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Last week, we started our new business plans, or revised our current strategy for the new year (you can read the post here). How was it? If you’re still working on it, that’s fine because it will take time, especially if you had to do research before writing your draft or revision. Once the plan has been written, it‘s time move on to support implementation.

Business support implementation is two-fold: the first part of the process is creating the outline and plan for your vision. For your business to work successfully, you have to implement each area of the business, or invest in a support team to help when needed. If you are a business coach, your business is helping your clients reach a specific goal. Coaching is your expertise – it’s what you do. Now, for your business, how will you protect your intellectual property, such as your online programs? Who is your legal resource, if you don’t know the law? Do you know how to use QuickBooks, FreshBooks or other bookkeeping/invoicing software? If not, who will help you keep your bookkeeping and invoicing current? Will you attend networking events or ask for referrals to attract clients? If you decide to do your own Facebook page and/or other social media marketing, do you know what applications to use to promote your business with a professional presence effectively and efficiently? Are you keeping up with some of the Internet marketing experts like Chris Brogan, Mari Smith or the Social Media Examiner to remain current on Internet and social media marketing strategies? If not, who is your Internet marketing assistant?

The right attorney can help you protect your intellectual property, help with unsatisfied clients and review contracts. The right accountant or your local SBA office will offer a QuickBooks tutorial to show you how to maintain your bookkeeping daily so you can send this information to your tax preparer at the end of the year. The right Internet marketing specialist will ask questions to help you implement the appropriate online marketing plan to reach your goals, and monitor this plan to ensure it’s working properly for you.

Even if you’re a sole proprietor your business will requires a support team to help you operate successfully and grow. Your support team can also become your consultants to educate and enable you to be knowledgeable in the other aspects of your small business. Your attorney will share tips to help you be aware of the appropriate way to engage in business ventures or exchanges. Your accountant can setup your Quickbooks and teach you how to maintain it throughout the year. If you’re content with your marketing results your marketing specialist can become your consultant to teach you how to maintain a basic online marketing package. Your support /consultant team is a beneficial investment for the health and success of your business.

The second part of the implementation process is preparing space for your vision. Are you adjusting your spending habits to create a reserve to support your business endeavor? Are you continuing your education in your expert field to offer your clients the current and proven knowledge to help them as you promise in your marketing materials? How are you creating room in your life for your business to come through you into this reality? Below is an interview with Sam Worthington on The View talking about how he prepared space in his life for change to happen. Sam decreased his assets, moved to the United States, and landed a role in the movie Avatar. As you listen to Sam, consider ways you can prepare space in your life for what you want this year.


  1. Hugh MackenNo Gravatar says:

    Electra – I don’t typically watch the View but I like your reference to the Sam Worthington story. It’s amazing how important making space really is. Sam did it and was able to hear opportunity knocking! Thanks for sharing this.

  2. edfordNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Hugh,

    Similarly, I read Michael Neill’s weekly tip – http://www.geniuscatalyst.com; he also talked about taking time to simply ‘be’ will benefit your life with insights and wisdom. Various articles, e-newsletters and blogs are reminding us that living simply and taking time to be still helps us make leaps toward our personal and professional goals.

    Thanks for stopping by Hugh

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