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facebook lead generation, surprised womanFacebook lead generation is one of the main reasons businesses create profiles on the social networking platform yet most are not using it efficiently. Most business owners believe when their business page ‘likes’ increase that they have conquered their social media goals. When your business page ‘likes’ start to increase, that is only the first step in the social media lead generation process. In this article, I will explain why converting the page likes into email subscribers is the crucial next step to building a relationship with the people that have ‘liked’ your page. I will also provide three beginning steps you can use now to grow your list. In online marketing materials you read or workshops you attend, they all teach that the money is in your list. We will discuss step Facebook lead generation activities needed to profit from your list.

Using Facebook for marketing is a standard step for businesses. Small, large, brick and mortar or online only companies have profiles on Facebook. Facebook is now capitalizing on this opportunity especially since the company has gone public. Facebook has changed their algorithm so that about 1% or 2% of a business page’s content reaches its audience organically. Most of your traffic on Facebook will now come from ad campaigns. This is another reason it is imperative to have engaging covers and posts on your page. You want people that like your page to subscribe to your list and strengthen your rapport with them. This is the way to ensure they receive your content and announcements. Facebook lead generation means optimizing your opportunity when a person likes’ your page. Give them another reason to click on a tab or post that will move them to join your list.

In December, Facebook clearly stated to use their platform as a social media lead generation channel will be by purchasing ads. They were quoted in an article on AdAge expressing “We expect organic distribution of an individual page’s posts to gradually decline over time as we continually work to make sure people have a meaningful experience on the site.” There are also reports documenting Facebook’s algorithm decreased a page’s reach to its audience from 12% to 6% in October. Now it is reported that this decline is more drastic for a reach of only around 1%. Using Facebook for marketing effectively now does mean buying ads. Facebook ads have an excellent conversion rate and the company is creating structures to support every budget to market on the platform effectively for social media lead generation.

Using Facebook for Marketing

Facebook lead generation steps are now more precise here are three actions to help you polish and strengthen your business page.

  1. Use your cover photo as the main social lead generation tool. Another change to consider is that the image tabs will be removed. When this happens you will not have the beautiful images to attract your audience to click. For this reason, use your cover photo to invite your audience to sign up for a report or event that will benefit them.
  2. Images are now an excellent way to engage with your audience on the social networks. Facebook and Pinterest work well sharing images and visitors on the site respond well to them by sharing, liking and commenting, which gives you more exposure.
  3. Cleverly use your ads. As explained in this article, Facebook will give paid ads its top visibility so it is imperative to craft an ad that will get a response from your audience.

Start implementing these three strategies and set a budget to effectively use Facebook for your marketing goals. These steps will strengthen your position on the platform and develop your leads, which mean to increase your opportunity to invite people to your email list. In marketing you hear often, the “money is in the list” and these strategies demonstrate how you grow a list using Facebook for marketing.

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