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12-18-2014 increases Sales ConversionsGetting your sales pages to convert can be a confusing task. However, you can start with a strategically composed page then track your progress. After the first two or three sales pages you will know which format your audience responds to increasing the conversion rate of your sales page. Here are 5 beginning steps to help you build a high converting sales page.

Title or Headline

The title or headline’s job is to incite interest. The words “How To…” in the title generates interest because the visitor receives an idea that he will learn ‘how to…’ to accomplish or complete a task. Going with the idea people are seeking for something when they are in the search engines, it is best to have a title that will tell them what they will learn or get from purchasing your product.

Target Traffic

Best practices advise that you optimize your page with keywords to attract targeted traffic. People that are using your keywords in the search engines are looking for what you have to offer, or they are looking for a related topic. Traffic that is not targeted is more likely to leave your page before they reach your social proof or the buy button.

Bullet Points

These are the make or break sections of your sales page. Your bullets are to succinctly state the benefits of your product and what it can solve. It is crucial to be clear in this section. This is where you are proving the value of your product.

The second section of bullet points is how you will guide the visitor to the see that this is the product they need and want to solve this problem. Here you will make it easy for them to say yes. Understanding the customer’s need and frustration write in a way that guides them to see your product has the benefits that will empower them to accomplish their task.

Social Proof

Unless visitors have a relationship with you social proof is an excellent way to show that your product works, and it’s not an online scam. If your past customers give their permission, it is great to have their picture and website, blog or an online profile to show they are real people. This helps build trust. Remember people ultimately buy from people they feel they can know, like and believe they can trust so assist them in this area with testimonials.

Button Recommendations

Using personal pronouns on your buy button has been proven to appeal to purchasers. Favorable results have also been related to using large buy now buttons. Belcher buttons are well-known buttons that are acknowledged in high converting sales pages. Combining these two strategies in your buy now button, can be the finishing touch to reaching your sale.

There are squeeze and sales page formats that can be used to sell your products and services. Your audience’s responsiveness will tell you which format is right for your product. For each strategy that you use in your sales page, track its progress. Learning what works and what doesn’t is the way to build high converting sales pages.

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