Small Business Marketing Plan

This summer I developed and tested my online marketing product that I am launching January 24, 2012. It is for new online business owners that need a clear systematic approach to establish a professional presence on the Internet. Online marketers will be able to:

  • Use Internet marketing, social media and virtual event marketing in a clear defined structure.
  • Clearly understand and effectively promote their introductory products.
  • See results of traffic coming to their website from referring sources (i.e., social media profiles, article directories, email marketing, etc.)
  • See subscriber list grow, increase prospect consultation opportunities and revenues.

I understand that new business owners use a variety of Internet marketing activities without designing a strategic plan for success. From my consultations with prospects I see that:

  • People do not identify and use the right keywords that are receiving traffic. This is extremely important because your keywords communicate to the search engines, which connect you to your target market.
  • People know the various online marketing activities (i.e. social media, webinars, and teleseminars) to use but do not implement them with all the required details to achieve their goal.
  • People feel confused and frustrated because they do not know which online tools are right for them and how to make that choice.
  • Once entrepreneurs start setting up their online profiles to market their business they realize the time required to learn what to do to complete each task and they become overwhelmed.

Most new business owners do have time to set up their marketing structure but simply need knowledge regarding the ‘what’ and ‘how’ and my system serves that purpose. This product dissolves confusion regarding marketing online and replaces puzzlement with clear tasks to complete weekly. This system provides:

  1. Structure: You will receive lessons weekly that walk you through each step to complete the tasks successfully
  2. Time: You will be given a projected time to avoid feeling overwhelmed. You will know what tasks will take more time and therefore can add it to your schedule appropriately. This system also identifies when graphic artists are the best choice for the task depending on your vision.
  3. Clarity: Each lesson clearly explains what to do so you don’t feel lost in the process.

I am also updating my free offer, the Internet Business Marketing Plan (IBMP) that you can download January 9th. This compatible report tells you the requirements to establish a polished online marketing presence. My Small Business Marketing Plan (SBMP) is the system that walks you through each step to optimally use the described marketing tools and complete each task successfully.

If you are ready to launch an online business in 2012 and have the time to set-up your marketing presence the Small Business Marketing Plan is the system to support you achieving your goal. Let’s magnify your success in 2012. Stay tuned….

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