Post Launch Reviews Value

post launch reviewMuch effort and resources go into creating a product that is why the product launch reviews are valuable. You want to do every action available, so you have a successful launch.

You asked why use every action? So you don’t fall into a one-hit wonder pattern by having one digital product succeed, and the others fail.

Or worse, your first and follow-up products all fall short of your projections – way short.

To minimize and avoid these scenarios repeating in your product launch marketing plans it is best to include a review of your product launch, so you know what to replicate and what to change. Most importantly, it shows what to DELETE to maintain your company’s good reputation and product success.

There are three follow-up steps in a product launch process:

  1. Testing, if this is your first product you are offering to the market.
  2. Pre-launch review
  3. Post-launch review

If you are planning a new product launch, it is valuable to test the actual digital product to confirm it solves your target market’s issue and document the customer’s experience especially when you ask for testimonials.

Customer feedback will become the social proof that is imperative in the online marketing world. When you view a sales page what do you see?

In the words of Bill Martin, Jr. and Eric Carle’s children book Brown Bear, you see a photo a testimonial and a link to their website looking back at you. Social proof is needed for your sales pages. The more you have the better it is for your product.

This information is also useful for demographic purposes. Depending on the number in your focus/test group, you may be able to get some demographic information that is beneficial when releasing the live launch of your ads campaign.

Pre-Launch Review

A pre-launch is usually released one to two weeks prior to the live product launch. Then you roll into your live launch. Include bonuses to guide interested visitors to that ‘yes’ that will lead them to click your buy now button on your page.

In the pre-launch of your digital product, engage as much as possible on the social networks. Use every opportunity online that you have, to make your product visible.

Post-Launch Review

Two weeks after the live launch plan a review session. Use your projections to monitor your success. Look at all the data; responses to emails, social media and other marketing actions you implemented, review your results to the industry average if the information is available.

This review process gives you the metrics on the steps you need to continue successful product launches and what tasks need to be executed differently.

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