How to Advertise a Product Online

business envelope image, how to advertise a product onlineProfessionals and businesses establish a presence on the Internet to ultimately advertise a product or service. Before you reach this step, there are other building blocks you must do to support a successful product launch. Stating them quickly below they are:

  • Establish a polished professional presence on the Internet with a website and social media profiles.
  • Write useful content as if you were helping a friend with a minor issue using your professional skills (as you know your friends will often come to you for ‘free’ advice). You can also become a resource for industry news as a way to write content.
  • Expand your content on various media such as podcasts, SlideShare presentations and videos.
  • Participate in groups and online communities to interact with others.
  • Create a virtual event to engage with your audience.

After the virtual events success, the next step is how to advertise your product online?
You will start this process by promoting it on your:

  • Website
  • social media profiles
  • links you include in the bio sections of your online profiles to distribute such as on your
    • article marketing profiles
    • bio that you include at the end of your videos
    • commercial you include on your podcast or teleseminar recordings

Next you will expand to ads. How to promote a product online using ads will require strategic planning and implementation. Strategic meaning the content you include needs to support your goal to get the reader to click on the ad.

For example, the headline’s goal is to tempt or express the qualified prospect’s emotions. The remaining parts of the ad are:

  • an image or video guiding the visitor’s action to click on the ad.
  • Content needs to be an actual description of the product or service. The content should also relate to the visitor so only the people that are looking for your offering will click on the ad. This is qualifying your prospects. If they are saying yes when they read your ad it improves your chances that they will actually purchase after clicking on it.

Drafting these ads will take intentional effort to get the customer to click on the link. Once the customer clicks on the ad your next objective to accomplish is for your content to state the benefits of your specific product in a way that tells the visitor what the product/service will solve for them. The process of how to promote your product online is mostly relating to your prospect’s emotions providing relief.

You can also place ads on websites where your customer’s visit regularly but do your research before purchasing ad space. Verify websites you choose for credibility.

Following the above steps will help you understand the process of promoting your product to have a successful launch.

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