Using Social Media to Engage Your Readers

Using social media to engage your readers is an effective way to increase interest about your books. Since authors are responsible for their book’s marketing campaigns, online applications help authors connect with their readers to build relationships. The adage that people do business with those they feel they can know like and trust also applies in book marketing. It is valuable to build relationships with readers when possible to increase interest in your book and using social media helps to reach this objective.
In this video, I will share tips on how using social media, teleseminars, formatting your book for e-readers like Kindle and other tools will help to promote your book on the Internet.

If you are launching your first book, creating a Facebook page with the book’s title is an excellent way of using social media to get more exposure. Implementing this SEO strategy along with optimizing the page will help index your Facebook page in the search engines. Next, invite family and friends and create Facebook ads to promote your book. After all, the purpose for using social media is for lead generation. Once visitors ‘like’ your page start posting messages to direct this traffic to your personal subscription list. Your list is the best way to make sure your messages are being sent to all of your contacts. Use your LinkedIn and Twitter profiles, to post messages that demonstrate the value of your content and to introduce yourself to colleagues. Upload your book to an e-reader like the Kindle to make it easy for customers to receive their copy faster. Create a profile on Goodreads and begin to engage with other authors and readers on the site.

In addition to the above activities, the Internet has various media for promotion such as online press releases, Internet radio interviews and teleseminars. Use these tools to you can explain the benefits readers can access from your books.

After three months of subscribers joining your list, invite them to have a conversation with you. Instead of a physical tour you can have a virtual book tour to build relationships with your readers. In addition to using social media profiles, platforms such as Google Hangout, Jitsi and Skype provides authors with the option to form relationships with readers online. The Internet decreases the need for some physical travel by using these voice over Internet Protocol applications. These tools help authors have real time interactions with their readers. You can also share documents such as a chapter or a page if your book has a complimentary workbook to do an exercise with your audience.

Technology also provides authors with new tools. For example, the Kensington Virtuoso Signature Stylus is a way to virtually send reader’s signed copies of their book. This innovation can compliment virtual book tours while being cost effective and help authors engage with readers. Customers can decide if they want a standard signed or personally signed copy. From using social media, to implementing other marketing activities, these actions will foster interaction and build community with your audience.

Authors can get the most out of their online marketing campaigns when they are using social media and other tools to promote their books. When planning and executing a book marketing campaign, these applications and tools will help you reach and engage with your audience right from your home office.

I am Electra Ford, owner of the Virtual Office Center. I assist authors with using social media to market and sell their books online. I am also a certified Professional Virtual Authors Assistant. If you are ready to market your book or are in the development stage contact me to discuss ways our collaboration can help you reach your goals.

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