Audio Video Streaming for Small Business

I was getting my hair done this week when my stylist told me that he wants a website for his business. Our conversation led me to thinking about ways small businesses can use audio and video streaming to have an effective online presence. The more I thought about it the more I realized that now an online presence has replaced the use of phone books in some areas (like the last time I went to Miami, Florida a phone book wasn’t available in the hotel room). This post shares some ideas for using audio video streaming services to help local businesses engage their customers while satisfying the need for an online presence.


Audio Streaming Ideas and Services

  • Consider using a Google calendar on your site with an audio that guides customers to review your schedule and select open appointment times and encourage them to email you their requests through your website. This interaction is good for your website page ranking. You can evaluate this set up by creating an analytics account and setting a goal tracking how many people use your contact page per month.
  • Invite loyal customers to leave audio testimonials and receive their permission to use their picture on your site with their audio. You can do this using a portable recorder that has the option of uploading the audio on your computer or you can use online programs like audio acrobat or the audiogenerator.
  • Another personal touch is to upload a personal audio greeting to your website. In this audio welcome and inform your visitors about your business and what they will find on your site that they may find useful.


Video Streaming Ideas and Services

  • Create video introductions of your Staff. If your business provides a service where people will work with or let a service professional in their homes consider doing a short video of each staff/repair technician. Each video can be 15 minutes or less with their name and short bio if desired. Now consumers can see who they will meet when they arrive or get an introduction of the repair technician that is coming to their home.
  • Instructional Video: How-to videos are very popular right now and one way to show customer appreciation is to show them how to do something on their own for preventive maintenance or health/beauty tips. You can also use this as a viral video to lead customers back to your website or on your social network profiles encouraging people to share your video.
  • Video introductions are also a nice personal greeting for your website visitors. You can shoot your video at your business inviting visitors to view other pages for specific information and to contact you.
  • Create a virtual tour of your business. This is very useful for first time customers.

These are some beginning steps to implement audio and video effectively for your local and online presence. Take pictures of your work and create a video; for some ideas on how to do this visit Animoto. These actions will help new customers feel welcomed and you can keep in touch with your current client’s feedback.

Note: Be aware that although audio and video is ranked higher than text in the search engines I have learned in my Internet Technologies course that it is important to have transcripts of your audios and videos provided below so people with disabilities can access your content. For more information about web accessibility visit Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

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