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Giveaways are one of the best ways to gain more visibility and book sales. It has been reported that giving free stuff or books, does increase book sales. For this reason, websites have designed systems to help authors host Giveaways. Both Goodreads and Amazon have giveaway programs set up for authors to add to their book launches.

Determine Secondary Goal

Before creating a giveaway; decide the goal you want to achieve. Although the primary objective is more exposure to get more book sales, a secondary goal is beneficial. The minor objective can be to:

  • Get more email subscribers
  • Increase traffic to your site
  • Attract more connections on social media

Your goal will direct how and where you set up your offer. For example, if you want to increase email signups, then you will not use Amazon’s program because they do not currently provide that option. Remember you are building awareness and nurturing relationships with your audience as an author, so the secondary goal is important. Recurring book sales come from relationships you build with your readers.

Select a Quality Gift

The awareness your free item brings can positively impact your book sales, so it is essential to choose a quality gift. The item has to be something your audience values or free will not make a difference. One of the popular giveaways is to give free copies of your book in the pre-launch. You can do this with a Goodreads’ account; publishers and author’s giveaway copies of books to attract new readers.

Marketing Your Gift

“When the rubber hits the road.”

Your marketing efforts will need to flow consistently like a marketing machine. Marketing on all online platforms promoting your free offer is what will increase your book sales.

Promoting your giveaway on all your Internet real-estate means posting on:

  • Website (Write a blog post)
  • Facebook (pin the post)
  • Twitter (reschedule this post)
  • LinkedIn (Repurpose your Blog post on LinkedIn’s Pulse)
  • Pinterest (Upload your blog post to build referral traffic)
  • Virtual Event (i.e.; Periscope, Google Hangout, Meerkat or teleseminar)

If you want to give various prizes or a prize that is not listed on the Amazon gift list, it might be best to set up a giveaway contest on your site. Entrants can sign up to win the gifts, and you collect their email addresses on your list. Be creative and engage on social media platforms. All of these activities will generate more attention and on launch day, more book sales.

The important takeaways from this post are that you:

  • Decide your secondary goal to help you determine where to market your giveaway.
  • Make sure the giveaway is something your audience wants
  • Create a marketing plan to promote your book and giveaway daily

Now more than ever the practice of giving here to receive there is happening. While you are writing or creating your marketing plan, consider adding a giveaway in your pre-launch to magnify your marketing efforts. Although writing your manuscript may have been a deeply personal journey to finish, the marketing will require stamina to see the results in your book sales.


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