Mobile Marketing Apps for Social Media Platforms, Part 2

mobile phone image, mobile marketing appContinuing last week’s conversation, today I am talking about Twitter and Pinterest mobile marketing apps. To review, mobile marketing apps support business owners remaining engaged on the go.

For example, if you are an empowerment or business strategy coach, you can share articles, blog posts and quotes from the convenience of your phone to your social media profiles using these mobile marketing apps.


Pinterest Mobile Marketing App

This app is available at iTunes and Google Play. The iOS app enables you to download another app from a Pinterest page to your phone while remaining on Pinterest.

You can also perform searches on your Pinterest mobile app to pin on your profile on both Android and iOS.

Twitter Mobile Marketing Apps

Twitter has been around longer, so there are several mobile marketing apps to enhance your posting, sharing and engaging experience while away from your desk.


This is a great app because it enables you to group according to topics. You can also search your account for posts and those you are following for tweets and their favorites.

I like any program, or app that shows you inactive accounts that you are following. The purpose of using social media is to connect and interact but if you are following inactive or fake accounts, your message is not reaching anyone.

You can choose themes and set up to post to Facebook and Twitter with this mobile app. There is a free and pro version if you want the app banner ad-free.


Hootsuite has a mobile marketing app to help you post to your social media profiles while you are away from an office. This is perfect when you are attending events and want to share the brilliance a workshop or share your picture you just took with a thought leader in your industry.

Hootsuite works with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Foursquare and this free app enables you to view how many times your post was clicked. With mostly, rave reviews, this mobile marketing app also allows you to adjust your photos that you upload to Ow.Ly.


This paid app has an attractive look, and you can adjust your timeline’s appearance when viewing retweets, mentions, and your direct messages. This is a paid app that costs $3.99 currently.


Plume enables you to use your Bit.ly for shortening links. You can search your local trending topics, which is an excellent way to connect with local businesses and community. This is also a free app with the option to upgrade to remove banner ads.

More and more coaches are embracing using text messages as part of their coaching services to inspire, motivate and support their clients in between 1:1 sessions.

Besides using text messages, consider implementing these mobile apps in your marketing plan to stay in front of your audience.

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