens Business

This has been a year of changes for me; the biggest was when my mama crossed over in August. Some people told me “it’s hard and it will be harder for you”. But instead of feeling overwhelming sadness I have felt grateful and appreciative. I am grateful for the 39 years we had together and her 98 years of living well at home. Although I miss her physical presence I am comforted by mama in my memories.

The gratitude I feel for mama has expanded to my appreciation for family, friends, colleagues and work relationships even more. The appreciation that filled me emotionally is now showing up as abundance in my business.

The free joint ventures and networking activities I have done are increasing my prospect and client lists. Volunteering and participating in professional associations and groups have resulted in gifts that help me in my business.

This week I encourage you to participate freely in your professional organizations, share valuable knowledge with your online communities and give your current clients bonuses in honor of your collaborations. Taking the time to say I am thankful for you, your presence and your business fills you with joy emotionally and tangibly helps increase your profits.

I hope you enjoy this video and maybe you will decide to take the 21 day challenge. Enjoy your Thanksgiving.

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