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A book marketing campaign requires fortitude with all the strategies that need to be implemented. The book review process is one of those strategies because authors need to start this process before the book is finished. Below are three steps to get book reviews from different influential groups that can increase the opportunity for book sales.

Book Reviews from Readers

One of the first parts of the marketing plan to activate is collecting book reviews. While you are in the book-writing process, this is the time to start developing a relationship with readers. This is important for new authors and to re-engage your current audience if you already published a book.

Nurturing a relationship with readers now is important to build interest and anticipation so readers will purchase your work and write a book review for you. Your blog, social media and community forums are important places to spend your marketing time while you are completing your book.

You can start your giveaways by posting free chapters and asking questions to get start a conversation. When you release your book online to sites like Amazon and Barnes ‘n’ Noble you can post an announcement and request readers to write a review. If they are familiar with your profile, they are more likely to respond.

Book reviews from Book Bloggers

In addition to getting the audience to consider buying your book, the next channel is to request book reviews from book bloggers.

Book bloggers are an excellent resource for a book review because they already have a following. If they agree to review your book their post will give you exposure to another audience that likes your genre.

The process of getting a book blogger especially one that is well-known to the category of your book will also take time because it is best to build a rapport. Create a list of book bloggers that review your type of books and research them. Find out their names, contact information and follow them on social media read their blogs to see their most recent book reviews and engage when appropriate.

Once you have the contact information send an email request addressing them personally to review your book. Send a compelling request with all the information they will need about your book including publication date, ISBN, and your website URL. If they respond with a no, do not feel bad because there is a higher demand for book blogger reviews than supply.

Industry Leader Book Reviews

Another way to draw attention for your book’s release is to get a well-known person to write a book review or forward for you. Just as the book bloggers you would request a review. In addition to the information listed in the above section, consider writing a sample using points of the book to help them write their review or forward.

Follow-up because people are busy and if their schedule has changed, calling them will help confirm if you need to ask someone else or if their response will be late.

These are the beginning steps to help you get book reviews that will increase the attention about your book while providing social proof.


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