Mobile Internet Marketing

Last week we went to Pei Wei for dinner and while reading the menu I noticed their advertisement to “place your order through your mobile device.” I thought how cool that so many companies are participating in mobile marketing to accommodate their clientele. I did some research to see just how easy or hard it would be to do this.

As long as your mobile device has web access you can view articles or emails, but some Internet marketing tools are aware of their mobile audience and are therefore making it easier for them to review your online resources.

Article Marketing: Ezine Articles have a mobile interface so their mobile audience can bookmark their site and easily read articles whenever, wherever. This Ezine iPhone interface is specifically designed for mobile viewers and it helps your audience download your articles faster and navigate through the pages easier.  To find out how to use this interface visit Ezine Articles’ Blog.

Email Marketing: AWeber also considered mobile readers and gave email marketers tips on how to design their emails for mobile subscribers. These design tips are easy to implement because they remember that your audience may view your materials in a different browser. So for the mobile user you would now optimize your images with an alternative text so if the image doesn’t transmit, your reader would still know what the image conveyed. To learn more about these tips visit Aweber’s Blog .


  • Blogger enables you to post to your blog when you feel inspired. Just like you would send a text you can create and post on your blog. You can also take a photo and upload to your blog along with your post. For directions Visit Blogger.    
  • WordPress offers a plugin interface for mobile subscribers and visitors to read your blog easily. Like the other interfaces I’ve listed, your mobile device is detected when you visit the site and your browser settings can be customized. To download and learn more about his plugin visit WordPress.org.

Adding these Plugins and being aware of your on-the-go audience can help you include mobile Internet marketing into your online marketing plan effectively. With the way these devices are growing you will expand your potential to regularly connect with your ideal clients.

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