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Social networking started building its reputation for effective marketing when I began promoting my business. It seemed like social media sites where popping up everywhere. Instructors in my first social media marketing course advised us to avoid accepting every invitation and instead use the major networks effectively (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn). I recently expanded on this suggestion by adding Google’s social networking site to my online activities. This post describes three of its beneficial features and explains how to set up your personal and business pages.

Google+ appeals to an audience that wants information organized in a neat design. In addition to this clean visual experience, Google’s social network is growing faster than its predecessors. Google+ launched in June 2011 by invitation only, and now reports it has 170 million users. The other networking sites did not amass this increase within the same time period. There is also a collective belief that Google’s social network will experience the next amazing expansion in social media. Continue reading to see if you agree with this projection.


One of Google’s advantages is audience segmentation. You can create circles based on industries and personal interests then send messages specifically to that circle. This is very useful in online marketing. The next beneficial tool is share a circle with you. Type share a circle with you in the search text field and receive a list of shared circles. If one of these circles meets your criteria import it into your profile. Using this feature for your Google business page is a time efficient method to make quality connections. The Hangout is another great service. This technology enables you to login and video chat with others in your circle.

Personal and Business Page Set Up

Go to Google+ to create an account on your computer or mobile device. Use a personal photo for your profile. The size requirements are 250 X 250 pixels so select photos that will look good as a square. If you already have a Google account, the description will import into your profile’s about section. After completing the set up process, create a business page. Click on each class to preview the industries under that type to select the appropriate category. Add your company’s tagline, photos, and videos. Once you complete the business page set up process add content, create circles and search profiles to invite people to your circle.

Promotion and Automation

Add the promotional badge to your website when the business page is complete. Also consider using the  1 Recommendation Logorecommendation icon. Similar to Facebook’s like, this recommendation is displayed on your website and on Google+.

Social media dashboards like Hootsuite are deciding if they will add Google’s social networking site to their options list. For now, you have to go to Google to post your messages.

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