See How to Get Targeted Traffic for Books Sales Free

target image, how to get targeted trafficTo be effective using online marketing, it is important to know how to get targeted traffic for your book sales. Authors use online marketing to promote their books. However, they need website visitors that are interested in their topics.

For this reason, it is important to know how to market specifically to your core audience.

One strategy on how to draw targeted traffic is by paying attention to current events and trends that relate to your content. When you find hot topics that you can use to promote your book, it’s time to capitalize on this moment.

This strategy can lead to a viral moment experience on the Internet.

Posting the event on all your online profiles to join the conversation is how to get targeted traffic organically. Write a blog post and include a video of the news event or trend if available. Remember, videos are the highest ranked content and it magnetizes specific visitors to your blog and social media profiles.

Invite your social media contacts to write a comment or share your post. This is how to engage and share your relevant expertise with targeted traffic. On all social media, when someone comments on your post, your content will be seen by their connections.

You can get this targeted traffic for free when using content that is getting a viral buzz.

Although this targeted traffic is free everything has an energy cost. Meaning, it is an investment of time to capitalize on an event.

You will need to:

  • Sign up for Help a Reporter (HARO)
  • Set up Google alerts for keywords and phrases you want to know if/when it happens
  • Comment on sites that have posted an article on the event
  • write a blog post how to solve the problem and include the video of the event if available
  • promote it on all your social network profiles
  • Host a Periscope or a Blab discussion with someone about this event
  • Contact local news channels on how you can solve this issue talk about your book
  • Engage on conversations on social media by
    • Searching for hashtags on Twitter that would be used for this event
    • Search on Facebook and comment on pages that talk about the event

Make every effort to expand awareness about you while this topic is hot. The more you talk about this event, the more you can offer your solutions and lead targeted traffic to your book.

It is important to know how to get to noticed using today’s online platforms for marketing. The best method to do that is by joining a conversation that already has your targeted traffic attention.


Electra FordElectra Ford is an online marketing strategist that helps businesses get noticed on the Internet. She specializes in online marketing plans that connect entrepreneurs, companies and organizations with their audience to get traffic to their websites and make qualified connections. To learn more about implementation subscribe to my email list above.

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