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Last week I talked about creating a mind map for your Internet business. If you are writing or have published your book consider creating a mind map using some or all of the below Internet marketing tools to increase awareness and successfully sell your book online. It’s no secret that authors are responsible for the majority of their marketing and selling regardless if they independently publish or are with a traditional publisher. For this reason, it is good to use the Internet efficiently and effectively.


Optimize your website to prompt visitors to buy your book. Upload a quality image of the book’s cover on the home page. List three or four benefits of why someone should buy your book.  Record a valuable tip from the book that a reader can benefit from immediately.  Upload a video that will encourage your audience to find out more about your book. If you have written several books list them on the home page with a link to the book’s synopsis.  Add a shopping cart to your website so visitors can purchase your book on impulse.  Write blog posts that will attract your audience’s attention, use applicable current events, and participate in any online dialogue. Using public interest stories or hot topics is an excellent SEO strategy. As people search the ‘hot topic’ your blog post contribution or video will attract visitors to your website and your book.

Internet and Social Media Marketing

Use articles, press releases and virtual event tools such as teleseminars, podcasts and videos to share useful insights or show the nuances of your book’s characters. Consider signing up on sites such as Help a Reporter Out and Reporter Connection to become a source and increase awareness about your published work. Create email sales campaigns for your book. In addition to joining the major social media sites and groups within them, join a niche social network site where your knowledge will be helpful and well received by the members of that online community.

Book Marketing Activities

Consider getting your book reviewed at sites such as Book Page and Midwest Book Review or submit review requests to an industry leader or peer in your book’s genre. Glowing reviews prominently displayed on the back cover of your book helps boost sales of your book. Open an account with Amazon and use their multiple marketing opportunities to promote and sell your book. Last, but certainly not least, is to consider creating a virtual book tour. This is a great way to connect with your audience virtually from the comfort of your home increasing awareness about you and sales for your book.

The Internet has abundant opportunities to be heard and to sell your books, products, or services. It’s now up to you to create an action plan and implement that plan to reach your goal of becoming a successful author.

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