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Today’s post is by Life and Leadership Coach Colleen M. Crook

After conquering my fear of the computer exploding or burning out, I found that I enjoyed being on the Internet and using the computer. I was eager to learn what I could access and how I could connect and build a relationship with more people in my life and leadership coaching business. In addition to meeting new people locally, I now was able to connect with people from all over the world. How amazing was that! I love doing presentations and sharing my message. Through marketing on the Internet I’m able to post complimentary tele seminars and have people from all over the world sign up to hear great content, participate and learn about my services from individual or group coaching to my Life Purpose Hand Analysis. The number one key in using the Internet to build a business is to establish an authentic, heart centered connection and relationship with people. Ways that I’m using to connect with people and share my message is through a monthly e-zine, a monthly e- inspiration gift, my blog, meeting peeps on Facebook and on my fan page, Twitter, LinkedIn and joining select Internet groups. I’m in the process of adding video to my e-networking and marketing tools.

How has Internet marketing impacted Conscious Living Connection?

Through connecting with people on a regular basis, they get to know me by my posts; comments etc and learn that they can trust me. I’ve connected with a number of people who have signed up for individual coaching with me, all day VIP retreat intensives, group coaching and the Life Purpose Hand Analysis. One of the biggest gifts from marketing on the Internet is that you can access the wisdom of others. There’s a generosity in sharing an expertise that is truly astounding.

Some of the technology involved with Internet marketing totally overwhelms me and even though I have a need to have a working knowledge and understanding of how something works, I need support. So I partner with a virtual assistant who is able to handle the technological aspects of Internet marketing that is not my genius and who continues to increase and update her knowledge base.

Internet marketing is here to stay. It’s important to decide what tools resonate with you and start with one tool first and become comfortable with that then add a second tool. If you try to do all the things available at once you’ll become overwhelmed and chuck everything. Take your time and investigate what you like and what feels right for you.

Happy Connecting!

Colleen M. Crook,M.A.,CLC

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