Increase Your Income with VAClassroom’s Summer Skill Camp

I just received this very important 18-minute video for you from Craig at VAClassroom entitled: “Ten Ways to Create Ten Income Building Opportunities for Your Virtual Business in 2010”. This video will give you some keen insights and ideas on how to expand your skills and the services you are currently offering in your business. Plus, it will also give you a nice preview on the types of skills we will be covering in the upcoming VAClassroom Summer Skill Camp starting on July 6!

In business, it is important to have an edge or some relevant, in-demand skills that set you apart and enable you to play a bigger role with your clients. I think this video will definitely stimulate some ideas on how you can grow your business and income opportunities for the last half of 2010!

Check out the 18-minute video here:

VAClassroom Summer Skill Camp starts July 6. Click here to get more details and check out the early-bird registration special.