How to Market a Product with Live-Streaming

product imageHow to videos rank highest on the Internet and they help increase conversion rates on product launch sales pages. Videos that:

  • demonstrate how products work
  • explain how the product/service solves problems

stir emotions that open the customer’s mind and heart.

And like all things Internet…video for product launches has upgraded.

Now, Tweet: Internet marketers are shortening the sales process with Live-Streaming smartphones apps and on desktops RT @ElectraFord. Instead of rolling out two or three autoresponders highlighting pain points and solutions, entrepreneurs are hosting 5 to 30 minutes Periscope sessions presenting solutions with real-time demos.

Videos are also gifts that keep giving. You can repurpose this content into a How-to series on your video channel.

These live-streaming sessions are engaging, inspiring and a great way to be available for spontaneous sales. When you solve a problem for someone, they are relieved and feel empowered, particularly when they can duplicate your actions. Their accomplishment builds your credibility with them. They now trust you especially if they learned something from your free offer. Now they are open to purchasing from you.

Below are three live-streaming tools that are helping entrepreneurs increase sales and online communities.

Periscope is a live-streaming Twitter phone app that has over 10 million users. Entrepreneurs are doing live demos and hosting sessions explaining the benefits of their products. They are doing this by developing relationships. They mainly focus on giving value and building relationships.

These relationships give viewers an opportunity:

  • to ask questions,
  • for hosts to take their followers on behind the scene journeys.

I watched Erin Smith’s, Starters Club, interview on how she uses Periscope as an author. Erin shared that she engaged her audience about her book’s development. They helped her choose the book cover and assisted with several other decisions. These conversations helped Erin build a steady following on the live-streaming app.

The next live-streaming product assisting with product marketing is Blab. Blabs are great to facilitate live-streaming interviews or product discussions. Although Google hangouts have been around longer, Hangouts are perceived for family chat discussions like Skype. Blabs are becoming known for live-streaming marketing conversations and rotating panels.

Participants can request to join, or you can bring someone on the panel to participate in real-time conversations. This technique is valuable because it helps keep your audience engaged. Rotating the participants is an easy strategy to keep your audience’s attentive. Statistics detail that we remember approximately 70% of what we hear the first time. That number decreases when listening to the same voice for long periods.

Who can you interview and post it as a video on your channel, Facebook page, and website? The video will help your

  • website’s ranking in the search engines
  • Facebook page get a higher priority by the social media’s algorithm
  • Video channel get more views each time you upload a new video.

The last live-streaming platform I am mentioning today is CreativeLive.com. This site gives audiences access to live classes free by industry experts, or you can watch the replay for a fee.

The subject ranges from photography to online marketing tools and strategies. This week I watched Lewis Howes teach the steps to build a profitable podcasting business.

If you have a large following, and you are looking for steps to expand CreativeLive might be the place for you.

Videos and visual content are getting more views than text on the Internet and social media platforms.

Using these live-streaming tools can accelerate your ability to:

  • Build know, like and trust with your audience
  • Get more traffic to view your marketing content
  • Leverage your time for meeting people.

Getting the most out of your content is important. Saving the recordings of your Periscopes, Blabs, and CreativeLive teaching sessions will increase its lifespan and create passive income potential. This is especially beneficial to Coaches who are working toward building a rapport with potential clients.

Next week check out these programs and let me know how they can help marketing your coaching business.

ElectraF-Image1AElectra Ford is an online marketing strategist that helps businesses get noticed on the Internet. She specializes in online marketing plans that connect entrepreneurs, companies and organizations with their audience to get traffic to their websites and make qualified connections. To learn more about implementation subscribe to my email list above.

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