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Mobile marketing service, GoMobi enables website owners to have a polished presence on mobile browsers. To create mobile sites, use plugins for blogsites, software programs or customized scripts. Mobile devices make it possible for users to search answers, destinations and entertainment.  It is important for website owners to prepare for visitors finding their company on their smartphones or tablets. This post is an overview of one of Bluehost’s site builder applications that support creating professional user friendly sites for mobile marketing.

This mobile marketing service is available to Bluehost account owners. Users can create a mobile website for each of their domains at $2.99 per domain. Website owners can add pertinent information and appealing invitations to engage visitors.

The features of this mobile marketing service allow users to have professional designed pages for mobile browsers making their products and services accessible on the go. This software has popular features:

  • Call us: This mobile marketing service enables users to add their phone numbers so visitors can click to call.
  • Find us: Users can add their business location making it easy for web surfers to get directions.
  • Products and Services: Companies can add their products and services along with their e-commerce accounts so purchasers can buy at their convenience.
  • Create QR codes making it easy for visitors to add their company’s contacts information.
  • Add custom backgrounds and logos to pages using the same color schemes as their main sites.
  • Users can also add video playlists so visitors can quickly learn about the company.
  • Add social media profiles to the site like Facebook, Twitter and Google plus.
  • Add coupons with this mobile marketing service to encourage new visitors to try products and services.

This interface also includes analytics to track performance. Internet marketers track their website’s performance to ensure optimal utility. Site owners can click on the analytics tab monitoring the amount of traffic pages receive on their mobile sites. After the features and analytics are in place, it is time to paste the code into the main site.

Adding the above features to the mobile sites is easy with this mobile marketing service including Adsense. Yes, this mobile marketing service allows users to incorporate their ads to their mobile site. The mobile version of your company’s site can be a user friendly version of your main site providing all of these options.

GoMobi follows Google’s search engine optimization guide for best practices. It creates a sitemap, site structure for navigation and keywords help rank and index the site. Using this mobile marketing service will expand your reach on the Internet while enhancing surfer’s experience.

Bluehost offers two other site builder programs with this mobile marketing service. GoMobi is Bluehost latest partnership empowering customers to optimize their online presence. Visit Bluehost for an overview of how their services can assist businesses to have a professional polished image.  Learn more about this website hosting company and its features by clicking on the word Bluehost in the article. It is a great time to consider Bluehost for website hosting needs as they are offering a New Year’s Day Sale for $3.95/mo, which is over a 50% savings.

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