Product Launch Checklist

a list image, Product Launch ChecklistAll campaigns have a plan to follow, and the product launch checklist serves the same purpose. Writing out the plan to promote your product is useful for every phase of the launch. The three main phases are:

  • Pre-launch
  • Live Launch Date
  • Post-Launch Review

Documenting the marketing activities used and feedback received in the process will make the post-launch review easier. This is important because it gives you a checklist to duplicate your successful results knowing which actions produced the projected (or hopefully the exceeding expected) return on investment (ROI).

Although every product will have a customized marketing campaign to reach its audience, there are some product launch ideas that are universal. The primary three that should be included on every checklist are:

Building Your List

Regardless of your product or the launch type you choose, all launches need a group to tell about the product. The ‘money is in your list’ is one of the things you will hear a lot in the online marketing industry. Another is ‘always be building your list’.

Since I’ve been working virtually, I have noticed there are more ways to build your list ethically to get favorable responses. The short checklist to attract subscribers is to:

  • Promote a post on Facebook with an ad
  • Create a Twitter ad and include your webform so interested followers can subscribe conveniently
  • Include your webform on your website, blog and Facebook business page
  • Create an offer in exchange for people’s email addressed


Build Content

Speaking of including your webform on your website, you need a site. Now it is easier than it is ever been, and it’s even more necessary to have your platform.

While we are talking about creating a checklist, another online marketing best practice is building awareness about your business with fresh content. Although there are social networks – article directories – and comment sections on blogs, the one place you can control people seeing your content is through your email newsletter distribution.

Include Engagement in Your Checklist

Continuing this idea of control, the next thing you have authority over is the way you engage with your audience. Most people feel that social media and online marketing is time-consuming.

Another way to think about it is the more time you interact with your contacts will reflect in the number of email addresses you collect. I do recommend inviting them regularly and/or make it easy for them to subscribe.

You control your engagement by the amount of time you invest building relationships. Your checklist should include actions such as sending techniques and knowledge that subscribers can use independently. It is a way to build trusting relationships. Distributing your email blasts with this information will:

  • Build your authority in your subscriber’s view
  • Build trust when they get results from your content

When your subscribers trust you and get something out of your content even if it is a laugh, they are more likely to purchase a product you offer.

As you create your product and consider which marketing strategies to use, remember that the above items should always remain on your product launch checklist. Also understand time invested in these areas is required to have a prosperous launch.

Electra Ford imageElectra Ford is an online marketing strategist that helps business get noticed on the Internet. She specializes in online marketing plans that connect entrepreneurs, companies and organizations with their audience to get traffic to their websites and make qualified connections. To learn more about implementation subscribe above.

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