Seven (7) Marketing Strategies for Your Online Business

Internet marketing can be used to engage your connections, followers and subscribers, while building relationships and converting them to networking partners or clients. It can also introduce new people to your business through having a high page ranking on the search engines, and link with other websites to reach people that are interested in your professional skills. Below are some suggestions on how to use these marketing tools to develop a marketing system that is efficient and produces your desired results.

  1. Email marketing is a great way to introduce your business, share your professional knowledge, and invite subscribers to interact with you by starting a contest, by offering them an opportunity to send in a photo or video that you will promote in your next newsletter.
  2. Social media marketing offers you a way to share your newsletter with a larger audience; your connections, friends and followers by sharing your knowledge while building your list. Using social media web programs, such as tweetmeme provides another opportunity to contribute to an ongoing conversation related to your subject.
  3. Article Marketing helps to build your reputation and attract more traffic to your website by writing an article and submitting it to various marketing directories. This link building activity is an effective way to build your SEO as well. Most importantly people will read your articles and visit your website to learn more about your services.
  4. Business blogging is another Internet marketing tool to contribute to your online communities by sharing professional knowledge, affiliate information, and benefits of your services. Inviting readers to interact by commenting on your post is another stream of building relationships through network ventures or prospect interaction. Syndicating your blog is another way of reaching more people. Since your blog information is updated regularly some business owners now use blogs as their online store front, which helps with search engine optimization.
  5. Affiliate marketing can become an additional income stream for you in two ways. One way is by joining an affiliate program that resonates with you and inviting your subscribers to check it out on your blog with a banner ad can mean a percentage of a sale if your subscribers purchase a product or service. Bloggers recommend that you post two to three times per week. One way to reach that blog post minimum easier is to write a post dedicated to your affiliates. Share the companies’ services, why they are the best to use and direct them to click on the banner ad on your website for further details. You can also create an affiliate program for your products and services. Sales closed through an affiliate’s lead can generate income for them and you.
  6. Mobile marketing is still fairly new but if you enjoy gadgets mobile marketing might be the way for you to contribute to your online communities while building your list and professional reputation. Send a tweet while you are attending an event. Share an announcement that you see at the bookstore, coffee shop or department store. Ask your community if they like a service or product that you are currently considering purchasing and why.
  7. Commitment, practice and consistency are essential to reap the benefits of Internet marketing. Commit a set amount of time to marketing each day. Until you have regular customers, marketing will be a large part of your work as a business owner, whether you prefer to market online or offline. Now is the time for you to start sending, blogging, posting, and submitting.

If you feel this is overwhelming then consult an Internet marketing assistant. Certified professionals, like me, are available and ready to help you implement a basic plan, consult you on the maintenance of your marketing system, or manage your online marketing activities, as you focus on other areas of your business.


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