Mobile Marketing Campaigns are Most Affordable and Something Emotional

mobile marketing campaignsMobile marketing campaigns help business/life coaches and entrepreneurs make an emotional connection. Mobile devices are made for staying connected, which make them perfect for building relationships. After a presence is established with a website and social media profiles, coaches use other tools to engage. Mobile devices provide an opportunity for Coaches to share useful content.


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Mobile Marketing Campaigns are affordable. These tools are an easy way to reach your audience. The cellular market is saturated. Smartphone sales increased by 89% in 2015 and that growth is continuing this year.

In addition to Smartphone growth, most cellular plans include texting. This makes it affordable for people to receive messages. Wi-Fi is another way these marketing campaigns are a reasonable way to build relationships.

Smartphone apps are the way Coaches are making personal connections. From Musical.ly, Snapchat, to Periscope pre-teens, young adults and professionals use apps to connect with peers and like-minded individuals.

Life Coaches can follow artists like DJ Khaled and business’ mobile marketing campaigns by sharing exclusive announcements. This activity cultivates relationships, by inspiring contacts to feel part of the inner circle.

Behind the scenes, snaps are another way Coaches can deepen relationships with their connections. Just as artists record themselves creating artwork on Periscope, business Coaches can record video while preparing for group coaching sessions or product launches.

Coaches can also give potential clients an opportunity to experience the benefits of their coaching technique.

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Emotional associations can result from mobile marketing campaigns. There are group messaging programs that enable Coaches to make an impression with subscribers.

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Depending on the business brand, coaches can use SMS messages to bring joy or remind subscribers of their dreams. Some messaging programs are free which can help demonstrate a coach’s style.

Pure fun can lift someone at the right moment. Professional coaches can provide a ‘right’ moment that begins a relationship with a subscriber. Touching subscribers positively or with compassion with SMS messages can get them closer to scheduling a consultation.

Mobile marketing campaigns are affordable using gadgets that are designed for connection. These devices with apps and Wi-Fi create a trifecta toolkit. Coaches can use the programs to create successful marketing strategies for their businesses. When used properly, mobile marketing helps Coaches increase their opportunities to meet new clients sitting in their offices.


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