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Business blogging is considered a standard part of an Internet marketing strategy.  Some of the uses of business blogs are to make your presence known to online communities and search engines by introducing and informing readers of your business’ purpose and benefits. An effective way to demonstrate your business’ value is to share a formula that many people struggle with, but through your blog’s information they can experience relief or success. Your audience will become accustomed to these types of posts and will expect them on a regular basis.

Building community is another popular function of a business blog. Through blogging, companies can receive feedback instantly and maintain awareness about what is important to its customers. As companies consider new products or changes in their current offerings, a good way to test their ideas is to communicate with their audience through their blogs. If you are an established company and you haven’t started a business blog you might research the benefits they have for customer feedback and retention.

Although there are many reasons for blogging, generating leads is the most important. Use your blog to establish yourself as an expert. As you demonstrate your expertise and comment on related news stories, like-minded people will gravitate to your blog and want to know your opinions on the ‘hot topics’ that are related to your industry.

Once you are clear in your reason for using this marketing tool, be consistent. I know I’ve mentioned this before; however, I have seen the benefits when my marketing activities are steady. After clearly writing your purpose, next create a calendar. In an earlier post, I talked about an online marketing plan and gave an example schedule for your marketing activities. This is the same suggestion – create a calendar or some type of schedule that you have written down to follow and as a reminder of upcoming activities. This visual also helps you confirm whether or not you have enough beneficial content for your blog schedule. When I started blogging, the experts I read suggested three times per week; however, for my schedule that wasn’t practical. I now have a schedule that works for my business and readers can use my suggestions with their own Internet marketing strategies.

The last suggestion is to have fun with it. Express your company’s culture or your personality in your posts. A client of mine last week told me about a blogger they liked because of her sense of humor. Use your conversations to make human connections online just as you would locally. Say what you mean and mean what you say to attract your ideal clients, build community with like-minded individuals or organizations and to place yourself on the list of experts in your specialty. As you become comfortable and your business changes and grows, your blog will follow but these three steps will help you use business blogging effectively from the beginning.

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