How to Avoid These 3 Product Launch Plan Template Mistakes More

product launch plan template
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Frequently, Coaches will start building their list and once they have subscribers they will launch a product or service.

Their product launch plan template usually looks like this…

  • Create a sales page
  • Promote the sales page
  • Include a free gift(s) that they receive after registering
  • Maybe host a teleseminar or webinar to promote the product/service launch

The above plan can be ineffective because the sequence is different compared to product launch best practices. Although, the product launch plan template needs to be customized to fit a particular industry’s audience, the series is the same.

For your next product/service launch, avoid these product launch plan template mistakes.

Avoid Generic Headlines

In our fast- paced society, you have to speak to people’s emotions, interests or pains, to get them to slow down enough to read or view your content. (Retweet This!)

To accomplish this objective, you will need to add emotional and power words in your title. This will connect with your audience’s needs or interests so they will consider your product launch plan template free offer.

People scan headlines to decide where they will invest their attention the few minutes they are on a break, public transportation or waiting room. You have to write a title that will capture their attention.

Make them say ‘hhmmm’

Avoid Selling Before Giving

Yep! Just like Sam’s Club, the perfume and makeup counters at the department stores, most people will want to try before they buy.

It is imperative to understand the product launch plan template offers something freely before asking for a sale.

People will pause when they feel you are selling to them; even your email subscribers get frustrated or unsubscribe when you start sending daily emails to sell something. The best practice is to use a lead generating tool for building credibility and a rapport.

The free gift needs to relate to the product or service you want to sell. Follow up in a few days or a week to see if the information was beneficial to them. This is the sequence that many online marketers miss in the product launch plan template.

Avoid Not Marketing Enough

Most online business owners are subscribers to someone’s list; therefore, they are familiar with feeling bombarded by daily email blasts. Also, I realize I just said “…get frustrated or unsubscribe…” and “Follow up in a few days…”

So which one is it Electra? Both

Email Marketing Automation

After someone subscribes for the free gift directly, already have the autoresponders set up to deliver in a few days or a week. You will ask their experience using the information. Include the benefits of the product and end the email with call to action to magnify their results.

See, once they have benefitted from your free offer, it is more likely they will make a purchase. This selling process is more relaxed and helps your customers see the relief or goal they will experience.

This is how to use your marketing funnel; however, remember you have to give something first. If they purchase one product, they may purchase another. See, the next best practice is to make a sale from an existing customer. Once they made the first purchase that is confirmation they like your product/services. These customers would consider and upgrade purchase.

Internet and Social Media Marketing

Use Interest and social media marketing to explain the benefits of your free product to see results.

Now is your time to promote, promote, promote. Promote that FREE offer. Promotion in your product launch plan template is also vital.

Schedule teleseminars, webinars, interviews using Blab and Periscopes sessions, to expand your online reach. Share your free offer and create a follow-up system for a product launch template that gets results.

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