How to Plan a Successful Book Signing Event

With virtual book tours, book trailers and video channels having the potential to go viral, book image, book signing eveningsometimes local events are overlooked. However, local events provide networking opportunities and a chance to sell your book directly to your readers.

Focus on these three areas to organize a successful book signing event.

Creating a plan around your book signing event

Some online marketing strategies can be applied to local events. One Internet marketing best practice is to be present where your customers go.

An example is if you wrote a children’s book, consider having your book signing event at a toy store.

Bringing this event to a business provides free publicity and working together you can create a great joint marketing campaign.

Along with online marketing activities, think about promotional items such as the standard bookmarks to take to your local event. Consider having a contest for someone to win a copy of your book or offer a 2 in one promotion if you have another book.

During the book signing event

The purpose of a contest is to attract people to your event. As people come into the store, your drawing may attract a spontaneous audience with your contest. Another action that can help people come over to your event is to giving a talk. This might calm the author’s nerves by focusing on what they have to say to the audience. Also, it is a way to draw people naturally to your event.

Bring a friend to help you with the event. There are many parts to an author’s book signing, and one of them is the book sales. As you are giving your talk mingling with the audience, your friend can help you with the business areas of the book signing event. You want to be available as much as possible for your audience because it is beneficial to talk to as many people as possible.

During this time your friend can:

  • Processing book sales (Do you have a square card reader or another form of on the go payment processing?)
  • Collecting everyone’s name and email address
  • Help with the set up and the logistics in the beginning

Also, have your favorite beverage or water, so your voice does not get dry.

Take lots of pictures for social media and your website. If you are building a speaking CV, photos and a recording your talk are great ways to help promote yourself as a speaker.

Post Event Follow-Up

Send thank you, emails or notes to everyone who attended your event. Ask participants for permission to add them to your email list.

Start a new list with the date of your event to maintain a record of the attendance at each event.

Thank the venue for allowing you to have your event at their location

Connect to as many people as possible on social media from your book signing event

Book signing events can be fun and stressful. In addition to seeking help from family and friends, it may be beneficial to do a book signing with another author. Two or more authors can create a panel and provide a discussion event that will inspire the participants to engage and purchase a book.

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