5 Tips to Market Your Book on Twitter

Traditionally published and self-published authors have the same responsibility of marketing their books. Internet and social media marketing tools are easy to use and effective for this purpose. Below are five methods that you can incorporate to gain publicity on Twitter when marketing your books online. These strategies have the added benefit of meeting colleagues and mentors as well as attracting more readers.

Use popular Twitter Hashtags

Joining a conversation on Twitter can feel confusing but there are tools you can use to identify, follow and build a rapport with people that have similar interests or are in the same industry. Popular hashtags are available to help you connect and get recognized in specific categories. For authors some of the popular hashtags are #author, #book and #amwriting. If you type these hashtags into the search field of Twitter, the results will show posts that are tagged with these labels. Marketing with Twitter in this way also helps you network. You can meet colleagues and joint venture partners by interacting in conversations tagged with these acceptable hashtags.

Create Your Own Hashtag

Once you start actively participating on Twitter, the next step is to create your own hashtag. Creating custom hashtags will help you track all posts related to your book. This is beneficial so you are aware of the conversations happening around your work. You can easily collect testimonials with your customized hashtag as well. A positive comment is a recommendation that you can add to your book’s website page.


In order to get conversations going it is now customary to give readers a sample of what your book is about so some authors give the first chapter in a PDF file.  If you use this strategy include a retweet button in your chapter to remind readers to retweet your post. Retweets are also endorsements that can increase your exposure so embed the retweet code as often as possible.

Upload your book cover’s image

Upload your book cover to twitter using twitpic or another program for your followers when they view your profile.  Also, consider having a customized background created with your book’s image, website’s url and your business tagline.


Always, content is KING so be sure that your posts add value or inspire your followers. Explain to them why your book is the answer they have been searching for as they work toward that specific goal. Demonstrate a couple of ways your book’s information can help them finally get over this one hump where they have been feeling stuck. Inspire them with your posts to encourage them to read your chapter, talk about it in their tweets and purchase your book.

Twitter offers you a way to connect, participate and release your work into the world to attract followers that in time become your loyal supporters. This communication platform also offers a way to connect with colleagues and develop professional relationships. Marketing on Twitter using these steps can be a fun way to increase your professional circle and observe your reader list growth.

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