Finding The Right Internet Marketing Tools

There are numerous Internet marketing tools available. Having a business online means it is important for you to use the right tools for your business and use them consistently. Below is a guest post from Kaycie Marler on how she uses three Internet Marketing tools that work for her business.

In starting my business I was unsure about on-line marketing tools and how they would help me reach more people. A friend introduced me to a newsletter marketing service and I found that I really enjoyed using my creative skills to create newsletters for my customers. I started with about 60 email contacts and over a year it has grown to around 150.

The e-newsletter service I use allows me to manage my contacts, create my own newsletters using their templates which make it very easy, and track how many ‘reads’ I am getting. Feedback from readers has spurred me along in continuing the newsletter on a monthly basis as they find the information inspirational and informative.

Over this year the newsletter format has changed and continues to change as new ideas and inspirations arise. But, one consistent thing that became apparent was to keep it relatively short and have photos or graphics to grab people’s attention. With people receiving so many emails it is my intention to offer them something that they feel adds to their lives. And, I noticed when I receive a marketing email if it is a long newsletter with mostly verbiage and little, if any, graphics I tend to not read it. Using my own photography in my newsletter is important to me so I greatly appreciate that I am able to do this with the marketing service that I use. Since I have very little time to create the newsletter having the system be easy to use is a top priority for me.

Another marketing tool I have used is the Meetup.com website. I enjoy this tool as it allows me to reach out to others in the community and around the world. By offering a free monthly service through Meetup it allows me to connect with interested members and direct them to other services offered through my website; currently there are 83 members in my meetup group.

One of the earliest business tools I took advantage of was establishing a website. Not being a programmer and not having the time to learn how to write the code for the site I was interested in a web host that would provide web building templates so that I could easily create the site myself. Being the main “face” of my business my website continues to morph as I learn new web building skills and as I grow in my business. The web host offers many small business tools that allow me to manage, grow and promote my business.

All these tools have allowed me to define my business, express myself and reach out to others to connect and be of service to them.

Kaycie Marler, Minister of Spiritual Peacemaking, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Art Therapist, Reiki Master and New Consciousness Energy Practitioner with 12 years experience in the mental health field as a therapist working with children, teens, and adults in medical and psychiatric settings. An experienced facilitator guiding individuals and groups in their spiritual and life journeys. She is founder of Harmony Mandala and passionate about being of service to thers in their growth and healing. www.harmonymandala.com


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