Best Converting Landing Pages Have Videos

rocket image, landing page conversionsLaunching a product/program is or will become a goal of an entrepreneur at some point. Coaches with group programs or entrepreneurs who expand by teaching others to acquire the same skills expand their brand by launching a product. For this reason, it is important to learn the best converting landing page strategies.

From Tony Robbins’s coaching athletes like Serena Williams to Keith Urban teaching people to play guitar with his DVD series, business owners can feel certain that one of their income opportunities is to launch a product/program.

Knowing this is the way an entrepreneur’s business will grow, here are some steps to implement the best converting landing pages.

Right now, the best way to improve conversion rates is by adding videos to your landing pages.

Videos or some virtual events such as live teleseminars or webinars improve conversion rates. Teleseminars and webinars can be replayed, and the same is true for videos, but the common factor here is that results show the best converting landing pages have videos.

Videos heavily influence audiences and give professionals the opportunity to build trust with prospects.

Although the structure of a sales page is similar, content delivered in a video format inspires audience engagement. To improve conversion rates you will still need to have the top three areas present to promote a product/program successfully. This means:

  1. Giving valuable strategies that people can use. This objective has two benefits. First, it demonstrates your expertise in your field. Secondly, giving solutions to problems helps prospects trust you which is a significant accomplishment when trying to improve landing page conversions.

  3. Show statistics that people can find if they research your information independently. Prove what you offer is considered the best and correct course of action to achieve a particular outcome.

  5. Demonstrate social proof that your offer has worked for others and record their results in your content. This strategy is very influential to improve conversion rates.

While you are creating your product or program, keep the best practices that are listed below in mind for better landing page conversions.

  1. Write content and video scripts that clearly lead visitors to complete your desired action. If you want people to purchase, make your videos and content about the problems solved or the relief experienced with your product. Write all your content and scripts directing the reader to your one clear goal. Confusing prospects decreases your goal to improve conversion rates.

  3. Create emotional keyword-rich headlines. Remember what Seth Godin said, “Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make but the stories you tell.” Professionals with the best success emotionally understand their audience’s struggle. People gravitate to web copy that describes their frustrations and expresses the results they desire. All of these strategies are important, but this one magnetizes your landing page conversion rates.

  5. Measure your results and include an end date for the launch. I am not a fan of the term scarcity, but it serves a beneficial purpose. A marketer needs to know how their content, marketing and product performed and having an end date creates a specific timeframe to measure results. Last month, I highlighted the importance of reviewing the outcome of a post-launch, and you can read about that here. Reviewing this information helps you continually improve your landing page conversions.

These steps will help you develop video landing pages that improve your conversion rates. Like all things marketing, the best way to know what speaks to your audience is testing. Consider a/b testing with your email list for your next product offer. Compare the results between a page with web copy only and another with the video. Your subscribers will show you which style is best for your audience.


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    Nice post. Can you share a couple of tools that would enable video posting?


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