Marketing for Coaches

If you are a Coach that:

  • markets your products and services on social media but it is taking too much time
  • Or, you have an email list but it is not helping you set appointments for consultations

I can give you back your time and implement strategies to help you get more people on the phone.

Implementing strategies are what will make the difference in your daily business operations and marketing efforts.

We are told “the money is in your list” and “get people to sign up to your list.” However, HOW to use the list is equally important. There is a way to engage subscribers without overwhelming their inboxes.

You bring me the “what” (business struggle), and I will perform the ‘how’ (improve your time-management and increase marketing engagement).


Julie BeyerJust want to let the world know that Electra Ford is AMAZING! She has patiently guided me through this new world of social media and online communities. Waves from Michigan!!!!
Julie Beyer, MA, RD, CWPC
Confident Choices


My business to business structure makes it possible for you to serve more people and get more accomplished.

Delegating your marketing efforts to me helps increase your business visibility. Also, it gives you back time to set more appointments and start on the ideas that have been swimming in your mind.

My basic marketing strategy increases your marketing and helps double your monthly productivity.

This marketing plan includes:

  • Uploading and promoting up to 4 blog posts monthly
  • Social Media Posting Daily (Choose up to 3 platforms)
    • 5 posts on Facebook in a way to get people to engage with you
    • 5 posts on Twitter to engage with interested followers (not fake accounts)
    • 1 post on LinkedIn and use the platform’s features to build an active network
    • 2 posts on Google+ in a way that drives traffic to your site
    • 5 Pins on Pinterest where your content’s longevity drives traffic to your site
  • 1 Email Newsletter per week with 1 article to engage your subscribers.

Norma Campbell, NormaLightElectra is one of the best virtual assistants you will ever find! She is very knowledgeable, determined, and committed to helping you to succeed. It is always a pleasure to work with her. She is the best of the best! Norma Campbell,





Creating a healthy business and life model can be challenging. I can implement systems that help you feel empowered as a business owner again. Your company will also remain at the top of customers’ minds.

Are you ready to be the first person that comes to mind?

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