Benefits of Publishing on LinkedIn’s Pulse

My LinkedIn referral traffic has increased inspiring me to learn more about the benefits of publishing on LinkedIn’s Pulse.

Haven’t heard about it?

Last year LinkedIn publishing platform was opened to all users. It’s similar to guest posting and article marketing by giving you another platform to post your content and gain more exposure. I’ve been researching LinkedIn Pulse for my coaching clients because the self improvement topic is very popular on the platform. Noticing that coaches are publishing on LinkedIn was another incentive for me to learn how to use LinkedIn Pulse.

The standard blogging strategies apply to use Pulse. Meaning it is important to have:

  • Compelling Headline
  • Share your experience to make that human connection
  • Write quality content
  • Share your post on your other social networking profiles
  • Tell your email subscribers

Publishing on LinkedIn Pulse provides the potential to reach millions of LinkedIn users. Using the strategies above amplifies that potential, because the more views you receive the more LinkedIn will reward you by featuring your article.

Publishing on LinkedIn can lead to a feature

As your article gets more views, it gains popularity. Your post can be featured on one of the LinkedIn channels. As your views and shares increase, your post qualifies to be featured on the LinkedIn publishing platform. In this position, you are achieving visibility far beyond your connections.

Some of the ways to get featured are to:

Like guest blogging and article marketing, the purpose of publishing on LinkedIn is to gain more visibility. Another benefit to using LinkedIn is that you have less writing to create a quality article. Short articles are also on the LinkedIn publishing platform with high view counts.

When guest blogging you have to write for:

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Backlinks to another article
  • Most guest posts are over 1200 words
  • Eye-catching keyword rich headlines

As stated earlier, when publishing on LinkedIn you can focus more on content with an emotional connection and enticing headlines. Similarly to blog posts, images are valuable to your article on LinkedIn.

I suggest you review the LinkedIn pulse channels to see if you write the same or compatible content. If you are a coach, entrepreneur or marketer, I strongly advise you to consider publishing on LinkedIn. This platform is one of the recent benefits in gaining tremendous visibility. Visibility leads to opportunities and qualified contacts. Qualified contacts lead to subscribers and consultations. I’m planning my first article for pulse this month and I’ll see you publishing on LinkedIn soon.

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