How to Increase Open Rate of Email Marketing

email image, average open rate for email blastsAll industries that use Internet marketing express, “the money is in your list.” In order for this to be true your subscribers have to open your email blasts. Although there are no “one fits all” email templates for the average newsletter, there are some best practices you can implement.

First, keep in mind that the purpose of most email blasts is to:

  • Give valuable information
  • Build a trusting and engaging relationship
  • Inspire the subscriber to take the next action

To reach these objectives, subscribers have to open their newsletters. Today, we focus on how to increase the average open rate for email blasts. We will start with the standard practices then filter to more specific structures of the emails.

The best practices to improve your open rate are that:

  • email blasts with a maximum of 20 lines when you are sharing information are opened more
  • 3 images or less are plenty
  • use 1 column email design templates for better visibility (according to Constant Contacts’ data)


Now let’s get more specific on how to increase open rates of email marketing


  • Work at creating compelling headings that will entice people to open it. On average, you want them to say “Really?! Let me click and read this.”
  • Write to the point (remember you are aiming for 20 lines of text most of the time).
  • Give value they can use


Personalize to improve your average open rate for email blasts


  • Your building relationships so write as if you are having a conversation with a friend
  • According to industry standards, the open rate increases when you have a maximum of 3 articles
  • Guide them to another action

Use these steps as your beginning template on how to structure your newsletters to increase your average open rate for email blasts.

How to get readers to take action?

When inviting your subscribers to try new products or services, use software tools for determining which format inspires your audience to open your email blasts. I explained in an earlier post the best converting pages include videos. When you are ready for your subscribers to make a purchase try different designs to see which one(s) appeal to your audience. Using your email program’s split a/b tool will help your track performance.

Once you make that first sale from your list, you will clearly see the value of your subscribers. These strategies will help you increase your email blasts average open rate. Remember, there is money in your list but only when you know how to increase the open rate of your email marketing.


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