Building an Email List for Authors

12-4-2014 Building an Email List for AuthorsKnowing the process of building an email list for authors is important because they are responsible for their marketing. Most authors dedicate their energy and time writing the right words to convey their idea or information to their audience. However, now it is beneficial to be mindful of your target audience while writing and make an effort to connect in the development stage. Once your book is completed, you will want to market right away but if you are going to use online marketing, you will need to plan time to build relationships before marketing your book. For that reason, it is best to engage and invite visitors to subscribe to your list before your manuscript is published.

Although the idea of building an email list can feel overwhelming to authors, there are several marketing actions you can implement to grow your list. You can schedule these and automate these tasks to feel empowered instead of emotionally drained by the work before you begin. The combination of these passive and active marketing activities will connect you with your audience. Below are some best practices used to encourage website visitors and social media connections to join your list.

Email List Building Tips:

  1. Post a free giveaway that is related to your book or services that you offer. When visitors consider joining your list, they read or viewed a post that appealed to them. The job of your free offer is to give them more of the same. Give the target audience what you had in mind when you were writing -something that is beneficial for them.

    If your book is comedic, give them a great laugh in the 2 or 3 chapters of your giveaway. If your book provides relief or clarity, give them valuable information and action steps to duplicate these results in their lives for them to feel empowered.

  2. Only request name and email address from your subscribers in exchange for your free giveaway. The more information you request from subscribers in the beginning decreases the likelihood they will join your email list.

    The above are passive actions that you can automate for your visitor’s convenience on your website and Facebook page. This is useful because the day they read something that inspires them or gives them that ‘ah-ha’ you want them to proceed to subscribing to your list.

  3. Do not manually add contacts to your email list. This action can often backfire as people feel that you misused the information they shared with you. It is better to build rapport through personal emails and let them subscribe to your list when they are ready. It is recommended that you make an effort to connect with people 6 or 7 times before terminating.

Remember, email list building is important because:

Your email marketing is the only platform you can control the messages your audience receives. Facebook changes its algorithms regularly that mean that your message may or may not reach all of the people that have liked your business page. Twitter’s feed goes by so quickly that your message may easily have not been seen by your followers.

Giving your subscribers content that will live up to the reason they first came to your site increases the opportunity for them to convert from subscriber to a buyer of your products and/or services. Remember people do business with whom they feel they can know like and trust. Your emails are your opportunity to get your subscribers to know you can deliver what you promise by the value you give in your newsletters. Doing these first steps is for building an email list for your book to have a successful book launch.

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