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Market Samurai ImageThe analysis completed by Market Samurai empowers users to produce valuable content and websites that are indexed in the first page of the search engines. It’s best known for its keyword analysis, but its features make it worth the price. This program can be used to: (Technorati Code: 4R5Q5C2CPBNN)

  • Identify high ranking websites by keywords
  • View content that’s indexed high in the search engines according to their keywords
  • Determine websites probability to get indexed on the first page of the search engines using certain

Market Samurai organizes data in a way that helps Internet business owners develop excellent content, which is a primary factor to reach a high page ranking. This article reviews some of the components to demonstrate its advantages.

Keyword Research

Market Samurai qualifies traffic to websites using keywords. This Internet marketing tool evaluates keywords based on:

  • Search Engine Optimization Traffic (SEOT): number of people typing in those keywords in the search engines
  • Search Engine Optimization Competition (SEOC): number of websites indexed in the search engines under keywords
  • Search Engine Optimization Value (SEOV): amount advertisers are paying for adwords indexed by the keywords

This keyword analysis tool leverages your websites ability to receive quality traffic. Using the right keywords, results to visitors finding your site joining your mailing list or purchasing your products. Google keyword tool categorize according to the competition levels of high, medium and low, but Market Samurai verifies that their data has commercial value enabling users to make better choices for their keyword Meta tags.

SEO Competition

Market Samurai offers an accessible approach for reaching a high page ranking on the search engines. Suggesting you start with keywords that have low competition, the program rates competing websites’ strength. This color-coded data is a quick reference. The redder the chart, the harder it will be to attain a high ranking using that keyword. The greener the chart the easier it will be to reach a higher ranking (better chance to get on the first page of Google). Use this module when deciding your website’s chances of ranking high.

Find Content

This traffic estimator also assists Internet marketers with time management. The software lists content and videos that are currently ranking high by keywords. Users can see the fresh content indexed by those keywords. The program researches the following sites.

  • Article City
  • Constant Content
  • Ezine Articles
  • Flickr Images
  • Go Articles
  • Google Blog Search
  • Google News
  • Scribed Documents
  • Wikipedia
  • Yahoo Answers
  • Yahoo News
  • YouTube Videos

Publish Content

Internet marketers can monitor blog posts traffic using the publishing feature. Users can publish posts to their blogs through this traffic estimator and receive a report on the post’s traffic ranking.


Squidoo and Hubpages encourage linking to related lens and page for SEO backlinks and Market Samurai support this online marketing strategy. In the promotion module, purchasers select from the list for link building for their Squidoo lens and Hub Pages.

These are only some features available through Market Samurai. This Internet marketing tool is highly recommended to create quality content and search engine optimized websites. The software’s assets for SEO backlinks and method to increase websites page rankings support its price of $149.00. To purchase your copy of this software click on the Market Samurai’s image.

Technorati Code: 4R5Q5C2CPBNN

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