Author Marketing Services

Manuscript Preparation Specialties

  • Inventory and organize your source documents
  • Do audience research
  • Fact check and do book research
  • Obtain permissions to use quotes and stats
  • Coordinate peer and audience reviews
  • Coordinate soliciting testimonials
  • Research potential publishers
  • Do a competitive analysis

Self Publishing Specialties

  • Coordinate the self-publishing process
  • Help you find a great cover designer, Editor and other professionals
  • Get the ISBN, LCCN & Bar code
  • Find the right printer
  • Get the copyright registered

Book Marketing Specialties

  • Coordinate promotional activities
  • Send out packages to get industry reviews
  • Get the book listed on Amazon
  • Entering books in awards competitions
  • Create a virtual book launch or book tour
  • Prepare or manage an author web site
  • Manage an email database
  • Coordinate blogs
  • Podcasts and social networking
  • Prepare and oversee an Amazon best seller campaign